Fringe Double Recap: “Everything In Its Right Place” & “The Consultant”

Sup, Fringe lovers! After watching the Lincoln Lee exclusive outing, I knew last week’s recap was gonna be a short one, so I decided to give you one big happy recap. And good thing too, since Friday’s “The Consultant” dovetailed right in to “Everything In Its Right Place”. Some crazy stuff went down, so settle in and hang on!

Lincoln’s episode, “Everything In Its Right Place” saw our lost and wandering Agent Lee traversing the universes, looking for his rightful place. He decided to spend some time Over There, because his Olivia, now Peter’s Olivia, didn’t remember anything about their friendship and that made his sad, sad eyes even sadder. He got caught up finding a vigilante shape-shifter taking down the bad guys of Gotham…ahem, Manhatan (one T!), and we found out that Batman is called Mantis on the Other Side.  Really, that is sad. Anyway, said vigilante shape-shifter was one of Jones’ first, named Canaan (how Biblical). When the two Lincolns and Fauxlivia finally captured his ass, DRJones was hip to the prisoner transport thanks to turncoat Broyles. Jones sent an assassin, and Captain Lincoln Lee got caught in the crosshairs. Poor thing didn’t even get to die on screen!  A shame, too, because I liked Captain Lee and his cocky ‘tude. Our Lincoln wondered how the two turned out so different if they grew up in the same environment, to which the dear departed Captain Lee responded that his universe needed him, and couldn’t get along without him. He found confidence in being needed. Well, good thing there are two Lincolns to go around, because Captain Lee won’t be joining us any longer. Poor Fauxlivia. I think she loved him. Lincoln decided to stay Over There, because red hair is just as good as blonde, and Fauxlivia might need some comforting. Wink wink. Anyway, Canaan decided to turn on his creator and led us straight to nasty Nina Sharp, who was subsequently arrested.  One bad guy in lockdown!

My thoughts: I liked this one!  Seth Gabel did a masterful job with his two Lincolns. He’s another one I can tell who is talking without watching.  That’s impressive! The ep also provided a bunch of set-up, and we are now well and truly mad at stupid Colonel Broyles for getting Captain Lee killed. Although I did NOT see a body. To me, that means he can come back. Anyone who has watched XFiles, Lost, 24, etc. knows that he could so totally come back.

Is it me, or are the characters from Over There just a little more fun, despite their world collapsing around them?  I can now definitively say I prefer Fauxliva to our Olivia, and I did like swaggering Captain Lee better than our Sad-Eyed Lincoln. Peter (who is technically from Over There, and I prefer him) and our Walter for the win, though. They only had a wee cameo, but it was with Gene the cow!  Loved that.

I could also go into how counter it is to Olivia’s character that she has radically altered her sense of self for…a man. The feminist implications are just unfortunate, but it’s not like our Olivia is some wilting violet. She’s badass too! But it’s still kind of a problem. But that is a discussion for the summer hiatus!

Glyph code: DREAM. Is it ALL A DREAM?  Lost fans, discuss.

Episode rating: 7 out of 10 Red Vines

“The Consultant” was just a tad insane! First, it was all sad because we saw Captain Lee’s funeral, and Fauxlivia swearing to his momma that she’s gonna bring his killer to justice. Sniff. This leads to her investigating the Fringe division for possible moles. She marches straight into Broyles’ office to inform him of her search; he looks distinctly unhappy since, you know, he is the mole. Sheesh. More on this later!

DRJones is one evil mofo. Guess he wants to end all life as we know it with his little universe-collapsing technology. His first experiment was on a passenger plane. Because some dude in a boardroom screwed up, the two men never got on board – Over Here. Over There, however, they did and died in a plane crash.  (The plane had 108 people on it, by the way. My Lost mind loved that.) Over Here, the men were suddenly jerked upward and slammed down again, being crushed in the process at the same exact time their counterparts experienced the plane crash Over There. Walter, Peter, and Olivia went to investigate, with Walter positively leaping with joy over Peter and Olivia being on a date the previous night. You’re such a shipper, Walter!

Walter was asked to consult (aha, title!) with Fringe Division Over There on this whackadoodle case, being escorted over the Bridge and into the other universe by Olivia, marking a major step in his personal growth.  He not only left the lab, but his universe, for the first time since he tried to save Peter. This and his general pleasant, bemused demeanor signals a return to the Walter we knew and loved for three seasons. Remember, anything is possible – even Santa Claus!

