True Blood Recap: Let’s Boot and Rally

Finally, a great episode!  First one of the season, in my opinion.  This week’s True Blood ep, “Let’s Boot and Rally” had some great moments with Sookie and her menfolk (Bill, Eric, and Alcide – love to be in the middle of that triangle of hotness!), more of Tara growing as a vampire, a bit of fire demon insanity from the Terry/Patrick plotline, and then there was a crazy shootout at the end!  Oh, and Russell finally returned – hip hip, hooray!

We pick up right where we left off, with Alcide and Sookie making out.  Things are hot & heavy in the bedroom, but Sookie kills the mood by puking up all her booze on Alcide’s shoes. Yum. Bill and Eric further ruin my enjoyment of Alcide’s shirtlessness by saying they must all go off and hunt Russell with Sookie’s mind-reading and magic faery fingers.

Tara has been put to work bartending at Fangtasia (and Pam has finally lent her some fab clothes! Yay!), where she and Jessica seem to have a nice mini-vampire-chick bonding moment.  This is ruined by Hoyt, who I am really hating this season,  when he invites Tara to drink from him.  Jessica overhears them in the bathroom and attacks Tara, who returns the ass-whoopin’.

Meanwhile, Terry and Scott Foley (Patrick) are trapped in their crazy army buddy’s underground bunker, as he rants and raves about a fire demon trying to kill him.  Terry says he saw it too, which leads to their crazy friend untying them. Patrick uses this to subdue their captor, but Terry wasn’t lying – he really did see a fire demon, and apparently it’s called an Ifrit. Whatever.  It attacks crazy army buddy as they make a run for it, but it’s still coming after them. This plotline continues in its lameness.

Not too much from Jason this week, who is having recurring nightmares about his parents bleeding from vampire bites. Lafayette, upset that he now holds the dark magic, is also seeing things – namely, Jesus’ head attempting to talk with his lips sewn shut.  We see Lafayette’s hospitalized mother have the same vision. Sam is dealing with the death of his shifter friends, and calls Andy and Jason to the scene to look for clues. Sam goes to warn Luna, and on his way out a band of masked idiots shoots both him and Luna!!! Emma, Luna’s little girl, transforms into a wolf and runs away.  It’s not looking too good for Luna.  That’s sad, I wanted her and Sam to work it out!

Back to the good stuff – Sookie, Bill, Alcide, and Eric find out that a construction worker was glamoured by a female member of the Vampire Authority into revealing Russell’s whereabouts so she can free him.  My money is on Salome – I don’t trust her at all!  This takes the group to an abandoned mental institution (a good place for Russell!) and they creep about in the darkness a bit. We come upon a room where people are being kept as food for Russell, and finally the man himself, thin and weakened but alive, lying on a cot in a small room. Eric says they are here to finish him off, but Russell tells them to “give it their best shot” as Alcide is attacked from behind and we cut to black.  Ahh!! They always end this show at the most infuriating moments.

My thoughts: enjoyable all around – set up a lot of stuff while still keeping a good pace and giving us some fun dialogue. I really enjoy Bill, Eric, and Alcide all snarling at one another. For someone who never dated much until Bill, Sookie is sure getting around these days! I hope she can make a go of it with Alcide, just for a little while.  I think I am pro-Bill+Sookie (Eric is hot and all but their personalities are not compatible on the long term), but I am way more into Alcide’s abs.  So, it’s purely an intellectual enjoyment, as you can see!

Episode rating: 8.5 out of 10 silver bullets. Good times!  Season five feels like it’s finally kicked off, at least to me.

Stay tuned for more Russell next week!

Written by: Amy Imhoff

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