Big Bang Theory Recap: The Date Night Variable

Our long national nightmare is over! The Big Bang Theory has returned with fresh new episodes, with the season 6 premiere this past Thursday. Oh, how I’ve missed my geeks and their ladies!  Let’s get down to the good stuff:

Howard is still in space, still being referred to as Fruit Loops, and is still running interference between his mom and Bernadette. Apparently he hasn’t told his mom that he and Bernadette are planning to move into their own place.  I don’t understand why this is shocking, as it is what kids normally do even before they are married, but then again 1) we know that Howard has a…special relationship with his mom and 2) I’m not a Jewish mother (and very glad too).

We catch up with Amy and Penny as Penny helps Amy bleach her mustache for her and Sheldon’s anniversary dinner. The relationship agreement states that he must ask about her day and engage in casual physical intimacy – crazy kids! Unbeknownst to her, Sheldon accidentally invites Raj to their dinner when poor Raj reiterates his lonely status, and this of course does not go over well. More on that in a minute.

Penny is still weirded out by Leonard’s during-sex proposal, and during their own date night, he decides to press the issue.  What starts out as a fun football-and-beer date for Penny (with Leonard writing ‘Go Sports’ on his torso in imitation meathead fashion) turns into Leonard’s whining about their relationship. When a kicked-out Raj shows up, Penny invites him in to stop Leonard in his tracks.  Raj tries to get Penny to admit that she loves Leonard when he mentions she still hasn’t said ‘I love you’ but this plan backfires when she throws Raj out. Frankly, I’m pretty disappointed in that revelation.  It makes Penny looks like a bitch and it makes Leonard look like even more of a doormat than usual. I hope they take Leonard and Penny to new territory this season, because right now it’s both dull and looking grim.  Penny just isn’t that into their relationship, and it shows.  The chemistry is gone, homies!

Speaking of character growth, does Stuart’s recent upgrade to Big Bang regular mean that he and Raj are going to be an item?  When Raj heads over to the comic book shop after being tossed from both dates, he and Stuart share a weird and awkward moment while enjoying the Latin beats on the radio and swaying (separately) to the music. Foreshadowing? I would appreciate that!  Although Stuart is not my favorite; I’d like Raj to meet someone badass and cool.  Still, free comic books! But any movement in Raj’s love life is welcome. He and Stuart make plans for dinner and a movie the next night.  It’s anyone’s guess at this point!

At the ‘romantic’ anniversary dinner, Amy is disappointed with Sheldon’s inability to be an actual person, as evidenced by him inviting Raj along. She stands up, ready to leave, and tells Sheldon that it’s over between them unless he says something meaningful about them right then and there. Sheldon invites her to sit, and then delivers a touching speech about how he doesn’t know how he feels, but when he looks in her eyes, “he sees the man he wants to be.” I was totally thrilled with this, but of course Sheldon cribbed the whole thing from the first Spider-Man film – a speech from Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker to Kirsten Dunst’s Mary Jane. While I was a bit grumpy with him, I was still excited that when confronted by Amy, THIS was what Sheldon chose to pull out of his brain. It was sweet, and perhaps the best he can do with his limited emotional capacity right now.  As Amy said, “I’ll take it.”

Episode Rating: 8 out of 10 soft kitties.  I deducted for Leonard’s stupidity, but honestly I really enjoyed this episode!

What did you think of this episode?  Did you like what you saw, or did you think it was more of the same?  Sound off in the comments! 

Written by: Amy Imhoff

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