NBC Passes on Wonder Woman Pilot

Do you see that Invisible Jet? Yeah…neither do we. After initially being turned down by NBC, and later greenlit by the network’s new governing body, David E. Kelley’s much-talked-about Wonder Woman television series has not been picked up. Planned as a serious, real-world take on the life and times of

Fringe Recap: Time-Jumping the Shark?

  Fringe, you have me worried.  And not in a good, edge-of-my-seat, how-will-they-make-it-out-of-this-one kind of way.  Friday’s episode, “The Last Sam Weiss” sounded very promising, and I was hoping for a lot of awesome revelations that raise more tantalizing questions.  Instead, I felt that we got a bit gypped.  Sam

Fringe Recap: Prelude to a Finale

Friday’s Fringe was apropos to the holiday weekend that followed, what with all the Biblical imagery (flocks of sheep! swarms of locusts!) and the activation of a machine that could bring armageddon.  The episode’s title, “6:02AM”, referred to the time when Walternate switched on the Device Over Here all the way from Over There.  Peter and Olivia got to share a brief tranquil moment in bed (after a wide-eyed and bushy-tailed Walter offered to make Olivia breakfast – naked), where Olivia tells Peter that morning, with its infinite possibility, is her favorite part of the day.  As it is in TV, particularly scifi TV, happiness is short-lived and the team is summoned to the field where we saw those previously mentioned flocks of sheep and swarms of locusts and then informed about the Device via product-placement cell phone.  It’s clearly going to be one hell of a day.   Many fringe events were happening across the country, a response to Walternate’s activation of the device.  The fabric between our universes is tearing for good, with devastating repercussions. 

This episode was a lot of set up, sliding the pieces into place for what promises to be a great finale.  But we got some truly exceptional moments, notably from a scene in Walter’s office where he and Peter share a drink and chat about life, death, and destiny – you know, light stuff.  Walter mentions the Observer’s words from a previous episode: “Give me the keys and save the girl” and how they resonate in his and Peter’s relationship. It’s time for Walter to let go and give up parental control he wasn’t able to when his Peter died all those years ago.  But Peter is no longer a child, but a man who now needs to take his fate in his own hands.  Walter actually discussing this with Peter is a step forward for him, and it shows how their relationship has grown as Walter has grown personally.  His later monologue in the hospital chapel underscores the fear he’s been expressing these last few episodes, but he is no longer trying to actively stop Peter – a big leap forward for our favorite mad scientist.     

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Wonder Woman Leaps into Action! has our first shots of Adrianne Palicki on set! Image via Twitterer @WonderBoyLB managed to snag some footage of our leading lady in action as well. You can catch that here at his Twitvid page. It looks like they made a few alterations to the costume, but I’m not sure

Futurama Renewed for Seventh Season!

Good news, everyone!* Our look into the year 3000 shall continue: Comedy Central has renewed the award-winning Futurama for a 26-episode, seventh season! After the quick-witted, animated comedy was unceremoniously canceled by Fox (as the greatest shows often are), Comedy Central revived Futurama in 2008 in the form of four

The Geek Shall Inherit The Earth

Entertainment Weekly posted this week’s cover, and it’s gorram shiny!  Check it out:  No one is happier for Fillion than I – after reading so many articles about how he’s only just flirting with fame, his work is finally getting noticed and he’s become a household name.  I’ve had the

‘Fringe’ Recap: For Whom the Bell Tolls

The ominous “Soul Magnets” research file. Credit: Fox, S3E16, “Os.”

Friday’s episode of Fringe was very well-balanced, as much of this season has been. After last week’s excellent flashback to Olivia’s, Peter’s, and Walter’s past, it was nice to see Peter and Olivia all grown up again in this week’s episode, “Os” (short for Osmium, one of the densest and heaviest metals on Earth), which had just the right seamless blend of fringe science and Over Here/Over There mythology.  Furthering the plot toward the supposedly inevitable collision of the two worlds, our intrepid team set upon the task of discovering how a mad scientist, Dr. Crick (hi there, Alan Ruck!  You will forever be Ferris Bueller’s bff to me!), was making men float by using such a dense material. 

Despite Walter’s best efforts, he and Astrid were not able to figure what was going on, which may very well be a first for them.  Walter managed to figure out that the osmium was combined another extremely heavy element, lutetium, but still couldn’t deduce how men were flying. There was no shortage of gore on hand, as the test subjects bled from their orifices, Walter tasked Astrid with disposing of an obscene amount of blood (“I went to Quantico for this!??!” was a great line) and Crick sawed off limbs to further his research, where his test subjects were paralyzed from the waist down and thus willing to steal more material to allow them to walk and fly.

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Women of the DC Universe

Two lovely ladies have been recently cast in upcoming, live-action DC Comics productions. First, Warner Brothers has announced that actress Diana Lane (Secretariat) will portray Martha Kent in the Zack Snyder-directed Superman reboot.  Check out Warner’s official press release for details! Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures announced today that