Mass Effect 3: Resurgence Pack

Krogan Battlemaster Vanguard? Oh, hell yes!

Right on the heels of the Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut announcement, news of the first post-launch DLC has dropped.  The Mass Effect 3: Resurgence Pack, a multiplayer expansion set, will add new maps, characters, equipment, and weapons to the already popular, chaotic, and amazing ME3 multiplayer experience.  Catch the bullet points in the announcement trailer below!

The Resurgence Pack adds 6 new characters (1 to each class) to the multiplayer roster.  I know plenty of people have been hoping for some Geth, but that might get a little weird when the opposing force is the Geth.  Oh well, heretics will be heretics.  And let’s be honest, who really wants to play as a Batarian?  Those four-eyed bulldog batstards have garnered quite a hateful following.

The new weapons look to be pretty devastating.  The Striker Assault Rifle is a Krogan weapon with explosive rounds. Sold! The Kishock Harpoon Gun, a one-shot Batarian weapon, puts a giant spike into your target’s face! And the Geth weapon family now adds an SMG.  This little bugger’s rate of fire will increases when the trigger is held.

And finally, we have 2 new maps in the pack. Firebase Hydra, a hydro-electric power plant, is located on the Quarian world of Ontarom, also the home of Firebase Dagger (the one that looks like a SETI outpost), and Firebase Condor, a Turian outpost located on the battle-scarred landscape of one of Palaven’s moons.

Firebase Hyrda

Firebase Condor

Excited? You should be. And the best part about the ME3: Resurgence Pack? It’s free! On April 10th, Xbox 360, PC, and North American PS3 players will be able to download the new pack for no additional cost (April 11th for PS3 players in Europe).  But a word to the wise, only the maps will be immediately available after download.  The characters, weapons, and new equipment will still have to been acquired through Recruit, Veteran, and Spectre packs in the multiplayer store.  So keep completing those Wave 3, 6, and 10 challenges to rack up those credits. You’ll need them!

Written by: Rob "T3K" Piontek

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