Back Of The Fridge: Warehouse Inventory #7

Sometimes, life takes over. We get it. Even though everyone is telling you that [insert movie/tv show/comic book/video game/other] is amazing and you’d love it, sometimes it just doesn’t make it on your plate at the time. It happens to us, too. Now we’re trying to fix that. “Back of the Fridge” is our occasionally-updated look back at the things we should have experienced when they first appeared, but missed along the way.

In “Warehouse Inventory,” Tek enters a world of Endless Wonder with Warehouse 13.

Season 4 (Part 1)

A New Hope

Pocket watch ex machina. If the Warehouse had stayed destroyed, I’m pretty sure the name of the show would have had to change. Thankfully, this was not the case. The hunt around the world for the artifact pieces to reverse time was pretty frantic. Every leg of the journey lost one of the team members, leaving only Artie in the end to not only save the Warehouse (and the world) but shoulder the consequences of doing so. We’re headed to some dark places. I got a vibe.

Star Trek: The Next Generation alum Brent Spiner was pretty wasted on this episode. All he did was prophesy that Artie would unleash evil upon the world. With the fresh departure of Claudia with the metronome in tow, her plan to resurrect Steve looks to be taking us to the aforementioned dark place.

Oh, and the title – Season 4, Episode 1, A New Hope, was not lost on this fan.

Pete-ism: “I like beavers. I’ll take Canada.”

An Evil Within

Ah, it looks like we haven’t seen the last of Brent after all. He is definitely the harbinger of this season’s threat/menace/villain. Why do Vatican representatives always make things ominous? Couple that with some Lovecraftian monsters courtesy of this week’s artifact and the frightening resurrection of Steve (the consequences of that won’t be pretty) and we have one of the darkest episodes to date. Also, I’m pretty sure it’s not going to get any better for the team.

Pete-ism: “Artie, are you dead? You did hear the word ‘dinner’ didn’t you?”

Personal Effects

So Leena finally makes it out into the field. It only took 3 years.

For obvious reasons, this season definitely has a dark pall hanging over it. Artie has a secret that’s eating away at him and the downside of Steve’s revival is beginning to rear its head. Bad times ahead.

The three pairs of agents hunting down the leftover Sykes artifacts was a great new element. Usually someone is left at the Warehouse, but now that the team is back to 6, pairing off could be a lot more fun. We also got a hint of Leena’s “artifact feng shui” as she meticulously orients objects. After 3 years, she is still a mystery.

Now we just have to worry about the physical connection that Steve and Claudia are sharing.

Pete-ism: “Leena, the half hour power shower is a sacred thing.”

There’s Always a Downside

Brent is back once again to annoy the hell out of Artie with regard to the Astrolabe. The best part about the two of them sharing these tense scenes is the fact that they shared an excellent episode of Star Trek: TNG (“The Most Toys”) back in the day where the tension between them was just as high.

We also get yet another appearance by Hugo Miller (Rene Auberjonois), and Steve comes clean to Myka about the transference effect of the Metronome on Claudia.

Things remain grim now that Artie knows Brother Adrian has access to the Warehouse and plans to destroy Artie’s life’s work.

Pete-ism: “An angry, overly-focused, possibly violent fish, Claud. I’m talking like Piranha 3D so be careful.”

No Pain, No Gain

Claudia and Mrs. Frederic buddy cop movie! I will be first in line when it makes it to theaters.

Artie and Steve pairing up again is also damn funny, especially with the Hatfield and McCoy rifles. Artie’s outings with everyone are very funny this season (w/ Leena in “Personal Effects”), especially since Artie has this darkness hanging over his head.

Meanwhile, we have a very pregnant Myka thanks to an artifact. It provides some pretty hilarious situations and Joanne’s portrayal was great. The story also provided a fascinating insight into Pete, especially when you see him looking at the dad with the newborn.

Also, reeeeaaaally getting tired of the Toyota advertising within the show. It wasn’t funny on Fringe, it wasn’t funny on Heroes, and it’s not funny here.

Pete-ism: “Ugh. Get me some popcorn and a tampon because I am watching a romantic comedy.”


Let’s have another go-around with Lewis Carroll’s mirror, shall we? It’s one thing to deal with crazy Alice inside Myka when all she wants is to be free, but when she’s tasked by Brother Brent to help undo Artie’s life, then it’s a whole different game.

