First “Superman: Unbound” Trailer Revealed!

Way back at NYCC, we brought you DC Animation’s announcement of their 2013 lineup, including one Superman: Unbound. Not a lot of details were present at the time, but we now we have the trailer (thanks to the good people at The Nerdist) for your viewing pleasure!

Inspired by the “Brainiac” storyline from Action Comics #866-#870 originally penned by Geoff Johns, Superman (Matt Bomer, White Collar) and his cousin, Supergirl (Molly Quinn, Castle), will taken on the Kryptonian AI Brainiac (John Noble, Fringe) from invading, conquering, and bottling yet another city for his collection. (It’s actually far more terrifying than it sounds.) Stana Katic (Castle) will also be joining in on the fun as everybody’s favorite reporter, Lois Lane.

We were originally told that we’d “go gaga” over their choice for their casting roles in this pic (particularly Superman), and, I’ll be honest: I’m impressed. Glad to see Matt Bomer getting some attention – I look forward to hearing his full take on Supes – and we certainly do love our Castle actors around these parts. Most of all though, John Noble’s take on the coldly sadistic Brainiac should prove quite entertaining.

Superman: Unbound is slated for a Blu-Ray, DVD, and digital download release this summer.

UPDATE: We have just received word that Superman: Unbound will be released in May 7, 2013!

Written by: Dwight Tejano

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