Fringe Recap: Five Twenty Ten

I am back, Fringe fans, after a brief hiatus involving my birthday, Thanksgiving travel, lots of pathetic sniffling and cough medicine Walter would approve of for it’s hallucinagenic properties. I know you are all thrilled! So, after last time’s disappointing outing in the pocket universe, this week’s episode, “Five Twenty Ten,” was a nice return to Fringe badassery of days of yore. Too bad it all has to come at the expense of the Peter that I know and love so much.

Scary and Observer-y, but still smokin’ hot

Yes, Peter is pretty much becoming an Observer, y’all.  We saw it happening the last couple eps but it’s still disturbing to watch him tilt his head, looking beyond what in front of him into the infinite timelines of possibility. His newfound abilities are helpful in the fight to save the world, however, since he manages to deliver quite a blow to the Bald Regime! He manages to swap briefcases with one of the Observers, a close lieutenant to Windmark named Mueller. The new briefcase contains a biological weapon that is timed to detonate just as Mueller and two more of Windmark’s top lieutenants meet up in an office building in Manhattan. The bomb releases the same flesh-melting toxin we saw in the Fringe pilot, and they quickly die horrible deaths. Peter gets word from fellow Resistance fighter Anil that all has gone to plan, and he looks up at a picture of Etta on the side of a building, smiling a creepy but satisfied smile at his revenge.  Yes, it was cool! But also scary. Peter is no longer the Peter we rooted for all these seasons. Instead, this is a wounded, scarred, and hardened Peter who is becoming like the robotic Observer overlords that are destroying Earth.  The irony is, this may be the only way to beat them at their own game. They are kind of like the Borg – they just keep coming, relentless, and sometimes the only way to take them down is to become assimilated and take them out from within.

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WFC 2012: Interview with Author Patrick Rothfuss

I was fortunate enough to be able to catch up with best-selling fantasy author Patrick Rothfuss for a short interview at the World Fantasy Convention in Toronto, Canada. Mr. Rothfuss is a relative newcomer to the world of speculative fiction, having published his first book, The Name of the Wind, in 2007. It is the first of a planned trilogy following a young performer named Kvothe in his quest to discover the truth behind the murder of his parents. It is told in a format in which an older Kvothe (calling himself ‘Kote’) recounts the now-legendary events of his life to a Chronicler of history. The reader is left to wonder how many of the extraordinary events described are exaggerations, and wherein the truth lies.

The Name of the Wind swiftly began gaining Rothfuss critical and popular acclaim in the field, rising to #1 on the New York Times Best Seller List as well as receiving the Quill Award and a mention in the Publisher’s Weekly Best Books of the Year List. The sequel The Wise Man’s Fear was released in 2011 and also debuted at the top of the NYT Best Seller List. He is currently working on the final book of the trilogy, tentatively titled The Doors of Stone, and is a college lecturer at the University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point.

OPEN THE FRIDGE:  Hello Patrick, thank you for joining me for this interview!  Let’s start with an easy question… How would you describe The Kingkiller Chronicles to our readers who may be unfamiliar with it?

PATRICK ROTHFUSS:  Oh… I don’t.  I never try to describe my own books.  At best you sound like a hopeless narcissist, and at worst it’s just a big mess.  I in particular suck at summarizing or trying to pitch my own books, to the point where it’s comical.  I never do it if there’s any way I can dodge out of it because it’s not even comically bad, it’s just BAD.

OTF:  (laughs)  There’s something to be said for comedy…

PR:  No, no… it’s like, you know how there are some movies that are so bad they’re good?  This isn’t one of those times.  Feel free to quote me on that. I’ll trust you to describe the book if you want to do that. You can’t be any worse at it than I am.  

OTF:  Fair enough.  Moving on… It’s common to see music and/or poetry in fantasy novels, but music plays a particularly significant role in The Kingkiller Chronicles.  Did making your main character, Kvothe, a musician present any unexpected challenges to you?

PR:  Not necessarily.  Whenever you’re creating a rounded-out character some things are gonna be tricky.  Creating a character at all is a tricky situation… but making him a musician was a treat all the way across.  If anything it’s trickier making somebody a magician, or a wizard, because at least you can do research into music.  You can get some hands-on experience with music, you can listen to music.  So no, it wasn’t particularly tricky for me at all.

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Fringe Double Recap: ‘The Bullet That Saved the World’ and ‘An Origin Story’

Fringe fans! Your long nightmare is over, I am back from an amazing sojourn to Europe (yes, I am very fabulous and continental, thank you for saying so) to continue to recap our favorite quirky scifi drama. Hurricane Sandy delayed my return, and we at the Fridge hope all of you are safe, dry and with power once again. Sandy, however, seems to have had no lasting impact on the Manhattan of future Fringe world – no, they are just dealing with toxic air and bald jerks trying to take away hope and individuality!

(Note: you may have noticed I skipped recapping “The Recordist” – that is because it SUCKED, my friends. Having a show about forest people with tree bark skin disorder and some sort of murderous rocks that Walter insists we need for the plan to go forward? LAME-O. An unnecessary hour when we have such precious little time left with our Fringe team. I give it a 1 out of 10 Red Vines, my lowest ever rating. For shame, Fringe writers! The Glyph code for this ep was ‘Anger’. Yes! I felt anger at this stupid episode! Ahem. Back to your regularly scheduled recap.)

The Bullet That Saved the World

This episode was action-packed and rocking from the very beginning all the way through to the gut-wrenching final scene. Good Lord, it was an insane ride! I come home from Europe and THIS IS WHAT YOU DO TO ME??? So much for hope! But I am getting ahead of myself.  First, we see Peter siphoning some gas to trade for a new necklace for Etta.  If you ask me, he took a pretty huge risk for that chain, as he was then read by an Observer and had to flee.  After getting ahead of a grenade blast, he wakes up outside the sewer and makes his way back to the Harvard lab, where the Fringe team is still laboring undetected.  Astrid and Walter are bickering over the proper laser procedure for tape removal, and Peter, garnering concerned looks from Olivia for his bloodied state, presents Etta with her new necklace.

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Sandy Update: We’re Alive

Hey, all– As most of you know, OTF is based on the East Coast of the US, with each of our contributors living along the eastern seaboard.  The superstorm knocked us out for a little while, but we’re alive and well. I was under mandatory evac in my area just