Big Bang Theory Recap – The Stag Convergence

All of those who were worried that Howard’s potentially wild bachelor party would be the doom of his and Bernadette’s relationship fretted for naught – Thursday’s “The Stag Convergence” resulted in a stronger union than ever for the unlikely but adorable pint-sized pair. In fact, I shall be so bold as to say that Simon Helberg had his strongest moment yet on the BBT!  I welled up just like Penny did, and with similar disbelief. Great job, Simon!  And I love you, Howard, you pervy weirdo.

The gang’s all here.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Thursday’s outing started with Sheldon pontificating on his ‘sparkling’ inner monologue, where he was deciding which animal he would merge his human self with (a lichen, for the record, so as to be a ‘triple threat’ of algae, fungus, and human. Sure to be a hit with the ladies.). Raj gave a predictably girly answer (swan) and Leonard turned a good one into a gross one (horse) with a joke about genital girth, but I like Howard’s best – a kangaroo, so he could be the first of his people to dunk a basketball! He was hitting them out of the park all night, what can I say.  When talk turned to his upcoming bachelor party, he stressed that he didn’t want strippers. I did not necessarily think that Raj would honor this wish, since Howard normally is situated in the pro-stripper camp. But Raj has respect for the ladies, and the party was a classy affair of steak and scotch. “Jeepers, that’s yucky!” Sheldon proclaimed of scotch, but he had some anyway – enough to get a little drunk. Of which I was proud! He wouldn’t even do a shot in honor of James T. Kirk a few seasons ago, but he will now for Howard’s bachelor party.  Character growth, yo.

Wil Wheaton is in attendance at the party, along with Stuart and Kripke. I’m not really sure why Kripke was invited – everyone hates his guts but I guess he’s good for some gross-out laughs?  Captain Sweatpants was even there!  Damn.  As talked turned to some digs at Howard’s expense (Sheldon’s jab about not being able to find a woman until he found the right parts was pretty spot-on), Raj took it up another level with some ‘Howard humping hooker stories’ and the whole losing his virginity to his second cousin.  Which Wil Wheaton took video of, and put online, and Bernadette saw.  She berated both Howard and Raj when she had to pick their drunk asses up, and she still wasn’t talking to him the next day.

Penny and Amy were over at Bernadette’s trying to do some damage control to no avail – Bernadette merely became even more upset when she realized that Penny knew a bit about Howard’s nasty past. We saw Howard trying to call her from the guys’ apartment as Sheldon apparently went to throw up the bachelor party.  Sounds about right. Howard decided to go over to Bernadette’s and apologize in person. What came out of his mouth was pure gold – he said that he was also disgusted by his formally pervy self, and that he was no longer that guy because being with Bernadette had made him a better man. Penny disbelieveingly swooned (“that is the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard! And it came out of you!”), and Bernadette and Howard hugged and made up. Amy was also relieved that she was still going to be a maid of honor!

The last little bit of the episode concerned Leonard and Penny – earlier in the episode, Penny stated she wasn’t worried about Leonard getting up to any shenanigans at the party because hey, it’s Leonard. And he’s wimpy. Trying to prove her wrong, he came down to the laundry, whipped off his robe (wearing only boxers) and declared that they were going to have sex on the washing machine. Which they didn’t (although Johnny Galecki has clearly been hitting the gym, way to go). Which made me a little sad.  Leonard is clearly trying to be a little adventurous, Penny! But he was kind of annoying the rest of the episode, so maybe she’s not thrilled with him.  Everything does seem like it needs to be about him, doesn’t it? Even his speech at the bachelor party – and he did this when he introduced Sheldon at that awards dinner, too.  Come on, Leonard! If Sheldon can change, so can you.

Parting thought: I’ve said it before, but the Raj-is-girly act is so stale. It’s really old, guys.  The internet hates it too, I’m not the only one.

Episode rating: 6 out of 10 soft kitties, plus one nerdy belt buckle for Howard!

Only two new Big Bang episodes left this season…I’m gonna miss my nerds over the summer!

Written by: Amy Imhoff

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