Review: Community, “Alternative History of the German Invasion”

Changnesia? Am-dean-sia? I’m all turned around.

Unlike much of the internet, I actually enjoyed this episode. As opposed to the divide-and-conquer approach of the previous weeks’ largely disappointing episodes, it was refreshing to see an episode this season where the entire gang rallies together for a common goal. It wasn’t without flaws (and some of them were big), but this was an episode about the Greendale 7 and there hasn’t been one at all since this short season began.

The episode opens with the group longing for their first-choice History of Ice Cream class, which, according to Garrett, is “as informative as it is delicious.” It was, if you recall, originally denied from them due to the events of the first episode, but Jeff is looking forward to actually learning something (double shock!) from their altogether more mundane History course.

And then, as if by clockwerk clockwork, the Germans ruin everything. Like in Die Hard 3 and most of the 20th century.

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X-Files: Season 10! Coming To A Comic Store Near You!

Hold on to your flashlights and sunflower seeds, my X-Files brethren! Are you ready for this one? X-Files Season 10, a new comic book series straight from series creator Chris Carter is officially happening! Yesterday at Emerald City Comic Con, IDW Publishing and Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products revealed their