Golden Globe Predictions 2012!

The Golden Globes are nearly upon us, kicking off the 2012 award season with a salute to both movies and television.  I’ve always liked that about the Globes – unlike the Oscars, they are equal opportunity entertainment for both the big and small screens. Time for my predictions in the

Fringe Update: Still Alive…For Now

  Hello, Fridgsters!  It has been a mighty long time since I posted some Fringe content but y’all, I ain’t gonna lie: the last three episodes before the break sucked big time. ‘Novation’ brought us more shapeshifters and associated nonsense, ‘And Those We’ve Left Behind’ featured yet another mad scientist

Fringe Recap: Subject 9

I would like to think that the Fringe team knew how displeasing last week’s episode was (to the point where I couldn’t bring myself to write a review because “semi-sentient mold forms psychic link with lonely emo boy; danger ensues; X-Files Star Trek ripoff etc etc stab stab” summed nearly everything up) and they went the extra distance to make this week’s episode, “Subject 9” super awesome!  And why was it so excellent, boys and girls?  Because it stuck to the show’s own mythos and delved more deeply and gave us more details than we’ve had in a long, long time.  First, let’s get the jumping and shrieking out of the way: 


Fringe Recap: One Night in October

John Pyper-Ferguson as the psychopath of the week.

This week’s Fringe, titled ‘One Night in October,’ gave us a psychopath-of-the-week case for the Fringe teams in both universes on which to focus their energy.  Over there, John Louis McClennan is a brain-freezing, happy-thought-stealing serial killer.  Over here, he’s a professor who studies the behavior of serial killers and does some profiling work on the side.  He’s super smart in both universes and is constantly battling the darkness within, making him very dangerous and hard to track down.  Fauxlivia asks for help with the case from our Fringe team, and we get to see more of the dichotomy between the two Olivias. 

First, we must hit our beloved home-sweet-lab, as Walter rants to Lincoln about the ‘loathsome, hateful, immoral’ behavior of those from Over There while covering up all reflective surfaces in the lab (to stop seeing Peter, of course).  He was particularly annoyed at “that awful woman”, Fauxlivia, who “pranced around my lab” buying his innocence with baked goods so she could steal pieces of The Machine.  I love a good Walterism!  For the record, I can also be bought with baked goods ;). Also, he called Lincoln ‘Kennedy’, which I found hilarious.  It doesn’t necessarily bode well for Lincoln that he’s named after an assassinated president – we shall see how that plays out!  Astrid, meanwhile, is trying to fix Olivia up with poor, lonely, cute Lincoln.  Olivia refuses, prompting Astrid to speculate that perhaps her ‘type’ just doesn’t exist.  Haha, writers.  We see what you did there. 

‘Arrested Development’ Headed Back to TV!

Halle-freaking-luia!  The Bluth family is reuniting, and Arrested Development is headed back to television! The 2006 cancellation of Arrested Development remains one of the biggest mistakes (arguably, of many) that Fox has ever made regarding its programming.  That may seem like hyperbole, but it’s hard to argue that it wasn’t

Fringe Recap: Neither Here Nor There

“Not from here? You mean, like, China?” -Lincoln Lee, you have much to learn

It’s that time again (finally): Fringe time!!!  The season premiere kicked off Fringe’s fourth season on Friday with the episode “Neither Here Nor There”.  This is an excellent title, as it describes my feelings on the episode and the way it dealt with the craziness that occurred in the season finale.  To briefly recap last season’s shenanigans in a language only Fringesters will understand: Walternate turned on the Machine Over Here from Over There, and Peter tried to stop the annihilation of our world by entering the Machine.  This led to his consciousness being sent forward in time to 2026, where he and Olivia are married, Walternate’s universe is destroyed (but not before he came Over Here) and our world is slowly disintegrating.  Walternate seeks his revenge for the death of his side by destroying Peter’s world – he shoots Olivia in the head and everyone is very, very sad. Our Walter then realizes who sent the pieces of the machine back in time – he did, and only Peter can stop him.  Oh goody, a paradox!  Peter’s consciousness brings him this knowledge in the present, and he changes history by bringing the two universes together, only to find himself erased from time in the process (booo!). Walter would have never crossed Over There to save Peter life as a boy/steal him away, causing the hatred from Walternate that wound up destroying Olivia.

Got all that?  Whew. 

Read on for Amy’s full recap and review!

63rd Annual Emmy Awards Reaction & Recap!

The 63rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards aired last night, and while there were a few surprises and fun moments in the telecast, a lot of the winners were easy to predict.  Jane Lynch made an enthusiastic and fun host, and I enjoyed her wry joke delivery and mocking of the evening’s nominees and presenters.  One surprise came just a few minutes into the telecast, as the pre-taped opening number saw Lynch paying a visit to the “president of television” – none other than Leonard Nimoy!  That was a great nod to the scifi legend.

The entire first half hour of the telecast was dominated by Modern Family, which picked up awards for Best Supporting Actor & Actress in a Comedy (on-screen spouses Ty Burrell and Julie Bowen) as well as Writing and Directing. The Lead Actor and Actress in a Comedy winners were two of the night’s surprises!  None other than Jim Parsons, my beloved Sheldon Cooper, took home the statue.  He was adorably not prepared but thrilled nonetheless, as the Emmy favorite was thought to be Steve Carrell for his last season of work on The Office.  I’m not complaining, since I adore Parsons and he did win the Golden Globe earlier this year.  Three cheers for Sheldon, crown prince of the geeks!

Parsons’ award was presented by Charlie Sheen, who I was appalled to see on stage after everyone he offended in the past year.  The audience clearly felt the same, as no one applauded when he walked out. Sheen made an insincere apology to the cast of Two and a Half Men, and I stand by my statement that allowing him to present was poor taste indeed.

The best part of the evening came from the fantastic ladies nominated for Lead Actress in a Comedy.  They had a clearly-planned Miss America riff, as Amy Poehler burst from her seat the moment her name was announced and frolicked up on stage.  The rest of the ladies in the category followed suit, and it was a treat to see the women in this powerhouse category rooting for one another.  Melissa McCarthy won for her work on Mike & Mollie, which I now need to start watching.  I loved her in her Gilmore Girls days, and of course she stole the show in Bridesmaids earlier this year.  She was so thrilled to win, it was great!

Read on for more of Amy’s take on the evening of Emmys!

Happy Birthday, Star Trek!

The first episode of Star Trek aired 45 years ago on this day!  I thought I would pop on the blog and wish it a happy one.  It is the longest, most joy-producing geek relationship in my life, after all!  I’ve been watching for 20 years now.  I could wax

‘Powers’ Pilot Casts Its Leads

Remember that television adaption of “Powers” that FX greenlit back in February?  Turns out it’s alive and well!  The two lead characters have been cast, and Detectives Deena Pilgrim and Christian Walker will be portrayed by actors Lucy Punch (Bad Teacher) and Jason Patric (Speed 2: Cruise Control), respectively. Created by writer Brian Michael Bendis