Back Of The Fridge: Warehouse Inventory #4

Sometimes, life takes over. We get it. Even though everyone is telling you that [insert movie/tv show/comic book/video game/other] is amazing and you’d love it, sometimes it just doesn’t make it on your plate at the time. It happens to us, too. Now we’re trying to fix that. “Back of the Fridge” is our occasionally-updated look back at the things we should have experienced when they first appeared, but missed along the way.

In “Warehouse Inventory,” Tek enters a world of Endless Wonder with Warehouse 13.

Season 2 (Part 2)

For the Team

The adventures of Pete and Artie! I love the different team-ups. This time around we get the Artie/Pete and Myka/Claudia pairings. Pete gets to have some fun with his constant prodding of Artie to ask out bionic doctor, Vanessa (Lindsay Wagner), but the two also share a great moment that prompts both of them to act on their romantic impulses. Similarly, Claudia experiences some personal growth from some “big sisterly” advice as she takes on her first official assignment with Myka.

Meanwhile, HG Wells was placed in the Bronze Sector, a space reserved for, as Artie described, “Not Hitlers or evil dictators; they were on their way to being them, or much worse.” That being the case, coupled with her actions in “Time Will Tell”, Wells embodies a very unlikely poster child for trust, let alone Warehouse agent. I was a little put off by how quickly Myka trusted her. She clearly has her own agenda since she was drawing up her plans earlier this season and disappears at the end of this episode.

When all is said and done, everyone moves ahead a little. Pete and Artie go on their respective dates, Claudia looks to further her education, and Myka has the mystery of HG Wells to keep her occupied. By the way, where has Leena been?

Pete-ism:Myka! Myka, guess how many croissants I shoved into my mouth at once!”

Merge With Caution

I love body swapping episodes. My favorite episode of Farscape involves the very same premise…but with many more characters. It’s always to fun to watch actors do their best impression of their co-stars. In this case, Eddie nailed Joanne’s mannerisms and Joanne was just flat out hilarious as drunk Pete.

The Artie/Claudia adventure was great. The ongoing father/daughter dynamic continues to be sweet and hilarious, and Claudia is a character that can clearly be paired with anyone on the show and yield great results. And Artie as a love-sick schoolboy definitely let Saul cut loose and be a little silly too.

Pete-ism: “Let’s bag ol’ Cathy Griffin there, shall we?”

Review: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Coulson lives! Yes, it’s old news, but the promise that launched the hashtag heard ‘round the world last fall has finally come to fruition. Having conquered the box office with its ongoing and highly lucrative series of films (maybe you’ve seen one or two), the Marvel Cinematic Universe has finally

Back Of The Fridge: Warehouse Inventory #3

Sometimes, life takes over. We get it. Even though everyone is telling you that [insert movie/tv show/comic book/video game/other] is amazing and you’d love it, sometimes it just doesn’t make it on your plate at the time. It happens to us, too. Now we’re trying to fix that. “Back of the Fridge” is our occasionally-updated look back at the things we should have experienced when they first appeared, but missed along the way.

In “Warehouse Inventory,” Tek enters a world of Endless Wonder with Warehouse 13.

Season 2 (Part 1)

Don’t let the time between posts fool you. I blew through season 1 pretty quick and dove headlong into season 2. Needless to say, the “cliffhanger” with which we were left at the close of the season had a pretty obvious resolution waiting for us, especially if you’d been paying attention. But, let’s not waste time talking about it in the intro. Onward to season 2!

Time Will Tell

Hold on… They blew up the access tunnel. How did everyone get out? Wasn’t the whole point of putting explosives in the umbilicus a security measure to seal off the Warehouse? AND there’s a back door? I’m so confused…

Anyway, we have a new character (and potential villain) in the form of famous author HG Wells, who, for the sake of shock value, turns out to be a woman!

At least Leena was only under mind control and not an actual baddie. Although, I fell like her character could have been utilized more if she had been MacPherson’s henchwoman. Let’s be honest Leena if a pretty underused character, but since MacPherson didn’t make it out of this one anyway, the route they went worked.

Claudia, however, definitely got the short end of all this since she was not only framed as the mole, but also convinced that she actually was! When Artie tracks her down in Switzerland, it’s the beginning of something wonderful. The two of them together out in the field takes the surrogate father/daughter relationship to a whole new level, but also creates great moments, both humorous and dramatic, for the pair.

With HG out in the world, developing a mysterious plan, there’s more than just artifact hunting to worry about now. I’m predicting that she’s finalizing the plans for an unfinished time machine.

Ok, I’m implementing a new feature for the Warehouse Inventory. Since I absolutely adore Eddie McClintock’s portrayal of Pete Lattimer, his hilarious lines and antics deserve some recognition. “Time Will Tell” kicks off Pete-isms!

Pete-ism: Pete’s “C is for Cookie” ringtone.

Mild Mannered

As a comic fan, this episode was extremely enjoyable. AND it was a mini-Firefly reunion, pairing Jewel Staite and Sean Maher (aka Kaylee and Simon) together once again. A win-win. Plus, we get to see that Pete is a total comic fanboy, We truly are kindred spirits. On top of that, the episode has more comic references than you can shake an Infinity Gauntlet at. At the forefront, The Iron Shadow, the identity adopted by Sheldon (Maher), has a costume very similar to The Phantom, the pulp hero from the 1930s. However, the biggest comic nod comes at the end of the episode when we see a shelf in the Warehouse containing several comic-based artifacts, such as Mjolnir, Green Arrow’s bow, the Lasso of Truth, and the Penguin’s umbrella. Yes, that scene got paused and rolled back a few times.

