SDCC 2013: Roundtable Interview With Warehouse 13’s Allison Scagliotti

Allison Scagliotti is so wonderful, we just couldn’t get enough!  Even though we had a video interview with this lovely lady, we still sat down at the roundtables to check in with the snarkiest of Warehouse agents.

Claudia Donovan is slated to be the Warehouse’s next caretaker, but she’s got a few problems to take care of first. With Paracelsus attempting to reclaim his former place as Warehouse controller, Mrs. Frederick is fading away, the Agents have been ejected from the Warehouse, and Claudia is left behind to take on the immortal. Things at the Warehouse aren’t super great.

What’s in store for Claudia in these final episodes? Read on!

Allison Scagliotti: So, what do you guys want to talk about? Warehouse 13 season 5?

What can you tease about your confrontation with Paracelsus?

AS: Oh, it’s my Buffy moment! It’s great! Claudia really gets to come into her own in that moment, and realizes that no, the WH is going to protect me, I belong here and you don’t, get out of my warehouse. It feels very dangerous, the first one back in season 5, and maybe this is a spoiler but I don’t even care anymore. We get to see what an alternative Warehouse reality would be if certain things transpired and how terrifying that is. But the main thing with these last 6 episodes is I think the fans are all going to be so satisfied – it’s a season that totally honors what we’ve all grown to love about the show – it’s fun, and we’re a family, and we’ve pulled out all the stops. We get to go to a Renaissance fair, there’s a telenovella episode that’s half in Spanish, I sing and tap dance at one point. It’s nuts and it’s great. I’ve been saying, I cried when I read the finale, I think everyone has, and it might be my favorite script of the entire show. It’s just – oh – so celebratory of the whole life of the series

Do you think the fans are going to be really emotional?

AS: Yes, but I think they’ll really like it. I don’t there’s any reason to be sad, especially because the finale just preserves the mythology and the legacy of the warehouse and make sit feel eternal. It doesn’t feel like something’s ending. It feels like your imagination could run wild.

So, the DNA to save Claudia – does it corrupt her in some way?

AS: No, that is not correct, I’m going to debunk that theory right now! The DNA obviously belongs to Claudia’s sister she didn’t know was alive, and for the entire series I’ve always wanted to find out what Claudia’s parents were like, and what her childhood was like without them and how she handled losing them. And we finally learn about it, we finally get to see. We use the baby shoes we used in season 3 that allows you to go back in someone’s memories and watch what they remember. And it was so hard not to get emotional. I was actually working harder not to cry than to try to cry. It’s great, and Chrissy Whitehead who is playing my sister is a great actress – we get to sing together in a later episode, and we have a lot in common. We’ve bonded going to ballet class together. It’s really great, and it was important for Claudia to learn this year that there are some things you can’t fix. She’s had the advantage of the warehouse when rescuing Jonathan, and bringing Steve back to life, and when Artie was Tyler Durden, she realized that she had to stab him but somehow know it wouldn’t kill him.

Also, I was talking to one of our writers yesterday, and I’ll probably say this on the panel so, you know, spoiler again, but don’t care. They’ve been wondering for a while, what if a person were permanently affected by an artifact. What if we couldn’t neutralize the artifact and we couldn’t get rid of the downside. That’s what I can dangle with the Claire storyline.

What about Claudia’s story as surprised you?

AS: The surprise came for me in season 2 when I first read the caretaker destiny script – and I thought, wow how unexpected! Here we have this street urchin computer hacker, younger character potentially becoming the next Mrs. Frederick. It’s such an interesting and different choice, and I like it – I like it a lot, because of how unexpected it is. So I’m excited to go deeper this year with Claudia and elaborate find out how deep her ties to the Warehouse are and what her future as caretaker might be like.

Her character really does click with everything in the Warehouse though, right?

AS: Yes, that’s a good point. Back in season 4 we got to witness the birth of an artifact, and Claudia was there to see that. What a cool flavor of what being a caretaker is.

