Game of Thrones Recap: And Now His Watch Is Ended

Game of Thrones was fantastic this week, you guys! Love love love. Might be the best one yet (yep, I totally said it), and it will definitely go down as one of the top episodes of all time. Without further delay, here is the recap for “And Now His Watch Is Ended”

Jamie and Brienne

Thankfully, the ep started off with Jamie right away, since we were eager to see how he survived his unhanding. The answer is, not surprisingly: not well at all. His hand is tied around his neck to tell his shame, and he falls off his horse into the mud. The bandits kick and beat him, especially when he tries to fight them with his other hand. Brienne is watching out for him the best she can, but there isn’t much she can do.

Later in the episode, a defeated mud-encrusted Jamie sits at the fire with Brienne, refusing to eat. She tells him to eat, to live and take revenge. She also goads him about his whining, crying, and quitting, and calls him a woman – yes his lot in life just got a bit crappier, but he’s still a damn Lannister and all that. He begrudgingly eats, and then Brienne is downright nice about him saving her from rape prior to his hand being chopped off. Her father has no actual riches to speak of, but Jamie lied for her – she asks him why, but he won’t answer. I really love them as unlikely comrades in their currently shitty situation.

Bran & Littlest Stark, Hodor, and Tonks

We briefly see Bran dreaming again of the three-eyed crow, and the redheaded boy is with him as well. This storyline is dull at the moment, I hope something interesting happens soon.

Camp Greyjoy

Theon had escaped from his torturers last we saw him, and was then rescued in the woods by an unknown guy. Theon follows him back to what he thinks is his sister’s castle, where they sneak into under the pretense that “not every man is loyal” to her. It is all a ruse, however, and Theon has been brought back to the torture room he had escaped from! Escape as a form of torture – these guys are sick. While they were sneaking back in, however, Theon insists that although he was never a Stark, he didn’t kill the boys, and the only reason he took over Winterfell was to make his father proud – to no avail. Then he said that his “real father” lost his head at King’s Landing, meaning Ned Stark. Full of contradictions, this one. Can’t say I like Theon, though.

Arya & co

Arya and Gendry are being herded around by the Brothers without Banners, who arrive at a cave and meet up with follows of the Lord of Light – the same religion the Red Woman espouses, so you know they gotta be a little crazy. A guy with one eye is set to fight the Hound, who belittles all present (including Arya) and tells them to bring it on.

In King’s Landing

First we see Tyrion and the Spider talking; Tyrion is asking about Cersei’s plot to have him killed at the Battle of Blackwater. In reply, the Spider tells Tyrion how he was made a eunuch, all the while walking around in a chamber and prying open a large box. Though it has been many years, the Spider finally found the man who chopped off his man bits and is holding him in said box. The morale: Tyrion will have his revenge on Cersei, but it might take a while.

The Spider is making the rounds in this episode, and we next see him speaking to Ros the prostitute. She shares with him that Little Finger, in his preparations to leave King’s Landing to marry and acquire a title, is secretly planning to bring a stowaway with him in the form of Sansa Stark. This is evidenced by his order for 2 feather beds for the journey. I really like Ros, she is clever and I hope we continue to see her playing the game, as it were. The Spider also stops by to visit Lady Tyrell, Magaery’s grandmother, and tells her that Little Finger is the most dangerous man in Westeros and wants to perhaps marry Sansa and secure his place as a royal.

On to Joffrey and Margaery, who are taking a tour of their future wedding chapel and the nearby crypts. Joffrey takes great pleasure in all the kings and royals buried there, and particularly enjoys the gory details of how they died. He is vile. Outside, peasants are chanting and yelling; Magaery shows no fear and goes to greet them, hand in hand with Joffrey. The crowd loves her and are chanting her name – they chant Joffrey’s a bit too, but they really love her. Cersei notices. Ha.

Later, Cersei and her dad Tywin gather in his office to talk of Jamie and find him’ Tywin also calls Tyrion a “lecherous little stump,” which is mean but hilarious. Cersei mentions the afternoon at the church and says that Margaery “has her claws” in Joffrey, to which Tywin replies that at least someone does, and insults Cersei for her inability to control her gross son. Tywin also says Cersei isn’t as smart as she thinks, which makes us all like him just a little bit more.

Beyond the Wall

The Night’s Watchmen are burying one of their own, who died while guarding the home of the nasty guy with all his sister-wives. The Watchmen are not happy, and once inside with the head of the household, their tempers get the better of them. One upstart stabs the nasty guy to death (yay!), and also stabs the Commander, Joer Mormont, to death (no!). In the commotion, Samwell and the young woman and her infant son escape.

Daenerys and the Dragons

The best for last, as usual. This is pretty much my favorite scene in the entire series now! We see Dany bringing her dragon to trade for the Unsullied warriors of Astapor. The slave master continues his insults as he takes the dragon, and passes her the symbolic whip, indicating she is now in charge of the multitude of warriors who stand in front of her. In Valyrian (the language the jerk slave master has been speaking this entire time), she commands the soldiers to march forward, then halt. The jerk says “You speak Valyrian???” Dany replies (still in said language) that Valyrian is her mother tongue, and then commands the Unsullied to kill all of the slave masters/owners in the city, but spare the women and children. She also orders her dragon to torch the slave master!!! He dies spectacularly on fire while everyone at home cheers, and the Unsullied are stabbing men left and right. Some time later, the dust settles and the city is quiet. The Unsullied are standing in formation once again. On horseback, Dany declares that they are all free men, and can go if they wish. But she asks if they will stay and fight for her – they respond by stamping their spears in the dirt as one, in rhythm and repeatedly. We then see them marching out of the city, the three dragons flying overhead and Dany at the front on horseback. She discards the whip in the sand, and it is crushed by the feet of hundreds of free soldiers, who now fight for her.

Thoughts: EPIC. I loved this episode, and I was not the only one. The Internet went wild after Dany stormed the city and marched out triumphant! I was also glad to see the Night’s Watchmen stand up to their disgusting host, but was very disappointed that the Commander had to die – I didn’t see the need for that! Oh well. Jamie and Brienne were fantastic as usual, and the politics in King’s Landing were intriguing as ever.

Episode Rating: 10 out of 10 flaming dragons! I pledge my allegiance to House Targaryen – fire and blood! See also: girl power! 

Written by: Amy Imhoff

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