Big Bang Theory Recap: The Higgs-Boson Observation

Another week, another episode of Big Bang for all of us geek lovers!  In “The Higgs-Boson Observation,” Sheldon got a cute new female assistant who looks to be unknowingly throwing off the couple dynamic in the group. Alex, hired to go through Sheldon’s childhood notebooks looking for Nobel-Prize winning brilliance, dealt very well with Sheldon’s crazy and hit it off with Leonard, too. Amy and Penny were not so thrilled with the new addition.

I wondered when the show was going to deal with the recent real-world scientific discovery of the Higgs-Boson particle, since Sheldon was working toward its discovery much of last season. Since scientist Peter Higgs asserted the existence of the particle back in the 1960s, Sheldon figured that his moment of brilliance could well be contained in the notes he took growing up. After mocking Penny a bit for her ignorance on the notes he made on algebra when he was 5, he decided to take Leonard’s suggestion of hiring an assistant.  After the graduate student he was interviewing complimented his brilliance (and we all know how susceptible Sheldon is to flattery despite his declaration to the contrary), he hired her on the spot. Since her dad was a scientist, she was used to these weirdo geniuses and accepted all of Sheldon’s odd rules and demands without complaint. As Leonard said, may God have mercy on her soul.

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NYCC 2012: A Very Venture Interview

The Venture Bros. returns!  (soon.) After what feels like an interminable hiatus, The Venture Bros. will finally return later this month for a Halloween special, “A Very Venture Halloween,” with the rest of season 5 to follow in 2013. We. Cannot. Wait. At NYCC, Tek and I had the pleasure

Fringe Recap: In Absentia

Welcome to another week of Fringe, everyone!  This week’s episode, “In Absentia,” gave us a bit more insight into the world of Etta and 2036, and returned us to the Harvard basement lab of which we’ve become so fond.  In order to figure out if Walter left a record of September’s plan to rid the Earth of the Observer scourge, we needed to go back to the lab.

But first, we started out in Olivia’s dreams.  We saw the day Etta went missing from Olivia’s viewpoint this time, and it went much the same as Peter’s did.  Idyllic family scene in the park, then BAM! a building disappears as Observers march across the grass.  Then a flash of white and Olivia wakes up in the triage center with Peter yelling to find Etta. We cut back to 2036 as Olivia wakes up in a cold sweat. This world sure is a disaster.  Let’s hope Walter can fix it!  After all, it’s not a problem for someone who’s done acid!

The team loiters outside the walls of Harvard campus until Walter finds the secret entrance to the network of steam tunnels underneath. Yahtzee! And what does it look like? A HATCH.  I see what you did there, former Lost writers/producers.

After a brief encounter with a (painted) dragon and unable to scrub the image of Walter and Bell running around the sweltering tunnels in their Speedos, we pop into the lab to find it partially ambered over.  Walter did this himself to prevent our bald friends from getting at the info, which is recorded on a video camera not that far into the amber. The team needs a laser to cut it out (and must sacrifice poor Walter’s cherished laser disc player in the process), but only one problemo – no power! Plus there is a Loyalist guard (played by Lost’s Eric Lange, aka the irritating but hilarious Radsinsky) wandering around that could blow their cover.  Etta takes him into custody like the badass agent she is.

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Arrow Recap: Green Arrow Begins

If they wanted to make a Batman series, they should have just made a Batman series.

Wednesday night, The CW debuted its newest live-action adaptation of a DC superhero property. Arrow, or “Smallville‘s Replacement”, as some have taken to calling it, introduced audiences to a new Oliver Queen (previously played by Justin Hartley on Smallville) as he sets out on his crusade to rid Star Starling City of its criminal element. Gone are the awkward teenage moments between Tom Welling and Kristin Kreuk as we see a much more adult-themed series begin to take shape. However, if you finish this pilot episode and experience an inescapable feeling of déjà vu, you’re not alone.

