NYCC 2013: Starz “Outlander” Interview with Ron Moore and Diana Gabaldon

More NYCC coverage coming your way! I had the pleasure and honor of interviewing the awesome Ron Moore (executive producer and writer of the reimagined Battlestar Galactica and several Star Trek series; I love him so) and super cool author Diana Gabaldon, who has written eight Outlander books so far. Starz picked up Outlander as a TV series, and it is currently in production and slated to start in the spring/summer of 2014. Ron and Diana made a great team, and both were so excited and enthusiastic about bringing this beloved series to life.

How did you and Ron start working together, did you seek him out?

Diana Gabaldon: No, he came to looking for me. Someone else, Jim Kohlberg, who is now an executive producer for the show, had an option on my books and I liked him and, as far as it is possible to use to the word “trust” with the world of showbiz people (laughs) I trusted him. He’d read the books four times before coming to talk to me, and in the midst of negotiations he called me up to tell me he felt like he was channeling Murtagh. He originally wanted to make a feature film. He tried – he had the scripts prepared by very good scriptwriters but you just can’t make a two hour film of that book. It just can’t be done and resemble the original in any respect. Eventually, Ron was familiar with the material and interested, but Jim kept wanting to making a feature but he finally gave up, and the time was right.

Ron Moore: I kept meeting with him, and he kept saying he wanted to make it a feature, but I kept telling him “I don’t know what the two-hour version of this is. I just think it’s a TV show.” And he said, “well we’re going to try the feature.” And every year, we literally would check back in and say “how’s that feature coming?” and he’d say “we’re getting there,” and a year and a half ago he finally came in and said, “you know maybe it’s a TV show.” And I said ok! And I called up Sony television, and told them that they have to read these books, and that we were interested and the stars just lined up.

Do you think something like Game of Thrones set the stage for something like this to be able to be made?

Definitely. Existing fanbase, epic story, recognizable material, multiple books, it’s all there.  

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SDCC 2013: Nerd HQ Is Made of Awesome

The stairs welcome us to Nerd HQ 2013

You guys, San Diego Comic Con is stressful. Like I said in my previous post, it is a gauntlet. The convention hall is massive, the lines are epic, cell phone signals are overloaded, and you are tired. However, one part of SDCC that I can’t recommend enough is NerdHQ. Started by Zachary Levi, NerdHQ offers something that SDCC could never hope to: some peace and quiet, punctuated by far more moments of geek excellence per square inch than you could hope for.

This year, NerdHQ took over part of Petco Park, the baseball stadium directly across from the convention center. A few minutes and several worlds away, you could walk right in with or without a badge, relax on the leather sofas with your homies, use the free Wifi, have a tasty lunch or snack while looking out at the green and breezy ball field, and maybe say hi to Nathan Fillion! The crew had decorated the bare concrete-and-steel section of the stadium with nerd swag and epic murals, plus there was a stage set up for impromptu and scheduled interviews (all of those were non-ticketed and open to the public). Additionally, NerdHQ also offers ticketed panels in private stadium boxes, called Conversations for a Cause, and keeps fans updated on Twitter as soon as the tickets go on sale for only $20 per ticket. The only panel I attended at SDCC was the Nathan Fillion/Alan Tudyk panel at NerdHQ. And guess what? It was great, and all proceeds from the entire NerdHQ situation goes to Operation Smile. Yes, they offer this oasis of geek love for charity. You would not believe what Nathan and Alan were auctioning off and what people were paying.

This article is reproduced with permission from Shoes and Starships.

SDCC 2013: Roundtable Interview With Warehouse 13’s Allison Scagliotti

Allison Scagliotti is so wonderful, we just couldn’t get enough!  Even though we had a video interview with this lovely lady, we still sat down at the roundtables to check in with the snarkiest of Warehouse agents.

Claudia Donovan is slated to be the Warehouse’s next caretaker, but she’s got a few problems to take care of first. With Paracelsus attempting to reclaim his former place as Warehouse controller, Mrs. Frederick is fading away, the Agents have been ejected from the Warehouse, and Claudia is left behind to take on the immortal. Things at the Warehouse aren’t super great.

What’s in store for Claudia in these final episodes? Read on!

Allison Scagliotti: So, what do you guys want to talk about? Warehouse 13 season 5?

What can you tease about your confrontation with Paracelsus?

