Review: The Star Wars #8

Right up to the end, the creative team behind the comic adaptation of George Lucas’s original draft of Star Wars has taken what was never meant to see the light of day and created a unique, yet familiar vision of a universe so many fans have loved for decades. The eighth and

Hulu In Talks To Continue ‘Community’

Dust off the hashtag. The students of Greendale may be one step closer to fulfilling their promise of #SixSeasonsAndAMovie. Josef Adalian of has reported that Sony Pictures Television has been conversing with Hulu Plus about a potential future for Community. If all goes well, a 13-episode 6th season could

Review: Star Wars: Rebel Heist #2

In the inaugural issue of Dark Horse’s latest Star Wars series, Rebel Heist, Han Solo was sent on a secret Alliance mission while being paired with Jan, a green recruit. The outcome was less than positive as Solo was arrested, beaten, and imprisoned, and Jan was interrogated. Instead of catching up

Review: Transistor

Sometimes you just have to figure things out yourself. In a gaming landscape dominated by mandatory tutorials, pop-up hints, and glowing markers, Transistor takes us back to a yesteryear-like feel from the very beginning, where it is up to us to figure out how we want to play in a vague structure of a story.

That became most obvious to me in the screen after the game’s title card, when the game expected me to press a button to start, whereas I was expecting a menu, a cutscene, or even a “press A to begin” to show up. I waited a good 15 seconds or so before I realized I had to press something, but it was the first time in recent history when I had to mentally check-in just to start the game. That was a good indicator of the world Supergiant Games had in store for me in their follow-up to Bastion.

Nothing is quite what we expect it to be in Transistor‘s world of Cloudbank. Right from the start, we’re introduced to our herione Red, a singer rendered voiceless after an attempt on her life, guided by her deceased protector, whose essence is now trapped in the Transistor, a sword-that-isn’t-a-sword. On face value, that sentence almost seems like an inherent paradox. But in Transistor, that story just works. It’s not about the minutiae; it’s just about a compelling starting point. The Camerata attempted to kill Red, and now she’s going to return the favor. Along the way, Red discovers the Camerata’s motivations and an even bigger threat seeking to swallow up Cloudbank, whose culture and presence is revealed through computer terminals, menu text, and Logan Cunningham’s omnipresent commentary as the Transistor, as opposed to direct exposition. That’s what gives weight and color to the otherwise simple plot and ultimately what makes us care.

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Back Of The Fridge: Warehouse Inventory #9 – The Final Snag

Sometimes, life takes over. We get it. Even though everyone is telling you that [insert movie/tv show/comic book/video game/other] is amazing and you’d love it, sometimes it just doesn’t make it on your plate at the time. It happens to us, too. Now we’re trying to fix that. “Back of the Fridge” is our occasionally-updated look back at the things we should have experienced when they first appeared, but missed along the way.

In “Warehouse Inventory,” Tek enters a world of Endless Wonder with Warehouse 13.

We’ve come to the end. I have to admit, I was floored when I learned that the final season of Warehouse 13 was going to be a mere 6 episodes. After a 9-month drought, I was hoping for a much more grand sendoff. However, the final episodes were not without merit. Our team of intrepid artifact hunters fought the good fight all the way to the end……a very emotional, yet appropriate end. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

When we last left our heroes, Paracelsus (Anthony Head) had taken control of the Warehouse and the team was forced to abandon it, leaving only Claudia, the next Caretaker of the Warehouse, to defend it. Pretty simple. So, here. We. Go.

Season 5

Endless Terror

Claudia’s plan to defend home court from the inside appears to have backfired on her, resulting in Paracelsus taking control of her through her connection to the Warehouse. Clearly it’s up to Pete, Myka, Artie, and Steve to fight the good fight from outside. Incidentally, as Artie and Steve attempt to do just that, we are once again reminded of how hilarious the two of them are when their paired up. Artie throws out the grumpiness and Steve fires the snark right back. Fortunately, Myka’s return (we’ll get to that later) yields the answer to penetrating the Warehouse shield and taking the fight to Paracelsus. 

Even with the team on the right path to restoring the Warehouse, our persistant villain is one step ahead and finally figures out how to make an actual time machine as opposed to a Quantum Leap Accelerator device that merely sends your consciousness through time. We’ve now entered Back to the Future II territory, where the bad guy has altered the past and created a sinister present. Thankfully, this present, while militant, scary, and full of artifact-enhanced soldiers, allows for appearances for several familiar characters, including Dr. Vanessa (Lindsay Wagner), Hugo Miller (Rene Auberjonois), Abigail Chow (Kelly Hu), and even Benedict Valda (Mark Sheppard), who met his demise back in season 2. That’s the great thing about time travel; all it takes is a quick deviation in the timeline and BOOM! dead characters aren’t dead anymore. In fact, they can even come back as evil!

