Review: Star Wars #18

The second arc of Star Wars from Dark Horse Comics comes to a close this month, wrapping up the Rebels’ adventure on the planet Arrochar. Leia’s nuptials are interrupted by Imperial wedding crashers, Han, Luke, and company spring into action, and Darth Vader himself, still under house arrest, is overseeing the operation. We’ve been

Review: The Star Wars #8

Right up to the end, the creative team behind the comic adaptation of George Lucas’s original draft of Star Wars has taken what was never meant to see the light of day and created a unique, yet familiar vision of a universe so many fans have loved for decades. The eighth and

Review: Star Wars: Rebel Heist #2

In the inaugural issue of Dark Horse’s latest Star Wars series, Rebel Heist, Han Solo was sent on a secret Alliance mission while being paired with Jan, a green recruit. The outcome was less than positive as Solo was arrested, beaten, and imprisoned, and Jan was interrogated. Instead of catching up

Review: Star Wars #17

The clock is ticking as the time Star Wars has at Dark Horse Comics dwindles. However, showing no signs of slowing down, Brian Wood continues the second major arc of his highly successful Star Wars comic with issue #17. This arc had been fairly political thus far, focusing on the relations between Arrochar and the Alliance

Review: Star Wars: Rebel Heist #1

The Star Wars comic book publishing license returns to Marvel next year, but until that happens, Dark Horse is showing no signs of slowing down as they continue to leave their mark on the franchise. With ongoing titles such as “Dark Times”, “Legacy”, and, of course, “Star Wars” continuing to

Review: The Star Wars #6

The Star Wars #6 has more action than all 5 previous issues combined. It also features the most eclectic blend of scenes fans will recognize from the original film trilogy, even if there are slight variations. As usual, the names, locations, and even certain visuals are familiar, but this exploration of “what 

Review: The Star Wars #5

In 4 issues (5 if you include last month’s concept art-filled issue #0), Dark Horse Comics has allowed fans a glimpse of what George Lucas had originally envisioned for what would eventually become Star Wars. As The Star Wars continues with issue #5, writer J.W. Rinzler and artist Mike Mayhew hit a stride with

Review: Star Wars #13

When we last left our courageous Rebel heroes, the once malevolent Col. Bircher revealed himself to be an Alliance agent, Prithi departed to explore her Force sensitivity, and Leia dropped the proverbial bomb of her recent engagement in order to secure a safe Haven for the Rebels. But Star Wars

Review: Star Wars #12

Star Wars #12 concludes the first arc of Brian Wood’s year-long adventure in a galaxy far, far away, bringing our heroes back together and revealing the truth about what has been plaguing the Rebellion for the last year. However, the victory is short-lived and not all see the justification of

Review: The Star Wars #4

This month, The Star Wars #4 by J.W. Rinzler and Mike Mayhew continues the adaptation of George Lucas’ original rough draft for what eventually became Star Wars. Thus far, we’ve seen a blend of unique occurrences and familiar moments fleshing out this previously unfinished tale, but at the same time,

Review: Star Wars #11

I’m going to just come out and say it. Brian Wood should get a shot at writing at least one of the new Star Wars films due within the next several years. He continues to display not only a respectful knowledge of the Star Wars universe, but also the ability