NYCC 2012: “666 Park Avenue” Panel Report

This past weekend, 666 Park Avenue made their NYCC debut with a packed panel featuring the entire cast (all nine of them!) and two producers. Fans of this new and upcoming show were treated to a highlight reel and some great insight into the show’s direction from all in attendance. OTF was there to catch all the juicy tidbits! 

For those of you who have yet to discover the world of 666 Park Ave, it centers on the Drake, an apartment building owned by New York power couple Gavin and Olivia Doran (the fantastic Terry O’Quinn and Vanessa Williams). The premiere sees them hiring new building managers Jane and Henry (Rachel Taylor and Dave Annable), who don’t realize that sinister things are afoot at the Drake until after they’ve signed their contract.  It seems that all of the residents at the Drake have a reason for coming to Gavin for help of some kind, and in the process of getting what they desire, they appear to be selling their soul (which makes Gavin the Devil! Or at least in Satan’s employ).  In fact, O’Quinn compared the contracts that each resident has signed as including “an option on their soul.” Creepy! Jane is already on her way to discovering the sketchy history of the Drake, as several forays into the basement have revealed some interesting signs and symbols. I was pretty much hooked from the start, plus you know how much I love me some Terry O’Quinn.  I wasn’t the only one, as the audience at NYCC was seriously populated with Lost devotees! 

Other cast in attendance included Mercedes Masöhn (The Finder), Robert Buckley (One Tree Hill), Helena Mattsson (Iron Man 2), Erik Palladino (Malucci of ER fame, remember that dude?) and Samantha Logan (Law & Order: SVU), along with executive producers Matthew Miller (who cut his teeth on Chuck & Human Target) and David Wilcox (one of my homeboys from Fringe). With talent like this attached to the show, I have high hopes!  

The moderator led most of the panel, asking insightful questions and trying to pry some info from the tight-lipped producers.  The cast repeatedly said they are mostly completely in the dark as to who their characters truly are. Erik Palladino, whose character works the front desk, was asked if the Drake was the gateway to hell, than is he the gatekeeper?  He wasn’t able to say, but he did hint that he was linked to the Drake in a special way. 15-year-old Samantha Logan‘s Nona is speculated to be a ghost, as she always has the same earbuds in, and she can see things before they happen. I have to admit, I didn’t think of that one!  I like it! O’Quinn and Williams chatted about being evil characters and the fun of playing that, with O’Quinn comparing Gavin to his later Lost seasons, where he was possessed by the Man in Black. He noted, however, that Gavin had absolutely none of the vulnerability that the MiB did, as he is straight-up sinister, cruel, and unforgiving. The two also made the audience wonder how they became this way, as the show as already hinted at the tragic loss of their child.  There are many dynamics and storylines here, and the actors were looking forward to exploring them in depth.

The cast was extremely enthused about one another, their working environment, and filiming on location in New York City. For a few of them, this was a bit of a homecoming (although not Rachel Taylor – she is Australian! I had no idea, her American accent is quite good) and they were excited to be back on the East Coast after long stints in Hollywood. The cast then took questions from fans, with many professing their love for O’Quinn and Williams. One good question asked each cast member what their favorite horror film is – O’Quinn said Wait Until Dark; Williams’ fave is The Shining. When the panel wrapped a few minutes later, I managed to rush the stage and get some pretty sassy pics of the entire cast! 


You can check out 666 Park Avenue on Sunday nights at 10pm on ABC

Written by: Amy Imhoff

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