AS: Oh, it’s my Buffy moment! It’s great! Claudia really gets to come into her own in that moment, and realizes that no, the WH is going to protect me, I belong here and you don’t, get out of my warehouse. It feels very dangerous, the first one back in season 5, and maybe this is a spoiler but I don’t even care anymore. We get to see what an alternative Warehouse reality would be if certain things transpired and how terrifying that is. But the main thing with these last 6 episodes is I think the fans are all going to be so satisfied – it’s a season that totally honors what we’ve all grown to love about the show – it’s fun, and we’re a family, and we’ve pulled out all the stops. We get to go to a Renaissance fair, there’s a telenovella episode that’s half in Spanish, I sing and tap dance at one point. It’s nuts and it’s great. I’ve been saying, I cried when I read the finale, I think everyone has, and it might be my favorite script of the entire show. It’s just – oh – so celebratory of the whole life of the series

Do you think the fans are going to be really emotional?

AS: Yes, but I think they’ll really like it. I don’t there’s any reason to be sad, especially because the finale just preserves the mythology and the legacy of the warehouse and make sit feel eternal. It doesn’t feel like something’s ending. It feels like your imagination could run wild.

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SDCC 2013: Roundtable Interview with Warehouse 13’s Aaron Ashmore

We’re Warehouse 13-ing it up yet again! At Comic-Con, after our video interviews with Joanne Kelly and Allison Scagliotti, team OTF channeled our inner Barry Allen to get to the roundtable interviews to speak with the rest of the cast.

Human lie detector and former ATF agent Steve Jinks has had the shortest tenure as a Warehouse agent, but he’s arguably had the hardest time. Introduced just two seasons ago, the man called “Jinksy” was “fired” from the Warehouse, went undercover in a major operation, died, was revived, was pain-connected to Claudia, and became Regent liasion… and that’s only for about 30 episodes.

Smallville alumnus Aaron Ashmore is the one talented enough to bring Steve to life, and graciously sat down to talk about the upcoming conclusion of the series and where that leaves Steve in the world of the Warehouse 13.

So, your bestie is stuck in the Warehouse while you’re outside – what can you tell us?

Aaron Ashmore: It’s like we always have these cliffhangers, and then we just jump right back in and we gotta fix it. So yeah, we jump right back in, and it’s very intense b/c its Claud and Paracelsus and we have to help them – we may or may not get back in to try and help them in some way resolve issues at a certain point. Is that a spoiler?

She [Allison] spoiled! She spoiled all over!

AA: You guys just say that so I’m like, telling you all these things!

Any singing in an episode this season? Some of the other actors teased that for their characters.

AA: Singing no, but maybe some dancing! I’m not much of a dancer, though. You’ll see!

Any romance for Steve?

AA: No – maybe if there were more time, if we had a longer season. But we gotta solve this Paracelsus thing and we gotta wrap it up. Maybe if there had been more time. I would love to pursue that more, and maybe someone will in some fanfic. But I don’t think we’ll see that in this season.

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Game of Thrones Recap: The Rains of Castamere

Well, GOT fans, here we are. Many knew this day would come – that of the Red Wedding. If you are strictly a show-watcher and not a book reader, then you were awfully surprised at what was in store for the Stark family in this week’s episode, “The Rains of Castamere.” I knew it was coming despite not having read the books (accidental Internet spoiler over a year ago), but it was still highly traumatizing. We at least got to spend more time with fewer groups of people this week, so the pace was not nearly as frenetic and hopping around as usual! I’d like to credit that to director David Nutter, who I am very proud of since I’ve known his work from his X-Files days, since he directed this episode and next week’s finale. Onward, into bloodshed!

Littlest Starks and Jon Snow

Finally, some of our disparate and wandering groups are crossing paths. The little Starks – Bran and Rickon, accompanied by Hodor, Osha (Tonks) and the brother/sister Wildling warg team, holed up in an abandoned mill tower to wait out the rain. Not too far away, Jon, Ygritte, and their band of Wildlings decide they need to steal some horses, and Jon knows an elderly farmer who breeds them for the Night’s Watch. The Wildlings want to kill the old man, but Jon heavily objects. He allows the man to escape, although they track him down on horseback right outside the abandoned mill tower that houses Bran & co.  The thunder and lightning gets really bad, and Hodor starts “hodorhodorhodor-ing” very loudly. The Wildling band will surely kill them if they are found, and out of desperation, Bran wargs into Hodor’s mind and quiets him. The young warg boy with them is shocked – while many can enter the minds of animals, he has never heard of anyone who can enter people’s minds. Bran is certainly special, and this show of strength and ability leads him to a bit of confidence. He decides that he and Hodor will go with the siblings to further discover his gifts, and that Rickon and Osha will split up and go to find a Stark-friendly family to stay with until they can get back to Rob and Catlin. Rickon finally has some lines, and does not want to be parted from his brother. He wants to protects the disabled Bran, which leads to a very sweet scene with the two boys. I am a bit sad we are splitting the party here, but Bran’s idea makes sense.

