PAX East: Fridgemaster’s List

As you probably suspected, there was much for us to do over the weekend.  PAX East is a rather sizable event, after all (moreso in population than in content.  For now.)  Still many opportunities presented themselves, and, while my attention was pulled all over Boston, I did what I could

PAX East Achievement GET!

What a weekend! More detailed posts will be coming soon but for now, I present, The Awesome List. Xbox 360 breakfast at the Msoft NERD (New England Research and Development) Center. Hands on with StarCraft 2 (Spoilers: It’s amazing) Hands on with the Microsoft Surface and the D&D tech demo.

“Video Games Live” to Record Performance for PBS

Video Games Live has announced that they will be recording their “immersive concert event” for airing on PBS during the summer.  Seeking to make this show the biggest VGL production ever staged, legendary co-creators Tommy Tallarico and Jack Wall plan on adding more special effects, more screens, more special guests,

Nintendo’s Next Handheld Goes 3-Dimensional

Nintendo’s already got a surprising number of machines in the pipeline as far as portable gaming goes:  DS, DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL. Not content with just printing money, Nintendo announced today that they are going to be releasing the (tentatively named) Nintendo 3DS, which, according to the investor memo,

Minimalist Video Game Character Posters are Awesome

Requiescat in Pace. Late last year, artist Ashley Browning posted a Videogame Minimalism art portfolio on flickr.  Lauded for its elegant simplicity, Browning used the simple, yet distinctive facial features from some of our favorite video game characters to create the immediately recognizable images. Following in the same style, artist Justin Russo

EA’s “Design a Kill” Contest

While I have yet to discover the actual press release to see the full language, this opinion piece by Brandon Sheffield at Gamasutra on EA’s questionable Dead Space 2 promotion is worth a good read. The contest wants you to “design a kill,” with the winning entry being full animated in all of

Rumors Abound: Xbox 360 Slim?

Image Source: Kotaku An image of a potential new Xbox 360 motherboard (pictured right) is making its way through the tubes today, as a Chinese manufacturer seems to have leaked a redesign of the less-than-stellar Microsoft hardware, as originally reported by the good folks at Kotaku. Supposedly combining the GPU

Mapathy Cured by MW2’s “Stimulus Package”

We have new details on Modern Warfare 2‘s mapathy cure.  According to the updated MW2 page on the Xbox Live Marketplace, the new map pack, dubbed the “Stimulus Package,” will bring five additional maps to the billion-dollar game to the console that Microsoft built. Three maps are brand, spankin’ new: