Vimeo Brings Hasbro Classic Collection On Demand

Vimeo has announced a collaboration with Hasbro Studios to bring the Hasbro Classic Collection online! The partnership brings thirteen classic and modern Hasbro series to Vimeo On Demand, including fan favorites Transformers and G.I. Joe. Individual episodes can be purchased for $2.99 or rented for $0.99. Full series are offered

“Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” Parody

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is on hiatus for the winter break, but if you need your fix prior to the series return on January 7th, writer/producer/director Eric Michael Espiritu has you covered.  While Agent Coulson is galavanting across the world protecting the fine people of Earth from otherworldy and nefarious

More Than Words on a Page: Experiencing the Story with NARR8

These days, I consume my comics exclusively digitally. I certainly still hold a nostalgic love for enetering my friendly, neighborhood comic shop and picking up a trade or two, but you can’t quite fight the convenience of picking up your tablet and letting your fingers do the walking.

Yet, most digital comics are exactly that — the comic book page digitized onto the screen of your choice. While adequate, it’s, frankly, pretty boring.

NARR8 provides a noteworthy exception to that otherwise stagnant landscape.

Designed specifically for mobile consumption (with more platform support coming down the pipe), the Russia-based NARR8 seeks to open a content channel focused on interactivity and experience, as opposed to merely reading words on a page.

NARR8 hosts almost two dozen various series, each containing a number of episodes, purchasable using in-app currency on the device of your choice. The stories’ genres run the gamut — action, sci-fi, nonfiction, even children’s edutainment are represented among its offerings. Regardless of genre, each story capitalizes on interactivity to keep the reader’s experience engaging: through motion panels, minigames, or other special effects. Given the capabilities of the multi-core tablets/phones all of us carry these days, it’s almost surprising that few (if any) other companies are seeking to maximize on the technology the way NARR8 does.

Darya Trushkina, Senior Vice President of Business Development at NARR8, was kind enough to respond to an email interview with us to talk about NARR8: how it differentiates itself from other platforms, what titles she considers “must read,” and how the biggest winner at NARR8 could be you by generating revenue from your published work.

For those who don’t know, would you please explain what NARR8 is, and how it differentiates itself from other digital content services?

Darya Trushkina: NARR8 is a mobile app that is redefining the way we read, create and share content by presenting an engrossing 15-20 minute interactive reading experience complete with animation, music, sound effects, and gamification and interactive features that bring stories to life like never before. NARR8 features motion comics, graphic novels and educational periodicals in a slew of genres – action, sci-fi, horror, romance, and children’s content. NARR8 is available on iPad, Android, Amazon, Windows 8, Facebook, and now, for web browsers. It’s a completely cross-platform app, so you can create a single NARR8 account, load it up with some episodes, and use and of the above platforms to resume reading exactly where you left off.

NARR8 App Available on Android, IOS, and now on Web

Hit the jump for the full interview with Darya Trushkina, talking about all things NARR8!

“Arrested Development” Returning on May 26!

We’ve known for a while now that the hilarious Arrested Development was defying YOLO-enthusiasts everywhere with its revival via the streaming giant Netflix. Back in 2011, we heard “first half of 2013.”  In 2012, we heard “May.”  Now, we finally have a set date:  Sunday, May 26, 2013! (Kudos to

Paltalk Goes to “The Next Level” with Kevin Tracy

You’ll have yet another place to get your technology fix tomorrow night when “The Next Level” goes live on the Paltalk Video Chat Social Network.  We don’t often write about other people’s programs, but – full disclosure – this show is being hosted by Kevin Tracy, proclaimed “tech junkie” and friend of OTF.

Designed to be a weekly, interactive livestream, “The Next Level” will feature the latest trends in tech, hottest gadgets, and as much geek news as the internet can handle with Tracy (whose last name does not have an “e”) at the helm.  (Although that pitch line sounds an awful lot like the tagline for OTF. Not that we’re bitter.)

Paltalk, a popular video chat service, lets users create public chat rooms of completely variable sizes, letting people video chat and share with people all over the world — all for free.  “The Next Level” will be an interactive show, leveraging Paltalk’s network to connect directly with the viewers.  This unique delivery system for their broadcasts lets viewers can become participants, as they can immediately respond and contribute to Kevin’s live show.

“I am really excited to talk tech with the Paltalk members all over the world,” said Tracy. “The show is a perfect fit for the high tech Paltalk community.”

While anyone can create a public chat room to spread their message to the masses, “The Next Level” joins other Paltalk-sponsored livestreaming shows, such as “The Diana Falzone Show” and “The In Touch Weekly Show with Dorothy Cascerceri.”

“We think that Kevin’s show, with a focus on technology, will be a great addition for the Paltalk community,” said Jason Katz, CEO of Paltalk. “What better way to showcase our video technology than a show that talks about technology hosted by a technology expert.”

We at OTF are very proud of our friend and colleague, and wish him well on his new show. Although he has never worked with us in a professional capacity, we’re sure that his passion will come through in his work.  Be sure to support him on his new venture when it premieres tomorrow night (Sunday, 9/8) at 6PM EDT only at Paltalk.

Full press release after the break.

Cancer Gets LOST

  Fans of the Abrams-verse, start your engines!  Prominent Lost bloggers Jared and Jo have called together the casts and crews of Lost, Fringe, and Alcatraz for a not-for-profit auction called “Cancer Gets LOST”. In honor of Jo’s friend Jackie, who passed away earlier this month from brain cancer, all

Finding News That’s Fit to Print

The problem with aggregating news stories on a day like today is that, well, everything (much like cake) is a lie. Still, though, some of the 4/1 pranks are pretty awesome.  Others just make my cry because they aren’t true.  And still others are just plain mean. I’ll do my