True Blood Recap: Hopeless

Back in the thick of things, True Blood fans!  This week’s “Hopeless” picks up the second we cut out last week, with Russell attempting to devour Sookie’s faery blood and Alcide being attacked from behind by another werewolf. Thankfully, backup was on the scene and the Vampire Authority took over with a SWAT team, drove away the werewolfs and cuffed Russell while Bill and Eric glamoured Sookie and Alcide. While we all know Sookie can’t be glamoured, the Authority does not know that, and it gave Bill a chance to give a very heartwarming speech about how Sookie should go live her life in the sun, away from all the vampire violence. You can tell he really loves her.  Sniff!

Eric, on the other hand, was hilarious while glamouring Alcide. He cutely ordered Alcide to always protect Sookie with his life, but then added that Alcide was not attracted to Sookie, and was in fact kind of disgusted by her. HA! Sorry Eric, you can’t have her all to yourself. There must be many shirtless men for her to enjoy. Besides, Sookie later undid the glamouring, so Alcide is thankfully no longer repulsed by her. After Sookie gave him his memories back, Alcide went to the Shreveport pack and declared he accepted the position of packmaster. An odd turn, given his intense dislike of pack politics, but maybe he can keep the pack off V and away from evil vamps like Russell. 

We pop back over to Fangtasia, where Tara and Jessica are still trying to kill one another.  Pam pulls them apart, and backwardly praises Tara’s performance.  I am enjoying Pam as a maker!  She rules. She might be my favorite character right now.

After Sookie returns to Bon Temps, Jason tells her that their parents were killed by vampires, and they set out for the faery burelesque club in the field. Sookie hears it for herself about their parents, but we don’t get the details, which leads me to think maybe someone we know did it – Russell? Bill? I don’t think it was Bill, because he said Sookie was the first time he tasted faery blood. Unless he was lying. Don’t be lying, Bill! I still heart you.

Surprisingly, Luna and Sam are not dead.  I didn’t think Sam would bite it, but I thought Luna was a goner. Emma, of course, ran straight to her wretched grandmother, who is just making life harder for poor injured Luna. Sam wants to help Andy with the investigation into these shifter-killers, which leads them to the weapons shop that sells vampire-killing tools, in addition to the usual firearms, where Sookie bought her liquid-silver dispenser she installed on the porch. The dude at the shop tries to attack Andy, but Sam takes him out with a crossbow!  Good aim, son! But any answers the shopkeeper might have given them died with him.  Strangely enough, the same band of idiots in their masks show up as a vamp is drinking from Hoyt.  The gang kills the vamp, and one of them call Hoyt by name, dragging him into their van. I’m sure we’ll get the rest of the story soon, although it’s not really sparking my interest just yet.

Roman’s pride before the fall.

Back at the Authority, Bill and Eric are received as heroes and their insta-stake devices are thankfully removed.  I admit to being relieved by this, I didn’t want to have them be in any unnecessary danger – there’s enough of that floating around as it is. Like from Salome, who I rightly guessed is Russell’s liberator! Jerk. I knew she was a big fake faker! She brings Russell before the council, Bill, and Eric for his execution, but of course did not properly silver him.  He gets up, screams in Roman’s (Chris Meloni) face, and then stakes him. We cut to black before Roman completely liquefies, but the message is clear: there’s a new Authority in town!

My thoughts: noooooo I liked Chris Meloni!  He only got to throw his barely-restrained crazy around for a few episodes. I guess we need to get on with things, though, as it is the season mid-point. Too bad. I’m not really on board for this whole mysterious-gang-is-going-around-killing-supes. We know prejudice exists against vampires and other supernatural beings; we saw that in previous seasons.  Here’s hoping that it gets super interesting, super fast! (See what I did there?) I do want to find out more about Sookie and Jason’s parents, maybe they left some clues in Grams’ house.

Episode rating: 7 out of 10 silver bullets. Boo on Meloni dying, I say!

Not sure what Russell’s agenda is, but he’s certainly up to his old nutty tricks. Can’t wait to see where next week takes us! 

Written by: Amy Imhoff

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