NYCC 2013: Kyle Stevens Talks Kirby Krackle!

If you’re not listening to the music of nerd rock sensation, Kirby Krackle, you’re missing out. With such memorable tunes as Nerd Money, Booty Do Math, Cozy Pants O’Clock, and Ring Capacity, the Seattle-based band has tapped into every facet of geek culture, exploring comics, video games, television, and everything

Wizard World Philadelphia 2012: Kirby Krackle

Open the Fridge headed on down to The City of Brotherly Love this past weekend to once again check out Wizard World Philadelphia, an event that has proven itself time and again to be a true tempest of geekdom, enthusiastically bringing together the genres of comics, movies, television, and gaming, in turn uniting the fans who love it all. Among the many interactions OTF had the pleasure of experiencing over the weekend, nerd rock musicians Kyle Stevens and Jim Demonakos, collectively known as Kirby Krackle, sat down with us to talk about the band’s history, their busy schedule, and the nerd rock genre. Be sure to check out their website,, for the latest music and news!

Kyle and Jim, thank you for coming all the way from Seattle to enjoy Wizard World Philly with us. It was a true pleasure chatting with you!

Open the Fridge: Guys, welcome back to the east coast. You’ve been out this way a few times, yes?

Kyle Stevens: We were at New York Comic Con a couple times, Toronto, and North Carolina, but it’s our first time in Philly.  Geek Nation invited us out to play their show last night at the Field House. That was fun.

OTF: It was a great show – done very minimalistic with just the acoustic guitar and the pre-recorded tracks.

KS: Thank you. It was something new. Usually we just do the acoustic but the pre-recorded tracks were something new. With it, we’re able to bring the full band energy to a place when we can’t take the full band. 

OTF: How long ago did you get started?

Jim Demonakos: About four years ago. We started writing in 2008. That’s when we decided to do “Kirby Krackle”, and then we released our first album in 2009. That’s where we began and we’ve been going ever since.

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