Review: Doctor Who, “The Snowmen”

The Doctor Who Christmas Special is always a worthwhile distraction from yearly Christmas festivities, and this year’s special was a great example why they’re so invigorating. As we enter the 50th anniversary celebration, it’s amazing that a TV show can still surprise us after decades of stories, but “The Snowmen” proves

Our Final Fridgecast of 2012!

Season’s Greetings, Fridge Divers!  As we wind down our end of year, we reach our final podcast of 2012, and it’s a pretty great one.  We look back at the past year for the most memorable TV shows, movies, comic books, and more. Amy Imhoff, Sean Sorensen, Dwight Tejano, and

Fringe Recap: Black Blotter

And then there were four. Fringe episodes left, that is! But also four Fringe team members, if we are thinking that way, and there are also four lights (holla at my Trek homies). Friday’s outing, “Black Blotter,” was pretty much one giant acid trip courtesy of Walter.  Who else would

Street Fighter X Mega Man Out Now!

Not too long ago, Capcom stunned (most of) its gaming audience when it announced a Street Fighter-Mega Man crossover in classic 8-bit stylings.  In a world where cease-and-desists are all the rage whenever someone begins a fan-made anything, it is amazing to see such a crossover reach the light of

Review: Bots High [Movie Monday]

Today’s entry shows just how brilliant our youth can be, even in the categories of science, technology, engineering, and math. “Bots High” follows a handful of high school students as they design robots and compete in a national competition. During my junior and senior years of high school, our then-new

Fringe Recap: The Human Kind

Fringe homies!  Did you know that there are only five episodes left???  That gives me a sad in my strawberry-flavored heart. Last week’s episode, “The Human Kind,” marked the second half of this final season and really ramped up the action!  Personally, I thought this episode could have happened earlier,

‘Man of Steel’ Trailer #2 Arrives Online

Scheduled to be seen in front of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey this Friday, the newest trailer for Man of Steel has debuted online today. Check it out below! More action-oriented than the first teaser that arrived this summer, this new look at Zack Snyder’s reboot of the Superman franchise looks to feature

Review: Trek Nation [Movie Monday]

Today’s Movie Monday entry is for every Star Trek fan out there — and considering our audience, you’re probably one of them.  Go where no man has gone before in Rod Roddenberry’s “Trek Nation.” As any student of pop culture knows, Star Trek is a staple. It’s actors, catchphrases, and