Nintendo 3DS Finalized Design, Specs, and Price

During the Nintendo Conference in Tokyo, the home that Mario built has finally unveiled the finalized retail design … which doesn’t look that different from its earlier design. The 3DS, which will come in “Aqua Blue” and “Cosmos Black,” will release in Japan on February 26, 2011 for a rather

Blu-Ray Level Up

Even with the foreboding decline of physical media on the horizon, the tech geeks found a way to crank out more gigabytes from a Blu-Ray disc.  Announced by the Blu-Ray Disc Association, the new BD-XL and IH-BD discs can now hold up to 128 GB, as opposed to the now paltry

PAX East Achievement GET!

What a weekend! More detailed posts will be coming soon but for now, I present, The Awesome List. Xbox 360 breakfast at the Msoft NERD (New England Research and Development) Center. Hands on with StarCraft 2 (Spoilers: It’s amazing) Hands on with the Microsoft Surface and the D&D tech demo.

Pentax 645D 40MP Camera Believes Size Matters

Image source: DPReviewThis camera laughs at you and everyone you love. Despite the argument that megapixels don’t matter as much as ISO, this 40 megapixel behemoth from Pentax seeks to remind you that it doesn’t matter how much you suck as a photographer; it only matters that your photos are bigger

NFL Mobile and NFL Redzone are coming to Verizon

Sorry, Sprint, you just got hosed. According to Engadget and PRNewswire, the NFL has announced a partnership with Verizon to bring NFL Mobile and the NFL RedZone to Verizon phones starting next month with live draft coverage. The draft coverage will include a live stream, on-demand NFL Network analysis, live