Review: Star Wars: Rebel Heist #4

Star Wars: Rebel Heist wraps up this week with issue #4, and its conclusion brings us one month closer to Star Wars’ departure from Dark Horse Comics. The series has been a roller coaster of action, intrigue, failure, and success as the core heroes of the Rebellion, alongside some green recruits, have endured every

“Guardians of the Galaxy” Q&A Live Stream!

Yahoo is giving Marvel fans the chance to chat with the stars of Guardians of the Galaxy in a live Q&A taking place tonight! Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, and Dave Bautista, along with director James Gunn and Marvel Cinematic Universe architect Kevin Feige will all be on hand answering Tumblr-submitted

ConnectiCon 2014: Richard Horvitz

“WHO IS IT?” “It’s Rich…” “WHO IS IT?!” “It’s Richard…” “WHO IS IT?!?!” … “It’s Richard Horvitz!” With one of the most unique voices in the business, Richard Horvitz has had no problem creating iconic characters and leaving quite the impression on television, animation, and video games over the last

ConnectiCon 2014: Alan Oppenheimer

Continuing our coverage from ConnectiCon 2014, today’s spotlight in on actor Alan Oppenheimer, a veteran of film and television. With a plethora of screen credits ranging from Westworld and Freaky Friday to The Six Million Dollar Man and multiple Star Trek series, Alan has also lent his voice to several popular films

ConnectiCon 2014: Jennifer Hale

Did you ever watch Where On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?, Iron Man, or The Tick? How about Totally Spies, The Powerpuff Girls, or Codename: Kids Next Door? Or even spend a few hours playing the Metal Gear Solid, Metroid: Prime, or Mass Effect series? If you said yes to any

The CW Fleshes Out the DCU

Is it October yet? Every piece of news that comes out of the CW’s two superhero series, Arrow and The Flash, gets us more excited for this fall, and the recent round of casting is no exception.  Arrow kicked off production of its third season this week, and has recently

Review: Star Wars #19

I like to think it’s good to be Brian Wood. Not only do you get to mess around in the Star Wars Universe, but with limited time to play in that particular sandbox, you’re able to go for broke, not worry about filler, and tell some pretty great stories. Star