The Green Hornet Rides Again

For those of you that don’t remember, filmmaker Kevin Smith was approached in 2004 to write and direct a movie about pulp hero, The Green Hornet.  While Smith’s film never came to fruition, the idea for his abandoned project has resurfaced, taking his script and adapting it to comic form.

Did Someone Lose their Suitcase?

The new trailer for Iron Man 2 premiered last night on Jimmy Kimmel. But thanks to the voodoo powers of Yahoo, we have it here for you in The Fridge! Enjoy!     Yes, that thud you all heard last night? That was the sound of every fanboy collapsing with


  Marvel is only a few months away from the beginning of their Heroic Age.  Following their current Siege event, the Marvel Universe will be brought back to a time when men and heroes wore tights. Well, maybe not that old school.  But for the past few years, the Marvel Universe