Our Final Fridgecast of 2012!

Season’s Greetings, Fridge Divers!  As we wind down our end of year, we reach our final podcast of 2012, and it’s a pretty great one.  We look back at the past year for the most memorable TV shows, movies, comic books, and more.

Amy Imhoff, Sean Sorensen, Dwight Tejano, and Rob “Tek” Piontek join with Kevin Tracy, host of “The Next Level” to talk about what made the biggest impact on us, individually, in each of six categories. What takes the top spot in each of our lists? Hit up our final 2012 episode and find out!

On a more personal note, 2012 has been extremely significant for us here at OTF – we have seen some significant growth as a website and as a media outlet, and that’s all thanks to you.  We’ve been officially listed in iTunes, had some great interviews, reached site view highs, and accepted into a number of conventions.  And, again, all thanks to you.

We hope that you’ll stick with us in 2013 as we continue to post high quality articles and podcasts (or, barring that, moderate quality articles and podcasts) for your internetz pleasure throughout 2013. We love this stuff just as much as you do, and we’re overjoyed that you allow us to bring this stuff to you.

Stay frosty,
Dwight Tejano, Editor-in-Chief
and the Open the Fridge Editorial Staff

Written by: Dwight Tejano

Dwight is the founder of Open the Fridge, which he started in 2008 and rebooted in 2010. Due to the nature of early adopting, his bank account is normally empty. He likes to sing in world-renown choruses to forget such things.

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