Mass Effect 3: Rebellion Pack DLC

The furor over the ending of Mass Effect 3 has died down (mercifully), as BioWare works on their extended ending due out later this year. While we wait for a few answers to a few nagging questions, the developers want to keep us invested in the battle for sentient life

Book Review: “Joss Whedon: The Complete Companion”

Joss Whedon: The Complete Companion by PopMatters.Publisher: Titan Books. Available now.Purchase here: Paperback | Kindle. Joss Whedon is a genius. There. I said it. I bet you’re super surprised. And, finally, ol’ J-Dub is getting some long overdue praise this year after a certain critically-acclaimed and billion-dollar superhero movie hit

Big Bang Theory Finale Recap – The Countdown Reflection

Well, my friends, it’s that time again – time to bid a fond summer farewell to our favorite shows.  I’m definitely going to miss the Big Bang Theory every week, as I find it the smartest and best comedy out there right now.  These are my people!  And my people sure were hilarious and touching in “The Countdown Reflection,” as Howard sat strapped into a Soyuz Rocket and reflected on the last few days before takeoff.  The gang was gathered at Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment, preparing to watch Howard blast off on NASA TV. Raj and Bernadette were especially nervous – Raj had been stress eating and was wearing his fat pants. Howard, aka “Fruit Loops,” was busy looking terrified as he took flack from his fellow astronauts (I like how they asked about “Mrs. Fruit Loops”) and allowed his life to flash before his eyes. Thus, we jumped back a few days to see the events leading up to the launch.

Back in Howard’s room, he presented Bernadette with a necklace shaped like a star, which he was then going to take into space – so she could have a star from space!  Coolest present ever, Howard. I love you. You really are a changed man! This made Bernadette realize she wanted to be married to Howard before he blasted off for the ISS, and the two decided to head down to city hall and do the justice of the peace thing. They assembled the gang and told them of their plans, with Sheldon and Amy being the only ones to initially refuse – Amy because she wanted to walk down the aisle in her maid of honor dress, and Sheldon because he felt he’d be bored. Leonard gave Sheldon the death stare and told him it would be fun (unlike The Green Lantern movie, apparently there was no love lost there), and Bernadette promised Amy she could wear her dress – which she did, with her tiara!  I love her tiara just as much as she does!

Sadly, there was a line at city hall and the clerk cut them off, not believing Howard that he was going up in the rocket in two days’ time. Raj came up with a pretty awesome solution – the Google Earth satellite was going to be flying over Pasadena, and their wedding could be photographed from space! Any of them could be ordained online and perform the ceremony. Howard and Bernadette loved this idea, and agreed to have the wedding on the roof of the guys’ building.

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Xbox 360 Now Available for $99 (with a contract)

And it’s official, folks!  As we reported earlier, the Xbox 360 is now available to take home for $99 with a two-year agreement.  Also as expected, an early termination fee ($250) applies if you break your contract prior to its maturation date, although, thankfully, that fee attenuates as the contract

Movie Review: ‘The Avengers’

How do you make a movie that brings together seven superheroes established in previous films, appease a notoriously unforgiving fanbase, and make good on the hype and buzz of Hollywood? Ask Joss Whedon. He’ll tell you. The writer, director, and comic scribe has lived up to every ounce of hype

Game Review: Boy Loves Girl

Grubby Hands, an independent UK game developer, has released their new iOS game, Boy Loves Girl! Follow the boy though cities, towns, and forests as he chases his one true love, gathering smiles and hearts along the way.  Each level propels the boy one step closer to winning the girl,

Book Review: Plague Town

Plague Town by Dana Fredsti.
Publisher: Titan Books. Available now.
Purchase here: Paperback | Kindle.

“People are dying. Then they are waking up. Hungry.” This tag-line, used on the back cover of Dana Fredsti’s novel “Plague Town,” pretty much sums up the plot of every novel or movie about zombies ever made. If you’re a fan of those to begin with, chances are you’ll enjoy this book. It’s chock full of all the classic clichés and plot standards we’ve all come to expect from a zombie story… shambling, rotting corpses, a team of people trying to survive against all odds, and (of course) lots of headshots and guns.

Ashley Parker, a woman in her late twenties returning to college after a divorce, is ready to buckle down and earn herself a degree. But her plans (and her entire life) are thrown into chaos when a deadly flu begins spreading throughout the small college town she calls home. Those who die from the flu rise from the dead and develop a taste for human flesh. But Ashley is a special case… she’s one of a few select individuals who are not only immune to the zombie disease, but are granted super-human powers by it as well. She must now bond with her fellow “Wild Cards” and learn how to fight, shoot and survive in a college town which is now home to a massive swarm of hungry, shambling corpses.

If you’re thinking that this sounds a little clichéd, you’re completely right. However, Fredsti does a great job of lamp-shading the clichés by dropping almost constant pop-culture references, both in dialogue and in the main character’s thoughts. While waiting for an approaching zombie swarm, Ashley thinks that the fog looks like something straight out of a movie like “Dawn of the Dead.” However, you can only hang so many lamp-shades before it starts to feel a bit tedious. I certainly didn’t count them, but there seemed to be at least one pop culture reference every five pages or so. The references to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Army of Darkness (on which, interestingly, the author actually worked), Twilight, Aliens, the SyFy Channel and any number of others are dropped with such annoying frequency that I started to dread them more than the rot-infested zombies. It felt almost as if the author fancied herself as Gretel, dropping pop-culture bread crumbs along the path and hoping that the reader would gobble them up and continue following her to the conclusion of the story. I also have to worry about how well this book will age due to all these references. Buffy the Vampire Slayer has a dedicated fan following now, but in ten or twenty years will anyone remember who she is, save for a small handful of Joss Whedon fans? Being as well-steeped in nerd culture as I am, I understood the vast majority of the references, but some fell flat even for me.

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