Telltale brings “Sam and Max: The Devil’s Playhouse” next month

“A psychically empowered lagomorph battling unusual and fearsome villains can mean only one thing: Freelance Police Sam & Max are coming for a new series of monthly episodic games.”

I couldn’t have put any better myself, Mr. Press Release.

Originally teased at the conclusion of their fantastic Tales of Monkey Island series, Telltale Games announced that the third season of their award-winning Sam and Max series, entitled “The Devil’s Playhouse,” will launch on the PC, Mac, and PS3 on April 15th.

The first episode of the five-part season, “The Penal Zone,” starts with our favorite rabbity-thing obtaining some unusual psychic abilities, opening up a whole new set of adventures for our beloved Sam and Max.

Back in December, the teaser site announced that we would “no longer [be able to] blindly mash buttons to unleash a torrent of irreverent banter.” Undoubtedly, the psychic powers will come into play, but just how significantly has the gameplay has evolved? We won’t know until next month, but, given Telltale’s record, I’m sure it’ll be amazing. Keep your eyes on the Fridge, and we’ll keep you updated.

For those who wish to preorder the season now, you can place an order at Telltale’s “Devil’s Playhouse” website for their regular price of $34.95. You’ll also get access to a free game of another Telltale series and be recognized as one of their “Elite Forces,” which will give you access to exclusive pre-release information, chats with the creators, and other fun stuff. I plan on getting mine later today, and you should too!

See the full press release after the jump.

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