Meanwhile, back at the Warehouse, we are not quite done with MacPherson as he haunts Artie. Our lovable curmudgeon comes away from the ordeal with a watch with an unknown significance. We’ll keep an eye on that one.

Pete-ism: “Ophelia. That’s kind of…beautiful. Can Ophelia boobies? OH SNAP!”

Movie Review: Don Jon

A Night with Don Jon I had the opportunity to attend an advance screening of Don Jon last night, and it did not disappoint. Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s directorial debut is, akin to the women Jon Martello pulls, a 10. With a runtime of 90 minutes, the writing is both edgy and

Review: Star Wars #9

Twists and cliffhangers abound! Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly present suspense with a side of action in issue #9 of the ongoing Star Wars series from Dark Horse Comics. Each storyline in this month’s issue results in either a startling revelation or an out-of-the-frying-pan moment, furthering the high-quality storytelling that Brian

SDCC 2013: Nerd HQ Is Made of Awesome

The stairs welcome us to Nerd HQ 2013

You guys, San Diego Comic Con is stressful. Like I said in my previous post, it is a gauntlet. The convention hall is massive, the lines are epic, cell phone signals are overloaded, and you are tired. However, one part of SDCC that I can’t recommend enough is NerdHQ. Started by Zachary Levi, NerdHQ offers something that SDCC could never hope to: some peace and quiet, punctuated by far more moments of geek excellence per square inch than you could hope for.

This year, NerdHQ took over part of Petco Park, the baseball stadium directly across from the convention center. A few minutes and several worlds away, you could walk right in with or without a badge, relax on the leather sofas with your homies, use the free Wifi, have a tasty lunch or snack while looking out at the green and breezy ball field, and maybe say hi to Nathan Fillion! The crew had decorated the bare concrete-and-steel section of the stadium with nerd swag and epic murals, plus there was a stage set up for impromptu and scheduled interviews (all of those were non-ticketed and open to the public). Additionally, NerdHQ also offers ticketed panels in private stadium boxes, called Conversations for a Cause, and keeps fans updated on Twitter as soon as the tickets go on sale for only $20 per ticket. The only panel I attended at SDCC was the Nathan Fillion/Alan Tudyk panel at NerdHQ. And guess what? It was great, and all proceeds from the entire NerdHQ situation goes to Operation Smile. Yes, they offer this oasis of geek love for charity. You would not believe what Nathan and Alan were auctioning off and what people were paying.

This article is reproduced with permission from Shoes and Starships.

Comic Event Review: “Infinity,” Part 1

After almost a year of teasing, Jonathan Hickman’s Infinity event is finally here, and, boy, are we in for a ride. Infinity is truly Hickman’s baby. With Hickman at the helm of the Avengers and New Avengers for about a year under the Marvel NOW! banner, all plotlines have lead to Infinity. It has been a rather organic transition to “event mode” — a pleasant change from the abrupt halt in ongoing storylines of which Marvel is often guilty.

Hickman has provided a handy storyline diagram (Hickman sure loves his diagrams) to give the reader an idea of how this story should be read. As you can see (and unsurprisingly), Avengers and New Avengers are essential to the plot. Hickman has stated you can get away with only reading Infinity #1-6, but you should also be reading his Avengers books to get the full experience. After reading the first part of the event, I couldn’t agree more.

As a result, I have decided to review Infinity in the stages the author has laid out. So first up, we will be taking a look at Part 1: Infinity #1, Avengers #18, and New Avengers #9.

Infinity #1

With so much packed into one issue, Infinity #1 is a tour de force. Hickman takes us from the far reaches of the universe to the bed chambers of the Inhuman King Black Bolt to Titan and to Palermo, Sicily of all places. It really is awe-inspiring. The story opens up with a the same vignette we saw in the Infinity Free Comic Book Day issue. One of Thanos’ Outrider creatures has returned with news of a planet that owes the Mad Titan tribute, and Corvus Claive, a member of Thanos’ Black Order, journeys to planet to claim it. Upon return to Titan, the tribute is revealed. I won’t tell you what’s in the box (WHAT’S IN THE BOX?!) but let it be known that Thanos’ smile will chill you to the bone.

Hit the jump for the full reviews of the first three issues of Hickman’s Infinity event!

Preview of Arrow Season 2

I’m still amazed how good Arrow wound up being. What was initially thought to be a television rehash of Batman Begins turned into a great interpretation of one of DC’s more underrated heroes, bringing him and his adversaries down to “street level” while still acknowledging the source material. With the

Review: The Star Wars #1

If you’re a Star Wars fan, you’ve doubtlessly seen the original Ralph McQuarrie concept art for Episode IV, featuring images such as a duel between Darth Vader and a gas mask-wearing Luke Skywalker, lightsaber wielding Stormtroopers, and a very Metropolis-inspired C-3PO paired with a multi-armed R2-D2. While George Lucas’s original