SDCC 2013: Roundtable Interview with Warehouse 13’s Aaron Ashmore

We’re Warehouse 13-ing it up yet again! At Comic-Con, after our video interviews with Joanne Kelly and Allison Scagliotti, team OTF channeled our inner Barry Allen to get to the roundtable interviews to speak with the rest of the cast.

Human lie detector and former ATF agent Steve Jinks has had the shortest tenure as a Warehouse agent, but he’s arguably had the hardest time. Introduced just two seasons ago, the man called “Jinksy” was “fired” from the Warehouse, went undercover in a major operation, died, was revived, was pain-connected to Claudia, and became Regent liasion… and that’s only for about 30 episodes.

Smallville alumnus Aaron Ashmore is the one talented enough to bring Steve to life, and graciously sat down to talk about the upcoming conclusion of the series and where that leaves Steve in the world of the Warehouse 13.

So, your bestie is stuck in the Warehouse while you’re outside – what can you tell us?

Aaron Ashmore: It’s like we always have these cliffhangers, and then we just jump right back in and we gotta fix it. So yeah, we jump right back in, and it’s very intense b/c its Claud and Paracelsus and we have to help them – we may or may not get back in to try and help them in some way resolve issues at a certain point. Is that a spoiler?

She [Allison] spoiled! She spoiled all over!

AA: You guys just say that so I’m like, telling you all these things!

Any singing in an episode this season? Some of the other actors teased that for their characters.

AA: Singing no, but maybe some dancing! I’m not much of a dancer, though. You’ll see!

Any romance for Steve?

AA: No – maybe if there were more time, if we had a longer season. But we gotta solve this Paracelsus thing and we gotta wrap it up. Maybe if there had been more time. I would love to pursue that more, and maybe someone will in some fanfic. But I don’t think we’ll see that in this season.

So a few of my good friends are gay, and they were like, just tell Aaron that they love that he portrays it like it’s no big deal. It should be portrayed like that, and it’s great representation on the show.

AA: Oh, awesome, thanks so much. That’s what we’re going for. We really strive to portray it like he’s just a normal guy. Obviously there’s representation in the media, which is skewed toward a more effeminate persona, but that’s not all gay guys. That is not the case. He’s just more like every other guy you might see, and I really appreciated that and respect that it’s a choice they wanted to go with. (someone mentions Steve’s hot ex-boyfriend from last season) What’s up Charlie Webber! He’s pretty hunky, it’s true. Charlie, you’re a real hunk.

Will Steve be an even bigger part of the team now that he’s been there a while?

AA: Yes, it feels like a natural progression for the character. Season 3 is all about this new guy, a bit of an outsider finding his way in and people wondering if he was going to be a good part of the team, and he really proved himself. So he started working with everyone on a different level. Especially with Steve and Claudia – they’re like best friends, they’re like brother and sister in a way, so that relationship developed really nicely. Jinksy still asks a lot of questions. I think he’s curious, he still hasn’t been around as long as everyone else and he asks a lot of questions. He def kind of gets to be a bigger part of the team.

Is Steve going to have a longer tenure with the Warehouse then he already does, in season 5 and beyond? I think he has a good future with the Warehouse.

AA: Yeah, I really think he does. I remember in season 4, there was a room where Leena had been sorting the artifacts and figuring out where they would go. That kind of touched on his Buddhist thing, even though he’s kind of a Buddhist in progress because he’s still kind of cranky, but it’s little things like that. Like if the show kept going you’d get to see him using his personality and his strengths to do stuff. It could have kept going. Kickstarter! For a movie! We’ll see. Or Netflix – 6 years from now they could pick us up and see where we are, Arrested Development style.

What has it been like in the geek community that you’re now a part of – Smallville as Jimmy Olsen, now Warehouse 13?

AA: I love it actually. I never intentionally went out of my way to do sci-fi or genre type stuff, it’s what just kind of clicked for me. As an actor, you go out for everything, you audition for everything and the jobs you get you’re really grateful for and I’m incredibly grateful for the jobs I’ve gotten and the series’ are a lot of fun. And the people who watch them, the people who come to things like Comic Con – I’ve been to Comic Cons all over the place – the States, the UK, Australia. The fans are amazing and they support this more than anything else. I’m really thankful that while I haven’t gone out of my way to do genre stuff that this is really where I landed. I am incredibly grateful I’m part of that.

What’s next for you?

AA: It’s kind of stuff to go out for stuff until you’re done – there are a couple irons in the fire that I can’t really talk about, but we’re all out there hustling and trying to make stuff happen.

Any shows you’d really like to be on?

AA: Sure! Yeah – Game of Thrones. I don’t know what I would be on Game of Thrones. But it would be great! The Following maybe, but I might die. That’s kind of my career – Smallville, dead. Warehouse 13 dead. But don’t worry, we’ll bring you back.

What a perfect note to end on! We are very excited at OTF for next year’s final Warehouse 13 season – aren’t you? Be sure to check out our video interviews and the (short) roundtable with Eddie McClintock and Saul Rubinek, and check back later for the roundtable transcript with Allison Scagliotti!

Written by: Amy Imhoff

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