Cancer Gets LOST


Fans of the Abrams-verse, start your engines!  Prominent Lost bloggers Jared and Jo have called together the casts and crews of Lost, Fringe, and Alcatraz for a not-for-profit auction called “Cancer Gets LOST”. In honor of Jo’s friend Jackie, who passed away earlier this month from brain cancer, all proceeds will go directly to the National Brain Tumor Society.  

Jared and Jo have seriously used their influence in the Lost fan community and caught the attention of the show’s actors, including Jorge Garcia, Elizabeth Mitchell, Terry O’Quinn, Evangeline Lilly, Michael Emerson, and Dominic Monahan, as well as producers Damon Lindelof and Cartlon Cuse, and a whole host of other behind-the-scenes talent. Excellent Lost, Fringe, and Alcatraz memoribilia, props, and autographed items are up for grabs to the highest bidder, with the majority of the items from Lost’s six-year run.  

Click here to go directly to the Cancer Gets LOST auction site! 

There are autographed scripts, prop pieces such as the Swan Hatch blast door map, furniture from the castaways’ beach digs (!!!!), and signed action figures, DVDs, trading cards, and photos up the wazoo. Original artwork featuring iconic images from the show by various notable artists are up for grabs in addition to scores signed by Michael Giacchino! There are even a few True Blood, Once Upon a Time, and Person of Interest items, courtesy of producers and actors who got their start on Lost and have moved on in the industry to these great shows. 

The auction is currently in progress, having launched on August 15 (8/15, aka Lost day!) and is due to wrap up on August 29 at 3:16 EST (15:16 military time, we see what you did there with the Numbers). To mark the end of the auction and egg on the bidding war, August 29 will also feature a live webcast from noon to 4pm PST, which will host some very special guests, including a number of Lost actors! And then, as if that weren’t enough, EVERYONE is invited to a party at Monk Space in Los Angeles that night! Crazy! So if you want to party with Hurley, Rose, Doc Arzt and other Lost greats and you live in the greater LA area, you know where to find them.  Get thee to the website and bid on something to display with pride in your own hatch!  It’s for a great cause, after all, and Jacob is watching you

I just want to say that I love how involve Lost alum are with their fan base, and especially how actors like Jorge Garcia are willing to take time out of their busy schedules to support a worthy cause.  Lost fans are awesome! 

Written by: Amy Imhoff

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