Game of Thrones Recap: Second Sons

Only two episodes left for the season – can you believe we’re already on episode 8? This week furthered the action a bit more, and we got the hilarious wedding of Tyrion and Sansa (oh joy haha). Read on for the recap of “Second Sons”! Arya and the Hound Arya

Game of Thrones Double Recap: “The Climb” and “The Bear and the Maiden Fair”

Here we are again, fans of Westeros! I was underwhelmed by episode 5 of Game of Thrones, “The Climb” so I decided to roll it into my recap of the most recent ep, “The Bear and the Maiden Fair”. They were two okay outings, with a few standout moments. Here we go!

The Climb

Samwell/Night’s Watch

We very briefly see Samwell and the woman and baby he rescued from the incest compound. It’s a pretty dull scene! He gives her an arrowhead, and he sings a little. They seem very alone in the cold snowy woods.

Littlest Starks

Very short scene with Bran, Tonks, and their new redhead warg friend. The redheaded boy has a seizure while having a vision; apparently the visions take their toll. He sees Jon Snow and the wilding group in his vision, however. More on him later!

Arya & the worshippers of the Lord of Light

Well, Arya is still miserable since the Red Woman rolls into camp making all sorts of proclamations and demands. Maybe someday Arya will shut her up for good!  For now, the RW is impressed that Beric has been brought back from the dead no less than six times. Beric doesn’t sound that thrilled – he says all there is on the ‘other side’ is darkness. The RW doesn’t really believe him, though. Then she demands they hand over Gendry, bastard of King Robert. For a bag of gold, they willingly oblige despite Arya’s angry cries and protests. Gendry himself does not want to leave either. The RW pauses a moment to tell Arya that she will kill people, and that they (Arya and the RW) will one day meet again. Creepy!

Camp Stark

Robb isn’t have the best time of it. He sees some representatives from House Frey, who want an apology and also Harrenhal (oh, is that all?). Robb says that while he won’t marry the lord’s daughter, his uncle (Catlin’s brother) will do so. He ain’t thrilled! He refuses at first but then agrees.


Theon is still tied up in this tedious storyline. The jerk holding him captive says some stuff about being a Karstark (the lord of which was beheaded by Robb earlier, as you may recall), but then says he could be lying. He cuts off Theon’s pinkie finger to much screaming. Ugh can Theon please just die already?

Jamie and Brienne

Jamie is still at Harrenhal, and his stump is healed slightly. Brienne is stuck in her pink dress, and the two of them are bargaining for freedom. They are told that Jamie is going back to his father, as a show of good faith, but Brienne must stay for ransom (of the supposed thousands of sapphires her dad owns). Sigh. Jamie’s lie is going to come back and bite his ass! Or hers.

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Game of Thrones Recap: Kissed By Fire

Another week, another new epsiode of of Game of Thrones! “Kissed By Fire” is the fifth episode this season, marking the halfway point. Only 5 left, very sad. But when they are this good, I suppose we should not complain. Read on for the recap! 


Well, the Hound and the One-Eyed Man – who has a name, it is Beric – fight, and Beric’s sword is on fire! No matter – after a pretty nice swordfight with lots of growls and yelling, the Hound slices down upon Beric’s shoulder, essentially cutting him in two. The priest of the Lord of Light falls upon his body, and a then he LIVES. What the what. Arya doesn’t know what to make of it either; and she is pretty mad that the Hound gets to go free, and then later she asks Beric if the Lord of Light can bring back men who’ve lost their heads, like her dad. Sad face. Beric shows her his scars and tell her that he’s died six times now – even the Hound’s brother killed him once. Arya is also preparing to get to Camp Stark in Riverrun, and asks Gendry (King Robert’s bastard) to come with her. He refuses, saying he wants to choose his own path, and wants to stay with the Brotherhood. Arya is quite sad this episode.

Camp Stark

Robb is pissed. The lord of house Karstark marched into the castle with some men and killed the two Lannister squires in revenge for the loss of his own sons and soldiers, even though they technically didn’t do anything. Robb is upset that men are flouting his orders left and right, and orders everyone involved to be hanged. Catlin and her brother tell him that if he hangs Lord Karstark, he’ll lose their men, a loss he can’t afford. He angrily beheads Lord Karstark anyway.

Later we see Robb puzzling over his war plans, moving small figures around a table to figure out his next move. His wife Talisa comes in and soothes him a bit, and then he decides he will attack Casterly Rock for revenge on the Lannisters. He will, however, need more men. He realizes that the men he needs are from the house of the girl he was supposed to marry – House Frey. We see a plan forming in a little lightbulb over his head!

Beyond the Wall

Jon Snow and Ygritte finally get it on in a cave with hot springs. Nudity all around!

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