Rhys Ifans Goes Green

Earlier this week, it was announced that actor Rhys Ifans had joined the cast of the upcoming Spider-Man reboot.  It was stated that he would play the film’s villain, but until today, that villain was unnamed.  According to TheWrap, the film’s villain is reported to be everyone’s favorite mutated scientist,

The Jackpot’s Been Hit

Peter Parker has his new Mary Jane Watson.  The latest piece of news to come out of the Spider-Man reboot is the “imminent” casting of Easy A star, Emma Stone.   Deadline reports that Sony Pictures Entertainment has immediate plans to offer the role to Stone.  She will star alongside Andrew


It’s been a busy week for snooping photographers. On the heels of an Emma Frost sighting at Pinewood Studios, another Marvel film property has been spotted across the pond.  A motorcycle chase for Captain America: The First Avenger was shooting this week in the London countryside.  The Daily Mail has the

All Hail The Queen

The White Queen has been spotted on the set of the upcoming X-Men: First Class, directed by Matthew Vaughn (Kick-Ass). The exquisite January Jones (Mad Men) was photographed in full costume as Emma Frost at Pinewood Studios in England.  If you ask me, she was peeled right off the page.

Avengers, you may now Assemble.

With all of the news coming out of San Diego over the past few days, it’s hard to decided where to begin.  Marvel was the powerhouse presenter, and they had some great news. To kick off the Marvel panel on Saturday the 24th, Kevin Feige, Marvel’s President of Production, presented a

If Ye Be Worthy…

Very few can heft Mjolnir, but Chris Hemsworth is one of those chosen few according to a new leaked photo courtesy of TheFanboySEO! There nothing not to love in this shot. First off, you can tell he is in the SHIELD tent and it looks like its raining on the

The Grand Halls of Asgard!

    Thank Odin! SuperheroHype has shown our grand halls! Also of note, Loki has horns! This is very good. I was a little worried the aesthetic for this movie would be a little more alien than Asgardian, but I have been proven wrong! That set is absolutely gorgeous too,

The Blackest Night Approaches…

It appears to be a week of not-exactly-what-we’d-hoped-for images from upcoming comic films. The latest cover of Entertainment Weekly features the first image of Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern in the upcoming film.  As many of us know, the production chose to portray the GL uniform as having an

Odin or Oh-No?

Marvel gave us our first look at the Asgardian royal family today. It also gave me my first rumble of doubt in this movie. Something about this image screams “uh-oh”. I can’t decide if it’s the silly gold eye patch or the bland, lifeless environment they are in. If those

Review: Predators

I’ll give it to you straight.  If you love the original Predator, you will definitely enjoy this film. Writer/Producer Robert “I thought he was directing this” Rodriguez and Nimród “Who?” Antal finally deliver the sequel that Predator fans never got, a true follow-up to John McTiernan’s 1987 classic that pitted The Terminator, Apollo