Suddenly, all hell breaks loose below the tower – Jon was being forced to kill the elderly horse breeder as a show of loyalty to his new Wildling fellows, but instead Ygritte does it for him. This prompts him to knock her to the ground so she won’t defend him, and he kills many of the Wildlings, telling the Jerk Warg among them that he was right – he was always a crow a in his heart. He then kills him, and we are not sad about it because that dude was an ass. Bran and Rickon’s dire wolves are hunting nearby, and Bran is afraid they will give them away, so he enters their minds and attacks the remaining Wildlings. Jon hops a horse and rides away – leaving a shocked and angry-looking Ygritte behind.

Dany and the Dragons

Jorah, Grey Worm and Fabio (his name is actually Daario and he’s the hot sell-sword that Dany likes – don’t blame her) decide to through a back door into Yunkai to take the city in the night. They slaughter a bunch of guards but are surrounded, and we all worry. The next day, Dany sits waiting for them and worrying, but Jorah and Grey Worm show up covered in blood and declaring they’ve won. She is pleased but immediately asks for Fabio, who makes a dramatic entrance a few minutes later, also covered in blood, and tells her they’ve taken the city. She looks at him adoringly while Jorah sulks in the background.

Arya and the Hound (come close to Camp Stark)

The Hound is taking Arya to Robb and Catlin for ransom. They find a merchant farmer on the road and the Hound knocks him out, intending to kill him and take his cart of wine and food. Arya doesn’t want him to die, but she isn’t so compassionate that she doesn’t knock him on the head again. They are just over the hill from her family when she and the Hound have a grouchy conversation about how she’s afraid she’s so close and yet won’t see them. FORESHADOWING! Ahem. I felt that was a bit heavy-handed, but what can you do. Arya informs the Hound that she will someday put a sword through his eye and out the back of his skull. I like this girl.

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Game of Thrones Recap: Second Sons

Only two episodes left for the season – can you believe we’re already on episode 8? This week furthered the action a bit more, and we got the hilarious wedding of Tyrion and Sansa (oh joy haha). Read on for the recap of “Second Sons”! Arya and the Hound Arya

Game of Thrones Double Recap: “The Climb” and “The Bear and the Maiden Fair”

Here we are again, fans of Westeros! I was underwhelmed by episode 5 of Game of Thrones, “The Climb” so I decided to roll it into my recap of the most recent ep, “The Bear and the Maiden Fair”. They were two okay outings, with a few standout moments. Here we go!

The Climb

Samwell/Night’s Watch

We very briefly see Samwell and the woman and baby he rescued from the incest compound. It’s a pretty dull scene! He gives her an arrowhead, and he sings a little. They seem very alone in the cold snowy woods.

Littlest Starks

Very short scene with Bran, Tonks, and their new redhead warg friend. The redheaded boy has a seizure while having a vision; apparently the visions take their toll. He sees Jon Snow and the wilding group in his vision, however. More on him later!

Arya & the worshippers of the Lord of Light

Well, Arya is still miserable since the Red Woman rolls into camp making all sorts of proclamations and demands. Maybe someday Arya will shut her up for good!  For now, the RW is impressed that Beric has been brought back from the dead no less than six times. Beric doesn’t sound that thrilled – he says all there is on the ‘other side’ is darkness. The RW doesn’t really believe him, though. Then she demands they hand over Gendry, bastard of King Robert. For a bag of gold, they willingly oblige despite Arya’s angry cries and protests. Gendry himself does not want to leave either. The RW pauses a moment to tell Arya that she will kill people, and that they (Arya and the RW) will one day meet again. Creepy!

Camp Stark

Robb isn’t have the best time of it. He sees some representatives from House Frey, who want an apology and also Harrenhal (oh, is that all?). Robb says that while he won’t marry the lord’s daughter, his uncle (Catlin’s brother) will do so. He ain’t thrilled! He refuses at first but then agrees.


