Review: Star Wars #20

This will be a day long remembered… The final installment in Dark Horse’s ongoing Star Wars series arrives today, capping Brian Wood’s run as writer at 20 issues. Over the course of the 20 issues, Wood deftly filled in the gap between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, focusing on the Rebellion’s struggle

Review: Star Wars: Rebel Heist #4

Star Wars: Rebel Heist wraps up this week with issue #4, and its conclusion brings us one month closer to Star Wars’ departure from Dark Horse Comics. The series has been a roller coaster of action, intrigue, failure, and success as the core heroes of the Rebellion, alongside some green recruits, have endured every

“Guardians of the Galaxy” Q&A Live Stream!

Yahoo is giving Marvel fans the chance to chat with the stars of Guardians of the Galaxy in a live Q&A taking place tonight! Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, and Dave Bautista, along with director James Gunn and Marvel Cinematic Universe architect Kevin Feige will all be on hand answering Tumblr-submitted

Review: Star Wars #19

I like to think it’s good to be Brian Wood. Not only do you get to mess around in the Star Wars Universe, but with limited time to play in that particular sandbox, you’re able to go for broke, not worry about filler, and tell some pretty great stories. Star

Review: Star Wars: Rebel Heist #3

Three down, one to go. The caper begins to take shape in the penultimate issue of Star Wars: Rebel Heist as another familiar Rebel hero gets down and dirty in the galactic trenches. Directly following the action of issue #2, this month’s installment features the unnamed Stormtrooper who was extracted from Feddasyr