We also make progress on the secrets front as Steve is forced to come clean about his link to Claudia through the metronome, and the rest of the team is learning more about the disappearing artifacts. They will doubtlessly learn more now that Leena had a front row seat to Artie’s panicked ravings.

Pete-ism: “I have ideas. Most of them are illegal…”

Endless Wonder

This episode Immediately reminded me of  “For the Team”, drawing a parallel between the heartburn pills and the energy drink.

Faran Tahir may have been the secondary baddie in Iron Man, but he is pretty awesome on this show. He’s popped in several times over the course of the series, but this was the first instance where I really felt he had the team’s back, specifically Pete’s. Also, getting to see the Regent recruiting process was way cool. It’s obvious that it takes a special person to join that exclusive club, but to see what it actually involves was a great piece of insight.

And, of course, leave it to the time travel expert to figure out what happened when Artie altered the timeline. I’m pretty sure that leaves Pete and Myka as the only ones who DON’T know what happened.

Pete-ism: “Federal agents. Very important. Badge. Gun. Chin.”

Second Chance

Artie entered season 4 with the knowledge of what he did to restore the Warehouse, but was forced to keep it to himself to protect everyone else. Naturally, the truth has now touched everyone on the Warehouse team, including Pete, Myka, Mrs. Frederic, and H.G. Wells. But now it’s Mrs. Frederic’s turn to keep the secrets.

We also closed the book on Steve’s past, finally. Details of his sister’s murder were glimpsed in other episodes, but we kill two proverbial birds in this one by resolving Steve’s anger issues and freeing him from the metronome. With the connection between Claudia and Steve taken care of, we can now have everyone focusing on the Brother Adrian problem.

Pete-ism: Myka: “You still look a little woozy.” Pete: “That’s my look.”

The Ones You Love

Whoa… A lot just happened. *SPOILER ALERT* I feel like I just watched Fight Club and need to watch the last 8 episodes to properly interpret it all.

Our villain struck even closer to home than usual in this one, not only prompting the return of both Jeri Ryan and Tyler Hynes, but also a first-time appearance for Amy Acker as Myka’s pregnant, yet unseen, sister.

I’m also digging the agent pairings with Mrs. Frederic. We got to see her with Claudia in “No Pain No Gain” and this time she’s off with Steve. Hoping for Pete next time. It’s overdue.

While the episode ends on a huge downer, I’m curious to see if it’s resolved in classic Warehouse fashion. If not, I’m going to be really sad.

Pete-ism: “Tell them to name something after me. Not a mall.”

We All Fall Down

Just the fact that there is no intro and just an ominous fade-in of the Warehouse 13 title tells you immediately that shit is about to go down. I said before that season 4 had a pall of darkness hanging over it, but I had no idea it would come to this. “A New Hope” had the world plunged into hopelessness, but now we have a legitimate epidemic spreading. I’ve asked this many times before, but how the hell are they going to get out of this one?

Saul Rubinek must’ve had a blast playing evil Artie. Actors always love a chance to play the villain, and he was as nasty as they come. 

So, if I’m correctly keeping score… Artie wounds: Blown up – 1, Shot – 1, Stabbed – 2.

I’m going to be really sad if Genelle Williams is officially off the show. Artie, H.G. Wells, Mrs. Frederic, and Steve have all died at some point, only to be brought back. If this is the time when there’s no artifact to cheat death, it’s a damn shame.

Pete-ism: “An artifact that makes you sweat to death? That’s just…ew.”

Season 4 has the unique distinction of being the only one, thus far, that has exceeded 13 episodes. With this incredibly sinister arc wrappd up in 10, we have a WHOLE ‘nother half to go! The mystery leading up to Artie as the viallain was a great ride, so now we get to see what the writers came up with in order to top a threat from one of our own. Onward to Season 4 Part 2 as we wrap up Back of the Fridge: Warehouse Inventory!

Written by: Rob "T3K" Piontek

Rob is excited to be contributing to The Fridge. With one finger on the pulse of Marvel/DC and another on that of Hollywood's superhero franchises, no multi-issue arc or casting rumor is too small to report. When Rob opens The Fridge, the light inside shines green!

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