Review: Con Man, Episode 11 – “A Shot with Finley”


Now that all of the pieces are in place, Con Man finally has the ability to bring this season to a conclusion. Will he get the sought after part of Blade Slater?

That all depends on Finley Farrow (Laura Vandervoort). She has the power to determine who her Doctor Cop Lawyer co-star will be, and that means that both Wray and Girth (Liam McIntyre), the recently discovered lost Hemsworth, will both be vying for her attention.

At the Comic-Con Shock-A-Con afterparty promoting the Ambivalence movie, Wray heads to the bar and meets Bobbie and Tiffany (Spectrum’s resident hot mess(TM)), who point out that Finley is on the other side of the room getting comfortable with Wray’s Australian rival. Wray, now the de facto Tiffany sober guardian, prevents Tiffany from drinking any further by taking all of her orders for himself — he doesn’t seem to broken up about it, though, since he needs a little liquid courage to approach the beautiful actress.

Tiffany (sort of) helps spruce him up a little, inadvertently discovering the existence of chest hair (“You need to put it away. I don’t like it.”) Bobbie helps by distracting Girth in the best way possible, using her BEST OUTFIT EVER:

Mindy Sterling, you national treasure. There are a lot of adjectives to describe what’s happening here, but I think Girth says it best: “Well, that’s just heaps offensive.”

And thanks to Bobbie’s loyal sacrifice, Wray finally has some alone time with Finley. Finley had some promising things to say about Wray’s audition — she actually liked that he wasn’t a conventional “manly man,” instead giving depth to Blade Slater via desperation as opposed to aggression. Wray, naturally, plays it off as a creative choice rather than the ramblings of an angry actor, but it sounds like there’s hope for our little actor that could. And just as they’re connecting, a gunshot rings through the air. Security rushes to take Finley to safety, cutting their conversation short.

Dammit, Stutter. Your non-lethal beanbag sniper rifle art sculpture really needs a safety.

Rating: B+. Finley and Wray seem to be making a real connection, and it feels like there’s actually light at the end of this tunnel for Wray as we move toward the final episode. Wray’s Spectrum co-stars get a little dimension here too, as they (save Stutter) all try to help Wray in their own way (Brenda’s compliments, Tiffany’s fashion adjustment) before falling back into their old patterns. Bobbie, of course, steals the show with her diversionary tactics.


  • The Janet Carney/Brandon Rico Java duo continues to be a delightful pair. Rico basically weaponized the phrase “Shock-A-Con Talk-A-Thon” to force a loud musical sting to blast in Janet’s studio, and it was brilliant.
  • Finley: “Congratulations on your sobriety.”
    Tiffany: “Thank you, every second hurts.”
  • I really hope it turns out there are actual black turtles somewhere, at least for Brenda’s sake.
  • Welcome home, Casper Van Dien! We’ve missed your bartending skills.

The complete series of Con Man (so far!) is available for your consumption now exclusively at Comic-Con HQ. The Con Man video game is available on iOS and Android, and the Spectrum comic book is available to download here. All photo credits to Comic-Con HQ.

Written by: Dwight Tejano

Dwight is the founder of Open the Fridge, which he started in 2008 and rebooted in 2010. Due to the nature of early adopting, his bank account is normally empty. He likes to sing in world-renown choruses to forget such things.

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