Theon is still tied up in this tedious storyline. The jerk holding him captive says some stuff about being a Karstark (the lord of which was beheaded by Robb earlier, as you may recall), but then says he could be lying. He cuts off Theon’s pinkie finger to much screaming. Ugh can Theon please just die already?

Jamie and Brienne

Jamie is still at Harrenhal, and his stump is healed slightly. Brienne is stuck in her pink dress, and the two of them are bargaining for freedom. They are told that Jamie is going back to his father, as a show of good faith, but Brienne must stay for ransom (of the supposed thousands of sapphires her dad owns). Sigh. Jamie’s lie is going to come back and bite his ass! Or hers.

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Star Trek Prepaid Visa Cards Beaming In!

Looking to give your favorite Trekkie some cash for convention splurges this summer? Or maybe you’d like to be a Ferengi about it and hoard it for yourself? has the perfect choice – they just introduced Star Trek prepaid Visa cards! The cards are happily emblazoned with our beloved

Game of Thrones Recap: Kissed By Fire

Another week, another new epsiode of of Game of Thrones! “Kissed By Fire” is the fifth episode this season, marking the halfway point. Only 5 left, very sad. But when they are this good, I suppose we should not complain. Read on for the recap! 


Well, the Hound and the One-Eyed Man – who has a name, it is Beric – fight, and Beric’s sword is on fire! No matter – after a pretty nice swordfight with lots of growls and yelling, the Hound slices down upon Beric’s shoulder, essentially cutting him in two. The priest of the Lord of Light falls upon his body, and a then he LIVES. What the what. Arya doesn’t know what to make of it either; and she is pretty mad that the Hound gets to go free, and then later she asks Beric if the Lord of Light can bring back men who’ve lost their heads, like her dad. Sad face. Beric shows her his scars and tell her that he’s died six times now – even the Hound’s brother killed him once. Arya is also preparing to get to Camp Stark in Riverrun, and asks Gendry (King Robert’s bastard) to come with her. He refuses, saying he wants to choose his own path, and wants to stay with the Brotherhood. Arya is quite sad this episode.

Camp Stark

Robb is pissed. The lord of house Karstark marched into the castle with some men and killed the two Lannister squires in revenge for the loss of his own sons and soldiers, even though they technically didn’t do anything. Robb is upset that men are flouting his orders left and right, and orders everyone involved to be hanged. Catlin and her brother tell him that if he hangs Lord Karstark, he’ll lose their men, a loss he can’t afford. He angrily beheads Lord Karstark anyway.

Later we see Robb puzzling over his war plans, moving small figures around a table to figure out his next move. His wife Talisa comes in and soothes him a bit, and then he decides he will attack Casterly Rock for revenge on the Lannisters. He will, however, need more men. He realizes that the men he needs are from the house of the girl he was supposed to marry – House Frey. We see a plan forming in a little lightbulb over his head!

Beyond the Wall

Jon Snow and Ygritte finally get it on in a cave with hot springs. Nudity all around!

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Game of Thrones Recap: And Now His Watch Is Ended

Game of Thrones was fantastic this week, you guys! Love love love. Might be the best one yet (yep, I totally said it), and it will definitely go down as one of the top episodes of all time. Without further delay, here is the recap for “And Now His Watch Is Ended”

Jamie and Brienne

Thankfully, the ep started off with Jamie right away, since we were eager to see how he survived his unhanding. The answer is, not surprisingly: not well at all. His hand is tied around his neck to tell his shame, and he falls off his horse into the mud. The bandits kick and beat him, especially when he tries to fight them with his other hand. Brienne is watching out for him the best she can, but there isn’t much she can do.

Later in the episode, a defeated mud-encrusted Jamie sits at the fire with Brienne, refusing to eat. She tells him to eat, to live and take revenge. She also goads him about his whining, crying, and quitting, and calls him a woman – yes his lot in life just got a bit crappier, but he’s still a damn Lannister and all that. He begrudgingly eats, and then Brienne is downright nice about him saving her from rape prior to his hand being chopped off. Her father has no actual riches to speak of, but Jamie lied for her – she asks him why, but he won’t answer. I really love them as unlikely comrades in their currently shitty situation.

Bran & Littlest Stark, Hodor, and Tonks

We briefly see Bran dreaming again of the three-eyed crow, and the redheaded boy is with him as well. This storyline is dull at the moment, I hope something interesting happens soon.

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