New Look for Spidey

The first photo of Andrew Garfield as the new Spider-Man has arrived online!   First impression: I have to say I liked the original suit better.  It maintains the basic look of the classic costume, but definitely makes some changes.  The gloves jump out as the most noticeable difference. While

Chris Evans as Captain America!

After a long defrosting period, OTF is back for 2011!  And to kick off this new year in the Fridge, we have news and images from the cinematic world of Marvel. The first photo of Chris Evans in full Captain America costume has surfaced.  The photo appears in the latest

The God of Thunder Arrives

Kraka THOOOM!  You hear that?  That’s the sound of hundreds of Marvel fans applauding.  Due in front of this weekend’s TRON: Legacy, the first official trailer for Marvel’s Thor hit the internet this weekend.  Yahoo Movies gives us a first look.     Similar to the footage shown (and later leaked) at

Green Lantern Trailer Hits Theaters

The Green Lantern trailer hit the web on Tuesday, but it made it’s debut in theaters Thursday night in front of Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows, Part 1.  Take a look. From what they’re showing, the film is shaping up to be a faithful telling of Hal Jordan’s origin

Green Lantern Preview Hits

The Green Lantern trailer isn’t due until next week (in front of Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 1), but Entertainment Tonight gave fans a quick look at what’s coming. ET will run their entire GL feature on Tuesday.  Check your local listings and don’t miss it! It looks promising!

Martin Sheen is Uncle Ben

With great power comes great casting.   As the web of the Spider-Man reboot continues to be spun, the latest piece of news to come out is the announcement of veteran actor, Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben.  Mr. Sheen joins Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, and Rhys Ifans in the ever-growing

First Official Pic of Chris Evans as Cap!

I think it’s safe to say, anyone who was worried about Chris Evans being able to pull off Captain America can now relax. Entertainment Weekly via io9 has brought us our first official look at Chris Evans as Captain America. It’s only from the chest up, but man that costume

Concerning Hobbits

Bilbo! Bilbo! Bilbo Baggins! The bravest little Hobbit of them all! Not long after the confirmation of Peter Jackson as director, and the announcement of a February 2011 start date, the latest news concerning The Hobbit is the casting of the titular character, Bilbo Baggins.  British actor Martin Freeman (The Hitchhiker’s Guide

Beware My…Redesign?

Image source: DailyBlam.comBig news from the Green Lantern movie.  At the 2010 Spike Scream Awards on Saturday, fans got a look at the GL Power Battery that will appear in next’s year’s film. The Daily Blam features the photo of the battery, as well as images from the awards ceremony.  Actress

Native Netflix Channel in Wii Shop

Not to be outdone by its Xbox and PS3 counterparts, Nintendo is bringing disc-less Netflix streaming to its console as of today.  The new Netflix channel is available to download right now from the Wii Shop Channel, meaning Netflix subscribers in the US and in Canada can now stream content