It’s also possible to smuggle severed hands across the Bridge, although apparently not snacks. Objection. Anyway, after he was handed off to Fauxlivia and our Lincoln, Walter showed that everything Over There vibrates on a G frequency, and we vibrate on a C frequency Over Here. Weirdly, the severed hand from one of the Over Here victims was vibrating on the Over There G frequency. Something changed one of the constants in our universe!  I’m sorry, the Lost imagery is getting out of hand! It’s fantastic!  Ahem. So who could be masterminding this nefarious plot?  It’s DRJones, y’all.  I know you are shocked. Try to contain it.  This theory is confirmed when another victim turns up, having been exploded in a cab by a suitcase bomb of Amphilicite Over Here and being tossed around in a pet store Over There. Jones is also using a consultant – an unnamed blond dude with glasses who looks a little like this weird, awesome guy from Boston Legal named Jerry. So I’m going to call him Jerry until we learn otherwise. Jerry and Jones met clandestinely in a park (did you see the Observer in the background there? I don’t always spot them, but I did that time!) before the second dual murder in both universes, leading us to wonder – who are all these people who agree that destroying both universes is a good idea?  Scary.

Jones needs help from his favorite Fringe Division mole for the last part of his master plan.  He calls at Broyles’ house, and it is revealed that Broyles is not merely betraying his universe for nothing – Jones is keeping Broyles’ son Christopher alive, and even cured him of his blindness (again, how Biblical). Broyles is doing exactly what Walter did all those years ago, and it’s also having catastrophic effects.  Jones hands Broyles a small device and instructs him to affix it to the Machine’s control panel, destroying the Bridge between the worlds and stopping the healing process that has been taking place. Nooooo!  Can Broyles be so heartless?

The turning point in Fauxlivia’s thinking comes from good ol’ Walter. Disliking the bed he’d been sleeping on the previous night (“I guess this universe has yet to discover Memory Foam” lol), Walter has a sleepover at Fauxlivia’s apartment. He even promises not to be, you know, naked! What a guy. Coming back from a midnight bathroom run, Walter, hilariously dressed in a sparkly kimono, spots Fauxlivia drowning her sorrow over Captain Lee’s death in a bottle of booze. She just can’t figure out who could have tipped off Jones, and she has nothing to go on. Walter cites Sherlock Holmes (who horrifically doesn’t exist Over There – what IS this barbaric place?!? No Batman, coffee, or Holmes??) and tells her that no evidence is evidence in and of itself.  She ponders that whoever it is must then be very high on the food chain. Walter brings up Broyles while they are eating his hangover eggs (he obviously likes Fauxlivia if he’s cooking her eggs!) and the lightbulb goes on.

The next morning, Fauxlivia heads into the imprisoned Nina’s cell and turns off the security camera, telling her that Broyles is in custody.  She’s bluffing, but Nina gives it away, saying Broyles is merely a pawn and shit is about to go down, yo. Fauxlivia is stunned that Broyles is the mole, but the audience is like “you better get on that, honey! He’s gonna blow up the universes!”  She tells Lincoln and they race to Liberty Island, where we think Broyles is heading to do some Machine-explodin’. But it turns out he’s turning himself in, making us happy that he’s still a hero. Fauxlivia’s face as she confronts him communicates her devastation, and Broyles’ apology for Captain Lee’s death means nothing to her.  We then see Broyles being escorted past Nina’s cell into one of his own. Before heading back home, Walter urges Fauxlivia to forgive Broyles for his actions – we do crazy things for the ones we love, especially our children.

My thoughts: Fabulous episode all the way around. Lance Reddick got some meatier stuff to do, there was some great bonding and growing for Walter and Fauxlivia, and it furthered the plot by revealing (some of; I still don’t think we have the whole picture) Jones’ intentions. I also really liked the bit about the frequency at which we vibrate – since the closest G to middle C on a piano is to the left, Over There is just left of the middle!  I liked that, it was very clever. As was that night’s hash tag – Across the Universe. Go listen to the Beatles song – I promise it will take on a whole new meaning!

How much do I love this show? Ah, let me count the ways! What a great episode. I give it 9 out of 10 Red Vines!

Glyph Code: SIMON. Well who the hell is Simon? Jones’ consultant? Simon Says?  No one knows.

Next week is looking to be one hell of an installment – it’s the future! Again! And there’s Desmond from Lost!  And we’re (WHAT WHAT) at war with the Observers??? Stay tuned!

I leave you with Gene, because what is there not to love about this picture? Look at her HAT, YOU GUYS!

Written by: Amy Imhoff

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