E3 2011: Zelda For All in 2011

  Opening the Nintendo press conference today, Shigeru Miyamoto (attempted) to order an orchestra to play their “ITEM GET” song to intro their celebration of the 25th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda.  As part of this celebration, Zelda will be available on each of their hardware platforms, in one

E3 2011: The PlayStation Vita, Bogged Down by AT&T

Image courtesy of Engadget. Kaz “Ridge Racer” Hirai has finally announced that their next portable, codenamed “NGP,” is officially named the PlayStation Vita (Vee-ta.)  With “features alone that are cutting edge,” such as dual analog sticks, a multitouch OLED screen, front & rear cameras, and SixAxis motion control, the PSVita is

‘Green Lantern’ WonderCon Footage!

UPDATED (4/3/2011): Embedded the new Green Lantern footage, and changed the panel videos after the jump with higher quality audio.

At San Francisco’s currently-ongoing WonderCon, fans gathered in droves yesterday to catch a glimpse of June’s upcoming release of Green Lantern.

Moderated by the legendary Geoff Johns (writer of Blackest Night, Flash: Rebirth, and soon, Aquaman), the panel (featuring stars Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively) fielded questions from the crowd and treated the fans to a 9-minute taste of Hal Jordan’s creation story.  Thankfully, the WB saw fit to release part of that footage (an abridged part, unfortunately, but a part, nonetheless) to the masses who were unable to attend WonderCon this weekend.

[If this YouTube upload vanishes from the interwebs, you can watch the footage at iTunes here.]

The response to the footage has been overwhelmingly positive — going so far as to completely change the minds of those who have claimed to have been skeptical of the movie from the beginning.

I. cannot. wait.

Green Lantern is slated for release on June 17, 2011.

The good people at Screen Team Media recorded the entirety of the panel for the YouTube masses to enjoy. Hit the jump for the videos!

NYCC 2010: The Return of Thunderstrike!

Tom DeFalco signing my copy of Thor Corps #4. (Image by Shannon Sorensen Photography) At NYCC, OTF had the chance to talk with former editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics, Tom DeFalco. DeFalco is famously known as the writer and editor who took Thor through the majority of the late 80’s and

NYCC 2010: Interview with Chris Cao, Game Director of ‘DC Universe Online.’

In the Sony Online Entertainment press room, we at OTF had a chance to sit down and discuss the minutiae of the game’s focus and development with Chris Cao, game director of the upcoming superhero MMO DC Universe Online.

In the second of two interviews conducted at a roundtable, Mr. Cao was kind enough to discuss the MMO’s “inspired by” system, the development challenges in defining  the game world, and what exactly is being done to make the player the star of the game in a world where Superman flies the skies.  We also talk about the dreaded subscription fee ($14.99/mo) and why that subscription fee may be “the cheapest thing you’ve ever spent on video games.”

Read on for the interview and the character creation trailer released at NYCC!

DC Universe Online is slated for release on the PC and the PlayStation 3 early next year.

At the panel, you were going over the create-a-character – that you could align yourself with certain characters or motifs. How many characters are we looking at that you have the opportunity to align yourself with?

Chris Cao: There are sort of two different parts to this. One is choosing your mentor, which is really a choice of what kind of hero or villain you are. We have the game is split into three buckets: tech, meta, and magic. Guys who depend on their own skills are tech-based; guys who have inherent powers, like Superman, are meta-based; and those who use magic are magic – it’s kind of surprising [laughs.]

DC Universe Online’s Character Create Trailer

Those mentors actually [determine] your choice of content through the game and ultimately what kind of battle suit you get. If you want the Batsuit, you need to have Batman as your mentor because he’s not just going to hand it out to anybody, right? If you want the strength of Hera, which is Wonder Woman’s suit, you need to actually be working for her. That’s the first choice in character create.

Read more about game development, the challenges in making an MMO with a license, and betraying your mentor after the jump!

NYCC 2010 Exclusive: Interview with ‘Nowhere Man’ creator, Jerome Walford

Nowhere Man is a humanizing police drama with sci-fi elements that asks the question “How far are you willing to take you ambitions when you’re playing with forces beyond your control?”

On Saturday, as I was weaving through the crowds to find the rest of the OTF contingent on the main floor, I found myself at a booth for, promoting a new title: Nowhere Man.  They had a projector up showcasing some of the art from the project, and I was immediately struck by the crisp details of the visuals.  The indie comic seemed “grounded” in some respects, preferring to focus in on the players of the game, promoting substance over style.  That isn’t to say the visuals weren’t very crisp or detailed – on the contrary, the focus on detailed facial expressions was what intrigued me in the first place – but it certainly was a far cry from the flashiness of most of the “cape and cowl” stuff I normally read.

I sat down with the creator, writer, and main artist of Nowhere Man, Jerome Walford, to discuss the ongoing project.  We talked about the story, its mix of the police drama and the sci-fi thriller genres, where Walford plans on taking the series, and how you, dear reader, can help make this a success.

Read on for the full interview.

OTF: Tell us a little about Nowhere Man.

Jerome Walford: Nowhere Man is a story I started scripting about 4 years ago.  It’s a police drama that’s a crossover with a sci-fi thriller.  The central character, Jack Maguire, is a NYC detective that’s found himself stumbling through life trying to take advantage of powers that don’t belong to him in order to do something that he was not meant to do.

OTF: “Powers that don’t belong to him?” What does that mean, exactly?  How does he access these external forces?

JW:  The story is a mini-series that covers a lot of how that happens.  It’s a “coming to his identity” kind of story.  There is a lot of action and supernatural abilities that happen in the story, but we do focus primarily on a personal drama that has to deal with how does one move through life and process grief and loss and experience with family members.  The central character lost his father in 9/11, and many of the decisions he makes, good and bad, are a result of that.

Find out about the sci-fi elements of the story, the grassroots movement to bring Nowhere Man to life in color, and more after the jump…