NYCC 2014: Catching Up With Kirby Krackle’s Kyle Stevens

Chatting with Kyle Stevens is quickly becoming a New York Comic-Con tradition. The frontman for Kirby Krackle, the Nerd Rock sensation from the Emerald City, is not only one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, but with new music and projects from the band always on the horizon, there’s plenty for him to talk about.  

Fresh off his set at Rock Comic Con during New York Super Week, Kyle took a few minutes to talk at his booth in the NYCC artist alley, filling me in on the ever-growing Kirby Krackle Fan Club, the success of their hit single Dancing Baby Groot, and what to expect in the near future.

Check out the interview below! 

Be sure to join the Kirby Krackle Fan Club if you haven’t already to get access to exclusive member songs and rewards, as well as help benefit some great causes like Hero Initiative and Child’s Play. It’s as easy as visiting the band’s homepage at Also, be sure to keep up with all the latest Kirby Krackle news by following them on Twitter @kirbykrackle and download their app for music, news, and upcoming appearances.

And, if you’re feeling nostalgic, check out our interview with Kyle from NYCC 2013!

Written by: Rob "T3K" Piontek

Rob is excited to be contributing to The Fridge. With one finger on the pulse of Marvel/DC and another on that of Hollywood's superhero franchises, no multi-issue arc or casting rumor is too small to report. When Rob opens The Fridge, the light inside shines green!

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