DC Universe Online Going Free-to-Play

Only seven months have passed since the game was first released, but, in a somewhat surprising move (at least to me), Sony Online Entertainment announced that their acclaimed superhero MMO, DC Universe Online, is going free to play next month on both the PS3 and the PC. In order to

Mass Effect: Arrival Arrives!

Today was bittersweet for Mass Effect fans.  The final DLC mission for Mass Effect 2, Arrival, is available for download. Like previously released DLC missions, Overlord and Lair of the Shadow Broker, Arrival does not disappoint.  Combining elements of stealth and survival, this mission provides new challenges, grants new rewards, and

NYCC 2010: ‘DC Universe Online’ Interview with Jim Lee

(c) 2009. Gage Skidmore.Jim Lee, highly venerated artist of Batman: Hush, All Star Batman and Robin, and many other DC, Marvel, and Image properties, was also at the Javits Center for New York Comic Con this past weekend, and he was kind enough to speak with a handful of journalists to discuss the recently-delayed DC Universe Online.

Mr. Lee, Executive Creative Director for the upcoming MMORPG, fielded questions about character creation, art direction, Shotgun Elvis, and more.  Each reporter at the roundtable was given a chance to ask a question, and, while not everyone followed that rule, we had a great discussion about the nature of the game and where it’s going, even though most of us were trying to stifle our fanboyism.

Open the Fridge would like to thank Mr. Lee and the people at Sony Online Entertainment for letting us have a chance to sit down, talk with them and, of course, drink the free beer that came with it!

Check out the sizzle trailer here that was discussed shown at the DCUO panel at NYCC and then read on for the interview!

What made you want to go from the written word in the comic to actually spearheading something like an MMO?

Jim Lee: I got into comics because I loved comics as a kid; I was very passionate about it. Same thing with games. I always played video games – Pong, at the beginning, Space Invaders – but the one that really got me hooked was Everquest. I just found something in an MMO that was very different then in a “normal” video game experience:  that’s community and playing against other people and having that kind of challenge of outwitting, outplaying other real people.  So when this opportunity came up at DC, when I heard they were interested in making an MMO, I said “Well, I have to be involved. This is something that I love playing, and I feel like I can contribute something meaningful.” So I guess they wisely let me come in. I think they needed someone to oversee the creative direction of the game, and obviously I knew something about DC Comics so that helped out. So here we are.

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