SDCC 2013: Roundtable Interview with Warehouse 13’s Eddie McClintock!

After catching up with Allison Scagliotti and Joanne Kelly for our video interviews, we ran (literally!) to the roundtables to talk with the rest of the cast of Warehouse 13. Our pain is your gain!

We caught up only at the end of his roundtable chat, but Eddie McClintock (Pete Lattimer) is always a delight to speak with. His hair a little shaggier these days and wearing his “Shtako Happens” t-shirt, Eddie spoke a bit about the end of the show for Pete and working with the legendary Anthony Head.

How do you feel about the end of the show for Pete?

Eddie: Now that I’ve read the script, I can happily say that I can put Pete away, put Pete on the shelf – actually, that’s how much of an ego maniac I am, I have my little Pete statue and my wife says “that can go in the bathroom!” Those Pete statues are pretty cool, right?

How is working with Anthony Head?

The guy is basically a legend in the UK, he’s huge on Buffy, he’s an amazing actor. I have that scene with him at the warehouse at the end where he and I have that confrontation, and it was just so exciting to be able to share something like that with him, I just have so much respect for his work. For me, why I like acting so much, is because it gives me the opportunity to test myself against actors like that. Like when I found out I was going to be working with Saul – Lee Donowitz from True Romance, and Unforgiven and the Candidate, and on and on. I remember when we were doing the pilot, I said to Saul, I don’t know man, I don’t know if I can do this – I’m number 1 on the call sheet, I don’t know if I can handle the responsibility of that. And he said if you weren’t ready, you wouldn’t be where you are. So I’ve really taken that with me.

How is it to hear something like that from someone you admire so much?

It’s one of my best memories of the show. It’s funny because we didn’t know each other, and he had a convertible, and one night he drove me home and he goes, you know I’m not queer or anything (laughs), but he said, let me tell you a few stories, kid! And we sat in his car and after I told him my concerns he told me this story about he and Jeff Bridges, when Saul was a young guy and they were shooting some movie – – hey Saul! What was that movie with Jeff Bridges? – Against all Odds. He told me this anecdote where he was worried he wasn’t doing things right, and Jeff Bridges said to him basically what he’d said to me – if you weren’t supposed to be where you are right now, you wouldn’t be here. No one would have hired you if they didn’t think you could do it.

Thank you so much you guys!

We wish we could have gotten more from Eddie, but as I said — literally running! Still, we aren’t left completely in the cold. Stop by tomorrow for the full roundtable with Saul Rubinek, Aaron Ashmore, and Allison Scagliotti!

Written by: Amy Imhoff

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