Review: Con Man, Episode 4 – A Small Step for Manly


It’s the first step toward Wray’s new career trajectory, and it starts with Astro Cereal. Suiting up (or more accurately, stumbling about) in full astronaut gear, Wray is doing everything he can to catch the eye of director Diego Alfonso (Jon Huertas) and convince him that Wray is the right man for the role of Dr. Ofr. Blade Slater, Esq.

Wray still has not convinced anyone that he can be as manly as Blade Slater should be. He hasn’t even convinced the team behind Astro Cereal that he qualifies as a celebrity spokesperson (“The clients were hoping for someone else. They’re over there; wave to them. Stop waving. Their anger grows deeper.”)

Undeterred, Wray sets his sights on doing his own stunts in the commercial, even though the aerial rigging is ever-so-tightly threatening his testicles’ well-being, to show Diego and the entire crew that he is stronger than he looks. (Spoiler: he isn’t.)

The talented Tahmoh Penikett (Battlestar Galactica) guest stars as the stunt coordinator Randy Lane, who perfectly captures the frustration of being stepped on by the talent. Randy, single father to a 9-year-old “special little guy,” doesn’t get paid if he doesn’t do the stunts, but Wray’s need to show his manliness means that Randy has to step down.

Wray is filmed in front of a green screen punching debris in outer space, strengthened by the power of Astro Cereal, but amidst the stunts, he takes an asteroid to the eye, a satellite to the crotch, and he bites his tongue when jerked by the rigging. As he descends after the shoot, Diego sees Wray in a whole new light: his lisping speech, his gimpy walk, and his blinded eye means he might just be right for Doctor Cop Lawyer after all.

It looks like we found our Dick Trimmings! (I feel like I’ve been waiting my whole life to type that sentence.)

Of course, sacrifices must be made to be in Hollywood in order to build up to the career you want, especially for a hot commodity as Doctor Cop Lawyer seems to be, but we’ll have to wait to see if Wray is willing to swallow his pride to do it. It seems unlikely, but then again he was willing to sacrifice a single father with an autistic child for what was essentially an audition.

Photo credit: Comic-Con HQ

Rating: B+. Huertas and Penikett do wonderful jobs as Diego and Randy, respectively. It’s likely that we’ll see Diego again on the set of Doctor Cop Lawyer, but here’s hoping Randy makes an appearance on DCL or even the Spectrum movie too.


  • I miraculously went the entire review without mentioning Bobbie, but her presence in the episode is really just ancillary. She still gets the best lines though, including the unnecessarily rolled R’s in Wray Nerely and the hilarious adult diaper joke.
  • Speaking of Bobbie, today’s outfits: “Hispana Vanna White” and Chicago Steam Heat.
  • “There is no word for this in English: the village bicycle. It belongs to no one. Everyone rides it. And on hot days, you will get a rash.” “That’s my nana.”
  • Bobbie’s smelling salts: bleach mixed with cool ranch Doritos.
  • Randy’s most vicious injury: doubling for Levar Burton on Reading Rainbow. (“I can see you digesting!”)

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Written by: Dwight Tejano

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