The Lego Movie Posits A World Where Everything Is Awesome

The first TV spot for The LEGO Movie is now available! Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the pair behind 21 Jump Street and Clone High, bring us this fun product placement movie where, apparently, everything is awesome.  While it may be aimed at the younger generation, if the DC LEGO movies are any indication, The LEGO Movie will prove to be fun for kids and adults alike.

The LEGO Movie follows an ordinary, every day construction LEGO minifig named Emmet, who is mistakenly identified as the “Special” one that save the LEGO world from a tyrant seeking to glue the LEGO universe in eternal stasis.

The movie features a star-studded voice cast, lead by Chris Pratt (Parks and Recreation) as Emmet, Elizabeth Banks (30 Rock) as WyldStyle, and Morgan Freeman (just about everything) as Vitruvius.  Alison Brie (Community), Charlie Day (Always Sunny), Liam Neeson (Taken), Will Arnett (Arrested Development), and Will Ferrell (Anchorman) also star.

Written by: Dwight Tejano

Dwight is the founder of Open the Fridge, which he started in 2008 and rebooted in 2010. Due to the nature of early adopting, his bank account is normally empty. He likes to sing in world-renown choruses to forget such things.

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