New Fringe Season 5 Promo!

Greetings, Fringe fans!  Except for the bright spot that was SDCC, it’s been a quiet, Fringe-lite summer.  Well, we are closing in on the premiere of season 5 (September 28! 38 days!  Not that we are counting!) and Fox has decided to release a little teaser promo.  Check it out here:

Ruh roh!  Run, Etta, run!  The Observers are coming!  Is it just me, or are you ridiculously happy that Peter and Olivia got at least 5-6 years of domestic bliss before the bald overlords came in and threw them into chaos once more?  To me, it feels like the life Mulder and Scully never got to have.  I heart Peter and Olivia and Etta, and can’t wait to see them again soon.  Til then, I leave you with visions of Red Vines and strawberry-covered death dancing in your heads!

Written by: Amy Imhoff

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