Emmys 2012: Nominations Are In!

Greetings, TV lovers!  This morning, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences announced the nominees for the 2012 Emmy Awards. Host Jimmy Kimmel (yay! he’s hosting!), accompanied by Kerry Washington, read off the nominees and made some people very happy, while I’m sure others felt quite burned by the Academy.

Editorial: Is the Future of Comic-Con Outside of Comic-Con?

Over the course of a few weeks (or, more accurately, months), we at OTF diligently prepared for the nerd onslaught that is San Diego Comic-Con International as it quickly approached. Despite our best efforts merely to sit back and enjoy the ride, SDCC actually requires a significant amount of planning, scheduling, assigning, and bookkeeping to keep everything in check – even for a smaller outlet like ours.  Hundreds of emails flood the inboxes – all promoting brand new properties, looking for a little exposure.  What do we keep? What do we toss? Did this email receive a confirmation? Does this appointment conflict? What panel do we attend, and who covers X when we’re at Y?

As I’ve been looking back at the 120 straight hours of awesome craziness now behind us, I’ve been noticing an interesting trend: with each passing year, more and more of the most exciting events are not actually in Comic-Con. Rather, they’re being taken over by splinter groups – websites, magazines, studios, and production companies all coordinating meetups, tweetups, signings, and general fan interaction. Fans want that level of immediate interaction – who wouldn’t want to hang out with their favorite nerd celebrity? – in a less-crowded place, where “standing in line” is replaced with “sitting by the bar” or “playing a video game.”

Just a few years ago, most con-adjacent events were secondary to the con itself – novelties to help promote a brand and get a little breathing room from the tension the crowded floor. American-style restaurant Maryjane’s was transformed in Eureka’s “Cafe Diem.” Cartoon Network took over a pizza joint to promote Adventure Time. Sure, more than a few high profile events/parties took place every night, but those were usually reserved for people who could get beyond a velvet rope.

Yvonne Strahovski just got a glimpse of me in the second row and had to fan herself at the Chuck panel at Nerd HQ 2012.

Since then, the Gaslamp District surrounding the convention center has become an extension of the con itself. Some have even started holding high profile events normally reserved for SDCC, many not requiring an elusive con badge: this year’s second annual Nerd HQ welcomed all nerds to intimate Q&A sessions with some of Comic-Con’s biggest names. Wired opened the Wired Cafe to press and VIPs, with fan readers getting invites for the very first time.  IGN Editors chatted with their readers in the IGN Oasis at the Hard Rock. Warner Bros. showcased celebrities and artists on their outdoor stage. Felicia Day’s Geek and Sundry took over Belo for nearly all of their fan events. A boon to those unlucky enough not to have a badge since they get to still partake in the fun.

That list barely scratches the surface. But why the trend?

Hit the jump for the full editorial by Open the Fridge’s very own Editor-in-Chief about San Diego Comic-Con! And be sure to check out our SDCC-centric episode of the Fridgecast for more about our thoughts of SDCC!

SDCC 2012: The Return

San Diego Comic-Con is finally over after 5 days of craziness, and Open the Fridge is tired.  So.  Very.  Tired.  Of our little team of three, two are on the flight back to the East Coast; I am spending this brilliantly sunny San Diego day indoors, writing.  But our physical

True Blood Recap: Let’s Boot and Rally

Finally, a great episode!  First one of the season, in my opinion.  This week’s True Blood ep, “Let’s Boot and Rally” had some great moments with Sookie and her menfolk (Bill, Eric, and Alcide – love to be in the middle of that triangle of hotness!), more of Tara growing

OTF @ SDCC 2012: What We’re Looking Forward to the Most This Weekend…

The photo that EVERYONE takes while going down the escalator at the San Diego Convention Center.

Can you feel the stillness in the air right now, San Diego? I hope so, because you won’t be feeling it again for another week! Hundreds of thousands of geeks are headed your way, bringing a whirlwind of comics, video games, movies, TV, and more crashing down on the Gaslamp District. The countdown to San Diego Comic-Con, the biggest pop culture convention in North America, is on, and – guess what? – we’re going too!

With such a humongous presence of, well, everything, across all sorts of genres and disciplines, there’s plenty to look forward to at an event like SDCC, and OTF will be tackling as much of it as we possibly can. Here’s what we’re looking forward to the most from this coming weekend…

First up, our Senior Editor Rob “Tek” Piontek! He has the precarious and envious distinction of never having attended SDCC previously — we can all only have one first time. He’s certainly no stranger to conventions, but how do you prepare for something like this? But, as we all know, his willpower is strong, and I suspect his ring will burn green the whole weekend.

The old adage, “Like a kid in a candy store” doesn’t even begin to describe the potential experience at SDCC. Even with only a schedule of events and a blitz of e-mails as our guides before even setting foot on the con floor, there is a plethora of events and features that this card-carrying geek would love to experience. On the gaming front, we’ll have the opportunity to demo Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, the sequel to War for Cybertron. The original was a blast, and I cannot wait to take control of some Dinobots! Gears of War: Judgment and Halo 4 are also reported have a presence, being showcased by Microsoft itself. (Just in case you haven’t been listening to the Fridgecast, any opportunity to get a firsthand look at these upcoming games would be most welcome.) It’s also exciting to have a ticket to the The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses concert on Thursday night. Classic music from a classic game to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the series? Yes please!

Hit the jump for the full list of our expectations for this weekend for craziness, awesomeness, and crazy awesomness from both Tek and me!