The time travel fun doesn’t stop there, though! Like Doc and Marty, Pete and Myka have to travel back in order to prevent the changes that altered the Warehouse and kept the immortal Paracelsus in charge for all those centuries. Traveling back to Warehouse 9 puts them face-to-face with a new guest, Lisa da Vinci, granddaughter of Leonardo, and portrayed by Lost alum and recent Once Upon A Time villainess, Rebecca Mader. We get yet another glimpse at a Warehouse of the past, which, once again, proves to be fascinating and amusing. With Lisa’s help, and the help of what appears to be the source of the purple goo, Pete and Myka prevent Paracelsus from changing history and restore the timeline. Whew! It’s hard to believe that this was all crammed into a one-hour episode.

We’re not done, though! There is the mystery of Claudia’s sister, which still has her mad at Artie, and just when you thought it was safe to go back into the Warehouse, Evil Valda survives the timeline change and heads to the Dead Agents Vault to grab his stuff. It looks like we have plenty to keep us busy in the remaining episodes.

Ok, personal gripe/addressing the elephant in the room. So, Myka’s cancer is just GONE?! All that buildup and all that drama for nothing? Heartstrings were pulled, on both sides of the screen, for pretty much the entirety of season 4 and they treat it like Bobby Ewing showing up in the shower. (Dallas. 1986. Ask your parents.) Hell, it drove Pete to essentially help Paracelsus follow through with his plan. All I’m saying is that it seemed like it was going to be a major plot point that wound up painting the writers into a corner they didn’t know how to get out of. Since this is the end, I’ll let it slide. There is plenty more on the horizon for the team to worry about. 

Pete-ism: “URANUS!”

The Flash Gets A Teaser

During the season 2 finale of Arrow on Wednesday night, The CW gave us a first look at their new superhero series, The Flash. Check it out below! It’s fitting to have Oliver Queen helping Barry get his start since the perpetually late CSI first appeared on Arrow earlier this

Review: Star Wars #17

The clock is ticking as the time Star Wars has at Dark Horse Comics dwindles. However, showing no signs of slowing down, Brian Wood continues the second major arc of his highly successful Star Wars comic with issue #17. This arc had been fairly political thus far, focusing on the relations between Arrochar and the Alliance

Batman and the new Batmobile Revealed

After dangling a teaser of a partially covered Batmobile on Monday, Zach Snyder, director of the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie, has given us the first look at Ben Affleck’s new Batman suit and the new set of wheels. I shot this with my @Leica_Camera M Monochrom. #Batman #Batmobile #Gotham

Back Of The Fridge: Warehouse Inventory #8

Sometimes, life takes over. We get it. Even though everyone is telling you that [insert movie/tv show/comic book/video game/other] is amazing and you’d love it, sometimes it just doesn’t make it on your plate at the time. It happens to us, too. Now we’re trying to fix that. “Back of the Fridge” is our occasionally-updated look back at the things we should have experienced when they first appeared, but missed along the way.

In “Warehouse Inventory,” Tek enters a world of Endless Wonder with Warehouse 13.

Season 4 (Part 2)

The Living and the Dead

Time to save the world…again. When the stakes are this high, you have to bring in some of your heavy hitters. Dr. Vanessa, James MacPherson, and Mrs. Frederic are all on hand, and no sooner do I say, “We haven’t seen Kate Mulgrew in a while”, viola, there she is. All we were missing was Hugo, Mr. Kosan, and H.G.

I must say, after all the buildup, the astrolabe/great evil arc wrapped up rather abruptly. I say that with hesitation, though, because at the same time, I don’t really know how else they would have resolved it all. At the very least, I expected it to go to the end of the season, but since season 4 is 20 episodes as opposed to the 12, 13, and 13 of seasons 1, 2, and 3, the arc did last as long as the previous ones. Even though the immediate crisis is over, we have a pair of new characters (villains?) on our doorstep. Looks like James Marsters’s Count is immortal after all, and even more mysterious is his rival, Charlotte Dupres. Well, with Brent Spiner’s role done, we need someone to carry us through the next 9 episodes. Actually…H.G. is still out there with the astrolabe. Maybe that story isn’t quite over.

And why are “inside the mind” episodes always on the regular set? It’s so convenient that mental pathways always resemble where you work. That’s kind of sad when you think about it…

Pete-ism: “It’s always ‘ultimately death.’ I mean, artifacts never release a plague of tickles or an epidemic of kittens.”

Parks and Rehabilitation

The healing process is in full swing as the team tries to help Artie get back to his life. He spends so much time sulking by himself, doing no good, but when he, Myka, and Steve have to do what they do best and wrangle an artifact, it’s a great moment that reminds both Artie and the viewer that this is his purpose, even though s**t happens in the process.

Once again, Pete and Claudia out in the field together provides a fun pairing. Pete’s ideas about park rangers and hippies keep him right on point.

Also, for someone who died, Leena still keeps making a decent amount of appearances.

Pete-ism: “He lied! He knows who Yogi Bear is! He’s a liar!”

‘Constantine’ Gets A Pickup & A Trailer!

In the wake of the announcements from Fox, the CW, and ABC regarding comic-based properties that will be arriving and returning to TV this fall, NBC refused to be left out. Constantine will bring John Constantine, the supernatural detective from the pages of Vertigo and DC Comics, to television screens this