Arrow begins with our hero (Stephen Amell) having spent five years stranded on a island following a shipwreck that claimed the life of his father and his girlfriend’s sister. Following his rescue, Tony Stark Oliver Queen returns home to his life of privilege and luxury, which includes a very familiar castle/mansion that may or may not have previously housed a certain follically impaired villain. But it’s not a happy homecoming. His mother has married his father’s business partner, his teenage sister is secretly doing drugs, his ex-girlfriend blames him for the death of her sister, and his best friend is kind of a tool. All of this, coupled with his own (as of yet unexplained) experiences on the island, teaches Oliver there is no going back to his old life of drunken debauchery and casual sex.

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Review: The James Bond Omnibus, Volume 004

Since his creation in 1953 by writer Ian Fleming, James Bond has become an international pop culture icon. Over the course of his 59-year career as a member of Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Agent 007 has appeared in books, films, television, video games, and even comic strips. Titan Books, our

Big Bang Theory Recap: The Decoupling Fluctuation

We open on this week’s Big Bang Theory with Bernadette opening the last of her wedding presents, with Penny and Amy out as dutiful bridesmaids.  This prompts them to delve right into the heart of this week’s episode – Penny’s dissatisfaction with her relationship with Leonard.  When Bernadette and Amy ask if she can see herself marrying Leonard, Penny dodges the question at first, but they beat it out of her – she’s bored.  She’s not unhappy, but there’s no spark (unlike Bernadette with her “sexy Buzz Lightyear” and Amy with her loins afire and her five-year plan to marry Sheldon). I’m glad they are addressing this, as I have also not been feeling excited by Penny and Leonard as a couple for some time.

Cut to the gang preparing to go to the movies, and Sheldon adjusting to Stuart as the ‘new Howard’. When they are all there and seated, with the requisite Sheldon-approved snacks, Amy requests Sheldon’s hand-holding services, followed by Sheldon whining that Penny isn’t making Leonard hold hands. This prompts Amy to spill the beans to Sheldon about Penny’s feelings, but makes him promise not to tell Leonard. We all know how well Sheldon keeps a secret!  We do learn more of what floats Sheldon’s boat – while he’s not a fan of hand-holding, he does love swordfish and the hammerhead shark. Yet he holds Amy’s hand anyway – perhaps that five-year plan is on track after all!

Fringe Recap: Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11

Fringe fans! I have missed you and our intrepid agents so much this long summer!  But no one missed each other more than Peter and Olivia, trapped in amber lo these 20 twenty years, separately no less and completely missing out on their daughter Etta’s growing up. If that sounds depressing, it’s only half of it! This future is bleak, yo. There are egg sticks in lieu of actual eggs, and no music! Granted, while I would appreciate scrubbing the universe of things like The Bieb and One Direction, no dance parties?  Not to mention they paved over Central Park in order to POLLUTE THE AIR FURTHER because their future planet is nasty, and they can’t abide clean oxygen.  Add that to the things in the credits that are banned – no joy allowed – and that’s just harsh.

Harsh is a good word to describe what happened to our poor beloved Walter in this episode.  Poor guy, he had the mental and physical crap kicked out of him. He was captured by the Observers and the Loyalists after the team found Olivia, trapped in amber. Our squirrely bookshop-owning friend, Markham, had purchased Olivia, amber and all, from the black market.  He was carrying on a weirdo love affair with her still form in his mind, which was completely gross and unnecessary – he could have just been keeping her until the Fringe team got there.  But anyway, Peter and Etta rejoiced but the Observers were hot on their tail thanks to a tip from the black market loser they sold their walnuts to (walnuts? Wtf?) in exchange for info on Olivia. So Walter got carted off by the po-po and Captain Windmark, asshat that he is, mentally tortured Walter into trying to give him information about the alive-and-kicking Fringe team. Walter held up surprisingly well, I was so sad he was all bleeding from his eyeball and nose and face but proud he held up under pressure – his love of music helped him through.  Fight the good fight, Walter! Don’t let the terrorists win!

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Big Bang Theory Recap: The Date Night Variable

Our long national nightmare is over! The Big Bang Theory has returned with fresh new episodes, with the season 6 premiere this past Thursday. Oh, how I’ve missed my geeks and their ladies!  Let’s get down to the good stuff: Howard is still in space, still being referred to as