Have you seen Skyfall? (She has not) At one point M tells Bond that orphans make the best agents – and Claudia’s back-story has really made her more –

AS: Self sufficient? Capable of dealing with what they throw at her – that totally makes sense.

How about more Warehouse 13? Do you think we can do a Kickstarter?

AS: I leave it up to the fans, I leave it in their capable hands to start a movement!

Do you think the fans will be happy with the series ends?

AS: The writers just did such a fabulous job with these final 6 episodes – it feels full although it is short. It is such a full, rich arc and I think the fans are gonna love it. I certainly did. I waited until all of the scripts came out and I read them straight through, like marathoning twin peaks or something, just top to bottom. And it’s so fun – it’s everything you already love times 10 with reckless abandon. Very satisfying.

If your life produced an artifact, what would it be?

AS: I was just telling someone else this, but I did really have to think about it for a second. I have in my life, this anchor ring that was made for me, it’s one of a kind, because my grandmother, who I’m named after, was the first civilian woman to anchor an aircraft carrier. And that really means a lot to me and it’s comforting to me. So much so that when I was picked up to fly here, I went down to the car and I said, wait a minute, and I had to go back up to my apartment and get this ring. So I think that my anchor ring would surround the wearer with the comfort of family. That’s my artifact! Drop the mic! Flip the table!

What do you have on deck next?

AS: I have some cool stuff on deck that  I’m excited to tell you guys about. A music video that I did an interpretive dance in is set to premiere on Red Eye Chicago’s website, for an indie band called Bummer. Their music is so beautiful and their forthcoming EP is so impressive, and I want them to become the toast of Pitchfork and just take the world by storm because they are all just so talented. So I’m dancing in that, and I’m developing a project right now centered around Woody Guthrie. My friend Rob Tepper plays Woody and I play Marjorie Mazia, his second wife. I filmed a short film with Jennifer Lynch a couple months ago that is in editing and will come out soon. Actor Devon Graye wrote an amazing, dramatic script about the aftermath of a school shooting, and I have a cameo in that that will hopefully shoot in the fall. Beyond that, I also hope to do more of my web series, Reliance, but that creative team behind that keeps sending me cool short films that we’re going to put into motion. I’m excited, I think it’s going to be a fun fall.

Any props from the set you want to keep?

AS: We should just start swiping things honestly, because if we ask there will be all this bureaucracy to go through. Anthony Head was telling us that when Buffy ended he took his mug and he won’t get rid of it. He took other things to auction for charity that he parted with but he can’t part with his mug. I’m trying to think of things, aside from the metronome, which I will have to fight Aaron for. I don’t know if there’s just one thing – maybe Claudia’s Farnsworth. That’s pretty cool. I’m going to have a hard time stealing that, I know how expensive it is. It might just wind up in my luggage.

What are you a geek for?

AS: I have a great geek story for you right now. My favorite show in the world is Twin Peaks. A few months ago, I got to meet Kimmy Robertson, who played Lucy. And she always had a high voice, and she leans into it more on the show. and anyone who watches the show knows that there’s this Myna bird named Waldo  – this is deep cuts, but I’m geeking out – I have this gold bird skull necklace, and it’s kind of sinister-looking and I was wearing it when I met her. And Kimmy is apparently attracted to shiny gold things, and she caught site of my bird skull necklace and she leaned in and picked it up and said “Ohhh – Waldo!” (in high-pitched voice) and the look on my face is like I’m having an aneurysm. I was completely immobilized by that moment and I am still kind of blushing. So what do I geek out over? Twin Peaks – hard! And I geek out over music. I would get more starstruck if I met Keith Richard or Tom York than if I met Brad Pitt or something.

What’s on your current playlist?

AS: The new David Lynch album, obviously, and the latest Vampire Weekend is great, and friends’ bands like Bummer and this LA band called Mystic that has a movie coming out soon.

Thanks to Allison for a great interview! Check out all of our other Warehouse 13 content from SDCC, and be sure to check out our ongoing “Back of the Fridge” reviews of the series!

Written by: Amy Imhoff

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