Five Unsung Favorites of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine [Star Trek Week]

Star Trek Week is winding down, but it’s not over yet!  Following my list of awesome-yet-underappreciated episodes of Next Gen, here is my list of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episodes you probably don’t remember but need to add to your next Trek marathon.  And away we go:

Necessary Evil – A fantastic flashback to the days of the Occupation – when Quark is shot in his bar after doing a favor for an old acquaintance, it prompts Odo to reopen an old murder case. We get to see how Odo and Kira first met, and how Odo came to work for Dukat as the impartial ‘constable’. Tracing Odo’s steps and his memories through the crime really lets us get to know Odo in his investigator role, and the more of Kira’s history with the Bajoran resistance is revealed. I have never seen this ep cited as among the best of DS9, but I think it should be up there with all the greats.

Civil Defense – in this awesome episode, O’Brien, Sisko, and Jake accidentally trip an alarm that throws the former Cardassian station of Deep Space Nine into lockdown, as it attempts to quell a Bajoran ‘uprising’.  The rest of the crew, trapped in various parts of the ship, all work with O’Brien and Sisko to set things right.  I love this ep because of the domino effect their efforts to shut down the alarms have on the station and the crew – Garak is the only one able to roam about freely since he is Cardassian; Odo and Quark are locked in his office together (and we know hilarity ensues with that pairing!), and when Gul Dukat shows up to tease the crew for being trapped and shut off the alarm, an image of his former Cardassian commander pops up and refuses the access code, since Dukat is such a duplicitous SOB.  We got to the know the station a bit better, and everyone got a few moments to exercise their various skills (Dukat’s skill is pompous preening!).

The Quickening – A Bashir episode where he is trapped on a Gamma Quadrant planet and must race to cure an awful disease that the Dominion engineered a long time ago. A fine bit of acting from Alexander Siddig, and while you would initially think that the brilliant Bashir could find a cure for the disease, this episode does not have a typical we-can-solve-anything ending.  Bashir makes progress, but doesn’t actually cure the infected.  It’s a change of pace for the show and is just one example of his DS9 differs from its counterpart series’.

Treachery, Faith, and the Great River – while many other episodes in the Dominion arc are praised, this one truly demonstrates the flurry of unsanctioned and secret activities that take place on the station and even in the Dominion.  Odo and a defective Weyoun clone discuss the fate of the Changlings and the Great Link, while Nog uses the Ferengi concept of the Great River to help O’Brien track down an important part for the Defiant. There is a large series of trades, both between Quark and Weyoun and Nog and what seems like half the Quadrant.  This episode also stressed important deals, rumors, and secret information are in getting things done in this corner of space. In addition to the always great work from Rene Aubergenois, Aaron Eisenberg (Nog) got a great opportunity to prove his worth and ingenuity.

Looking for par-Mach in all the Wrong Places – Ok, so this isn’t the MOST underappreciated episode, but I just adore it.  When Quark’s Klingon ex-wife, Grilka (that’s a whole other ep), comes to the station, Worf has the hots for her, but he doesn’t know that Dax has the hots for him. After Worf helps Quark remotely win a bat’leth duel using holodeck technology, Dax has to point the oblivious Klingon in her direction.  Making out gleefully ensues, much to the joy of all! Dax finally gets to show off her awesome to a guy who can actually handle her affections, Quark gets a rare moment in the sun with Grilka, and Worf, while formidable as an officer, is just as useless as most men when it comes to romance. Fun times and drinks all around!

Written by: Amy Imhoff

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