Pentax 645D 40MP Camera Believes Size Matters

Image source: DPReviewThis camera laughs at you and everyone you love. Despite the argument that megapixels don’t matter as much as ISO, this 40 megapixel behemoth from Pentax seeks to remind you that it doesn’t matter how much you suck as a photographer; it only matters that your photos are bigger

New Modern Warfare 2 Maps Set to Cure Your Mapathy

Mapathy.  A terrible condition that has been discovered in growing numbers since late November 2009.  Now, the illness has turned into an outright pandemic, reportedly affecting nearly 25 million people.  You may not even realize you’ve been suffering from it.  But then, suddenly, you find yourself hitting “vote to skip”

Microsoft to Show Natal Lineup at E3

According to an article in IGN, Mindy Mount, Microsoft’s Chief Financial Officer of its Entertainment & Devices Division, said that we’ll be able to see “more news” about Microsoft’s Project Natal, including the “full lineup” from third-party developers at this year’s E3 conference. During last year’s Tokyo Game Show, Microsoft

Macs Get Steam’d in April

Image source: After a series of not-too-subtle hints, Valve finally announced this morning that they were bringing Steam and Source to the Mac. The press release states that the gaming service, engine, and the Valve library of games (including the popular Half-Life series, Left 4 Dead 2, Team Fortress

Ubisoft Servers Were “Attacked”

In response to yesterday’s server fail, Ubisoft reported that their “servers were attacked which limited service from 2:30pm to 9pm Paris time” via their official Twitter account. All servers (and, transitively, all games) are reported to be up and running as of right now.  They go on to say that

Ubisoft DRM Fail

  Ubisoft’s recent implementation of their rather draconian version of DRM (currently in use with the critically acclaimed Assassin’s Creed II and the upcoming Splinter Cell: Conviction, among many others) has officially returned to bite the law-abiding players right in the arse. When Ubisoft announced their new plans for digital

More Xbox 360 SKUs coming?

In a discussion of cloud computing at the University of Washington, 2007. Martin Olsson.Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer made a statement that caused quite a few newshounds’ ears perk up. During a Q&A session after the actual speech, an attendee asked about the varying collaborative efforts among some hardware vendors.  Ballmer