Star Trek Prepaid Visa Cards Beaming In!

Looking to give your favorite Trekkie some cash for convention splurges this summer? Or maybe you’d like to be a Ferengi about it and hoard it for yourself? has the perfect choice – they just introduced Star Trek prepaid Visa cards! The cards are happily emblazoned with our beloved Original Series, DS9, and Voyager characters, several ships of the fleet, and the Star Trek logo! They have three pages of images to choose from, so all fans can find something they like. 

Pretty cool, ya? Fill yours up with some gold-pressed latinum and bring a smile to your face even when paying for the everyday stuff – you know, cat food for Spot and spare dilithium for the shuttlecraft. 

Anyone else seeing a lost opportunity for the promotional image to have James T. Kirk as the cardholder? He definitely needs quick access to cash when he’s buying drinks for all those ladies he meets – and it’s gotta be Visa, because on Orion they don’t take American Express. Get on over to and check it out! 

Written by: Amy Imhoff

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