Back Of The Fridge: Intersect Download #10

Sometimes, life takes over. We get it. Even though everyone is telling you that [insert movie/tv show/comic book/video game/other] is amazing and you’d love it, sometimes it just doesn’t make it on your plate at the time. It happens to us, too. Now we’re trying to fix that. “Back of the Fridge” is our occasionally-updated look back at the things we should have experienced when they first appeared, but missed along the way.

In “Intersect Download,” Tek joins the Nerd Herd with Chuck.

Season 5: The Hero (Part 1)

This is it. The final leg of our journey. Chuck is without the Intersect, the team is now a group of spies for hire, and Morgan as accidentally acquired the Intersect. Here we go.

Chuck Versus the Zoom

Welcome to season 5 of Chu……MARK HAMILL?!?! A great, fun cameo to kick off the season.

Brutal honesty time, though. Morgan should not have the Intersect. Chuck should have the Intersect. The show is not called Morgan. It’s called Chuck. I am glad, though, that they addressed the glasses that gave Morgan the upload and explained why Chuck can’t just put them on too. A loose end like that would’ve been silly. But I can still nitpick. If Morgan has the Intersect now, does that mean he needs a Governor just like Chuck needed at the end of season 3 and the writers apparently forgot about? Since that small detail fell by the wayside with the “Gretas”, I don’t see it cropping up again, sadly. I do like having Ellie as the Intersect “neural expert”, though. If it hadn’t been for all the setup involving Stephen’s laptop at the end of last season, this would’ve come out of nowhere.

I have faith that things will normalize, mainly based on the fact that Decker used a “suppression device” much like the PSP that Mary used. That means the Intersect might still be in there, just buried…again. If not, I can see the route they’re taking. This episode also shows that Chuck is entirely capable of formulating a plan and leading the team, even without the computer brain, so that might be where we’re headed. Life after the Intersect.

Much like how the Buy More blew up at the end of season 3 and the friendly reset button was hit to bring it back the following season, as quickly as the Volkoff family fortune was gained, it has vanished. I guess we can’t make it too easy for the team, now can we?

That Guy of the Week: Ethan Phillips. I guess when you need a nervous little bald guy, you grab Neelix.

Chuck Versus the Bearded Bandit

I’m not quite sure what is going on this season… It was bad enough that Morgan got the Intersect, but now he’s being corrupted by it, resulting in a personality shift and loss of memory? This doesn’t feel like the Chuck I fell in love with. I’m starting to get a littler worried, especially with only 10 episodes left.

Thankfully, the introduction of Gertrude Verbanski has livened things up, especially if there is history between her and Casey.

That Guy of the Week: Jeff Fahey. Smallville’s Justin Hartley and The Matrix’s Carrie-Anne Moss are great, but Jeff gets the mention this week. After all, he was LAPIDUS

Chuck Versus the Frosted Tips

Well played, Chuck writers. I’ll take my words with a side of honey mustard.

I’m glad the Morgan situation has been explained in a manner very fitting to the series after all. It’s also a testament to how invested I’ve become that I was so disheartened by the direction it was taking. But, we have a new storyline forming with the new villain for the final season, and he (Decker) has already reached loathing status. It’s also great to see General Beckman again, even if she is working with the team off the record. I also want to see more of Carrie-Anne Moss. It’s about time Casey got to have some fun.

Chuck Versus the Business Trip

Finally! I knew the Morgan/Intersect wouldn’t last. It couldn’t. It was wrong on so many levels. However, it seems that when one thing returns to normal, a new anomaly steps up. It is REALLY weird seeing Jeff as a calm, sane individual. With his rise to normalcy, it really brings out how much of a scumbag Lester is, especially after almost killing Big Mike to bring Old Jeff back. It was kind of a “yikes” moment.

Buy More aside, Casey’s in some deep s**t now, having taken out an entire squad of assassins…which, by the way, was both badass and scary. This Decker guy is quite possibly the worst singular villain the show has produced. Worse than Shaw and way worse than Volkoff.

This episode also had an incredibly uplifting moment, even if it was spoiled by Casey’s arrest. To see everyone hanging out at Echo Park, talking about their respective days openly, really made it clear that this group has truly become a family. And the Star Wars/Indiana Jones DVD jokes between Morgan and Casey were great too.

That Guy of the Week: David Koechner. I’m sorry, I can’t take anything he says seriously after Anchorman.

Chuck Versus the HackOff

O.O <– That right there was my face at the end of this episode. Where do I even begin?

I expected Decker to be the villain for the season. His, let’s call it abrupt, end was very surprising. I was also hoping his demise would be much more horrible, especially after the hell he put the team through in such a short time. But I’m still glad he got what was coming to him…jerk. I am sad to see Gerturde go to ground after taking out Decker. I hope we see more of her soon.

Chuck returning to his hacker roots was also great fun. “The Routine” of drinking Chardonnay was totally out of left field, as was the reveal that the movie Swordfish was based on his exploits. This, of course, leading to the titular HackOff took it to completely off the reservation, especially when fan film phenom Freddie Wong shows up.

While all hell breaks loose regarding Decker and Verbanski, Casey’s prison breakout, and the release of the Omen virus, we still manage to get a pure fan service moment when Community stars Danny Pudi AND Yvette Nicole Brown show up in quite possibly the greatest cameo of the season. Way to go, NBC.

That Girl of the Week: Beau Garrett. Because we can’t get enough TRON references.

Chuck Versus the Curse

They are balls to the wall this season. The team went from freelance spies with nearly unlimited resources to struggling private contractors to wanted fugitives…IN 5 EPISODES! On top of that, as soon as Decker gets blown the eff up, we have a new CIA villain, Robin Cunnings. I hated her within the first 2 minutes of her first appearance on screen. These rogue CIA a-holes with a vendetta against Chuck need to go down and go down hard.

I think the best part of the episode was General Beckman continuing to help the team outside of official CIA channels, namely hiding out at a roadside bar and drinking straight out of a bottle of whiskey. Love her.

We still have a looming threat, clearly in the form of whoever was behind the cell door in the last seconds of the episode as the Omen virus took over. 7 episodes to go!

That Girl of the Week: Rebecca Romijn. Mystique. Need I say more?

The final flash is just around the corner. Prepare for Intersect Download #11 as we take Chuck all the way to the end!

Written by: Rob "T3K" Piontek

Rob is excited to be contributing to The Fridge. With one finger on the pulse of Marvel/DC and another on that of Hollywood's superhero franchises, no multi-issue arc or casting rumor is too small to report. When Rob opens The Fridge, the light inside shines green!

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