Batman: Arkham Knight Revealed!

Rumors had been making their way through ye olde innernetz recently, but today Game Informer has revealed the rumors to be true! Returning under the Rocksteady banner after the lukewarm reception of Batman: Arkham Origins from WB Montreal, Batman: Arkham Knight is set to be the fourth and final entry

NYCC 2013: “Batman: Arkham Origins” Preview!

We’re no stranger to the “Arkham” series of games around here.  We were hooked way back in 2009 when Batman: Arkham Asylum first introduced us to freeflow combat and overhang takedowns.  With two excellent games come and gone, how will the third one, Batman: Arkham Origins, stack up? Coincidentally wearing

E3 2013: Sony Media Briefing Recap

I had no intention of watching Sony’s presser. I’ve never been much of a PlayStation guy. I owned a PS1 in college to play Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, and my PS3 was eventually sold after I realized it had become a glorified blu-ray player. Still, I wanted to do my due diligence and see what Sony had to say. Thank God I did!

Sony kicked things off with a section on upcoming PS3 games. Watching the segment on The Last of Us made me regret selling my PS3; that game looks freaking amazing. “Ellen Page: The Game” (or, rather, Beyond: Two Souls) looks interesting, but I’m not sad I’ll miss it. Arkham Origins looked fantastic, but, now that the formula has been pretty much perfected, it’s hard to screw up.

We finally got see what the PS4 looks like! I’m not a huge fan of the design; I think it’s as ugly as the Xbox One. I guess that’s the theme this generation: uninspired console design. Even my wife thought it looked ugly, but at least isn’t a George Foreman grill! Sony then went on to talk about their media offerings and all the content PS Networks subscribers will have access too. It was pretty much the same thing we’ve heard from every major tech and entertainment company in the past few years.

Next up, the games. Oh, the glorious games. Sony did everything Microsoft didn’t. They showed some fantastic new stuff!

The game that got me hook, line, and sinker was The Order: 1886. We only saw a brief trailer, but it looks like a steampunk monster hunting shooter set in late 1800s London. A game with a holy order that hunts monsters with steampunk machine guns and lightning rifles? SOLD!

E3 2013: Microsoft Media Briefing Recap

Quiet! Do you smell that? I believe that’s the smell of the Xbox One after the multiple burns Sony gave it last night.

Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo have made their E3 presentations, and the dust has started to settle. So let’s breakdown what we saw over the past few days and try to make sense of it all, shall we?

Microsoft kicked off E3 with their morning media briefing. After their surprisingly entertainment-focused, lackluster Xbox One debut a few weeks ago, Big M was in damage control mode. Fans have been raging over things like DRM, used games, and game ownership, and it was up to Microsoft to calm the vocal gamers down. Too bad they didn’t.

Microsoft kicked off their presentation with a short section on the 360, reassuring us that there are still great games coming, including World of Tanks (which I guess is supposed to be a big deal, but I’ve never heard of it.) The coolest thing from this section is the announcement of “Games for Gold,” where Xbox Live Gold members will be getting two free games each month. We aren’t talking Xbox Live Arcade games either; we get full fledged fan favorites. It looks like Fable 3 is the first offering, and is actually available to download now.

But now onto the juicy stuff: the Xbox One. Microsoft actually kicked off the whole shebang with an amazing-looking gameplay preview of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Someone had the brilliant idea to combine combine Red Dead Redemption and Metal Gear Solid, and they are going to make a whole ton of money. The game is a sight for the eyes, and the stealth play looked mighty cool. The story is all sorts of batshit crazy, but its a Metal Gear game – what do you expect? Oh, and no David Hayter. Boo on that.

10 Kick-Ass Women To Celebrate

Today is International Women’s Day! I thought we would celebrate here on OTF by focusing on some badass fictional women who have busted through gender stereotypes and given us real-life women someone to look up to when the patriarchy gets us down. Here are my top ten inspirational ladies brought to life on the big and small screens.

10. Lara Croft

First stepping in to video game consoles in 1996 and then brought to life by Angelina Jolie on the silver screen, Lara Croft is the female answer to Indiana Jones, except she’s far quicker on her feet than the professor, and has way cooler toys. Sporting her trademark double-holster guns, single braid, and steely glint in her eye, this is one female Brit who’s not so much high tea as she is high adventure. I admire Lara’s fighting spirit and the fearless way she dives headfirst into sticky situations. She’s also extremely well-read and knowledgeable about her field, a deft intelligence that comes through both in the video games and the films. She may get a somewhat antifeminist rap for her bosomy profile, but she is rarely dressed for anything other than speed and comfort, eschewing the impractical for cargo shorts, backpacks, and durable non-heeled boots.

Ed. note: the newest Tomb Raider just came out this past Tuesday, and, by all accounts, it’s pretty amazing! We’re still in the middle of our playthrough of this prequel, but we’ll be sure to address the game in the future.

9. Tami Taylor

How do I love thee, Connie Britton? Let me count the many ways. While “Mrs Coach” started out on Friday Night Lights as merely Coach Taylor’s stay-at-home support system, cooking up team BBQs and putting out disagreements among the Dillion Panther boosters with her hey-y’all smile and Southern Charm, by the end of the series she was running that school as principal (and her husband’s boss, no less!). The series finale sees the Taylor family helping Tami follow her dreams to a high-profile position at a university rather than her continuing to follow the whims of Texas football. She and Eric (Kyle Chandler) have one of the most realistic marriages I’ve ever seen portrayed on TV, and it is the backbone of this excellent show. We’re rooting for her strength and grace just as much as the state championship game.

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Review: The Legend of Zelda – Hyrule Historia

There are very few series – in any medium – that have survived the test of time. It should be appropriate, then, that the Hero of Time would be one of the only ones to make it through.

The Legend of Zelda. Those four words (and those four notes) can elicit all kinds of emotions in gamers young and old. I can remember the first Zelda I’ve played, and how old I was when it happened. (Zelda II: Adventure of Link, 7 years old.) I can remember the first Zelda I successfully finished myself (Ocarina of Time), and the feel of the controller in my hand as I mashed the A button to render Ganon asunder. I recall friends who named their Link “Aquascum” just so they could see Ganondof scream, “Curse you, Aquascum!” as he fell, defeated. And, I suspect, most wizened gamers have the very same memories. (Maybe not that last one.)

From its humble NES beginning throwing you into a beige field where an Old Man awaited to give you your first wooden sword, the tales of the Princess Zelda and her young hero, Link, have reached the hearts of many across the world. There are few who don’t have that twinge of comfort and nostalgia when thinking of the Nintendo-bred series.

And that’s why you’ll buy The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia, available today from Dark Horse.

Finally translated into English after being released in Japan in 2011, Hyrule Historia celebrates the 25th anniversary of the fabeled game series. The 280-page tome collects tons of stunning art and nuggets of behind-the-scenes information that any discerning Zelda fan would want. The book details the in-game mythology behind each story, interwoven among the much-discussed official timeline for the games.

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Street Fighter X Mega Man Out Now!

Not too long ago, Capcom stunned (most of) its gaming audience when it announced a Street Fighter-Mega Man crossover in classic 8-bit stylings.  In a world where cease-and-desists are all the rage whenever someone begins a fan-made anything, it is amazing to see such a crossover reach the light of